88.88% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 24: New World

Chapter 24: New World


*You have arrived*

*Ding* {mission complete}

task: Go to a new world

reward: Random character summoning ticket

As soon as I open my eyes the light invades my eyes and I see my self standing on a large stretch of cobble stone opposite a huge clock tower. I look around searching for my party members but all I can see are people in medieval get ups with swords.

'Eve wheres Delia?' I ask quickly getting worried.

'The party has been randomly split and the party system has been temporarily disabled' Eve responds seriously

'also you forgot to ask about Lusamine' Eve comments slightly concerned

'.....hmmmm anyway do a scan, figure out what kind of world we're in' I quickly change the subject.

'I can't a lot of my abilities have been disabled, also you're probably gonna be a bit annoyed but I used your random bloodline ticket on Lusamine because shes weak, spent all your SP points and brought both her and Delia sensu beans while also leaving them a brief note on our situation. Oh also you cant use your pokemon in this world, but you do still have your personal powers' Eve gives me a quick run down of my situation.


'why does my system suck so much.........well you did a good job with lusamine and Delia, good thinking I guess' I respond more relaxed

Eve and I discussed a few more things before I decided to finally ask someone what the city we were in.

"We all just got here so obviously we're in the town of beginnings bro" was the response I got and the response that got me confused.

'Is it possible other people have a system that brought them here?' I ask Eve with curiosity

'Impossible, im the only one of my existence and theirs no doubt about that' Eve responds with pride.

Then why would you have a beginners village.............unless...........

'We're in a game Eve and judging by the clothes people are wearing...' As im coming to a conclusion Eve interrupts.

'You suspect we're in the world of sword art online right? It matches your memories of the show but Im wasn't completely sure' Eve responds in thought.

'hey Adam I just realised that we did something only couples do, we finish each others.......' Eve suddenly starts blabbering

'................If we buy a map then we should see the tower, and even better we might find the hunting field that kiritos at with klein' I speak ignoring Eves comment

I quickly buy a map of the place and look for the tower...........its there! I then search for a field that has boars..........dammit its not here, this maps not detailed enough. I walk up to the map seller again for a question.

"Excuse me, do you know anywhere I can find a field with an abundance of boars that I can fight?" I ask quietly as to avoid suspicion, dont want people thinking im a beta player.

"well since you bought a map I guess I can tell you" the map seller then tells me the location on my map with a smile.

At this point I notice the skys starting to change from blue to to orange so I quickly run towards the location kirito should be, I got there pretty fast since I am kinda buffed by my bloodline. I eventually reach an open green field with a few wild boars walking around. I quickly jog passed them and there they are, kirito and klein........

Just as im about to approach their line of sight I realise something and decide not introduce myself just yet.

'why did you stop?' Eve asks confused

'I just remembered a part that I didn't really like in this story, well it it upset me at the time...........the moonlit black cats, since im here...........I wont let them die but for me to find them I need kirito to kill the first boss and I need him to find the guild, if I introduce myself now, he will push me away after that first boss. so I need to wait' I reply with determination

'I guess that makes sense, I know you're secretly stressed about Delia and Lusamine but try not to think about them too much. Ive left them life lines and they have powers that no one else here has' Eve attempts to comfort me.

'haaaaa........I know' I respond clearing my head.

I eventually settle for my own hunting, I fight off boars myself slowing them down with my telekinesis and then using my beginners sword to stab and eventually kill them.

Eventually I stop using my telekinesis and let them fight me at full speed while figuring out how to use the sword.

Eventually I get to the point where I try surrounding aura with the little aura I have which ended up making the sword lighter and sharper.


*Skill upgraded {aura} > {aura manipulation}*

Name: Adam

Level: 28

condition: Healthy

bloodlines: {????}, {????}, {mew (S class)}, {riolu (B class)}

HP: 100%

Abilities: {????}, {????}, {Telekinesis}(E), {Sychronise}, {Aura manipulation}(F)

Skills: Ancient Power Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Pokemon (sealed): Charmeleon, Marshtomp, larvitar

SP: 200

Seems like even after killing a few hundered of these boars that ive only leveled up once. Also Eve told me that I am not a resident of the world so I havent got the same interface they get to log out and all.


*You are being forcefully teleported, would you like to reject teleportation?*

'no' I respond without hesitation.

A bright light surrounds me and I appear next to the same clock tower I first saw when I got here. Eventually more people start appearing, some confused, others worried.

"players I welcome you all to my world........." Kayaba Akihiko eventually introduces himself and lets people know their situation.

Many refuse to believe, others cried and a rare few weird ones got excited. After all the fuss I head to a motel.

'Adam I think it would be best if you used that random character ticket, they cant attack you so theirs no loss in doing so. Its best if you have someone to help you out here' Eve speaks as I sit at the edge of my bed.

'you're right, though I prefer to be alone. Now that I know I cant be attacked by them I feel much more reassured...................activate the ticket' I command.

sensless sensless

Whats lusamines new bloodline? where is Delia and Lusamine? Whos the summon gonna be?

Leave a nice review and comment. Give me some motivation lol

Comments (12)

  • DragonkingKyo


    thanks for the chapter

  • Anume


    Im liking your novel a lot! Although I have a question as to why you chose SAO of all the game anime's to go into. Like I was under the impression that he was in the Pokemon world to help heal his damaged phyche, but now he's in SAO where hundreds of people get so depressed that they committed mass suicide. Plus all the PKers and backstabbing that happened.

  • Atals


    thanks for the chapter im glad your still writing i love this novel

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