92.59% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 25: New summon

Chapter 25: New summon

'......activate the ticket' I command.

As soon as state my command a bright light forms opposite me and slowly forms a short and petite silhouette but before I get a good look something dashes towards me stopping an inch away from my neck. The light finally fades and I see a knife like hand at my neck and a beautiful girl with long blond hair wearing 2 black hair bands and a strange black short dress with black straps down her thighs. As I look into her crimson eyes I notice her aura of caution and confusion.

'Eve what point in time of the series did she come from?' while holding eye contact I talk to Eve.

'before she meets the main characters, shes just an assassin right now' Eve responds quickly.

'what does she know about the system?' I ask

'She knows that she cant hurt you, guess she was just double checking and she knows that you summoned her' Eve responds simply.

"Konjiki no Yami, let me introduce myself. My name is Adam and as you already know ive summoned you. Worry not I dont intend to harm you in any way.........." just as I was explaining she turns and dashes towards the window, I attempt to slow her down with my telekinesis but she was still too fast and quickly escaped.

'Well the reaction makes sense so we cant blame her' Eve comments.

'shes stronger then me...........well she'll be back in a bit once she gathers some info about the world' as I end my sentence I lay in my bed and drift into sleep.

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*next day*

As I open my eyes I notice a sword that should be a hand direcly infront of my eye, coming out of a nightmare that includes the removal of my eyes, you can imagine how I feel...............angry.

I quickly grab her arm with one hand and stab it beside my head and into the bed, I then use my free hand, grab her throat and flip her onto the bed. My body directly above hers, my legs spread, hand on her throat.

Shes as expected quick to retaliate with a flurry of knives formed from her hair piercing towards me as I choke her with red eyes, I remain unaffected as she slowly weakens.

'Adam stop, shes lost. Shes a good person, you know that' Eve interrupts my rage.

I slowly release her throat allowing her to breathe, luckily I was immune to her attacks otherwise it would have been a quick loss for me.

I quickly get off her and head to the bathroom, I get changed and refresh myself, and return in a better mood. As I enter the bedroom I see standing next to the window, staring at me defiantly.

"Dont look at me like that, you brought that on yourself. I will not apologise, your lucky I came back from my rage when I did. Now, are you ready to actually talk?" I ask with a serious tone watching her chaotic aura. As expected she continues to stand their and stare daggers into me.

"ill take that as you're atleast ready to listen. Continuing from yesterdays conversation, I need your help, I need you to help me get stronger, I need you to train me in in swordsmanship, since you've lived for over 24 thousand years I assume you've mastered it. Ofcourse I wont ask you to help me for free, if you help me I'll do my best to figure out a way for you to get back to where you're from and I'll listen to any one request that isn't against my morals. If anyone from this planet can fulfill this those conditions better then me then you're free to leave but I assure you I am the only one with the ability. do we have a deal" After I finish my explanation I await her answer, her aura fluctuates a little bit but eventually returns to a plain emotionless aura.

"Training. Now. Follow" she gives a short and quick answer as she exits through the window.

I quickly follow her to an open field where she stands waiting for me, just as I stop and plant my feet firmly on the field she forms a sword with her hand and dashes towards me. On the way I asked Eve to allow her attacks to touch me but not so it can cut me, just so a good amount of the force behind her blows effect me. After I attempt to block a single strike she easily changes the angle of the sword and stabs into my gut which ends up pushing me back and winding me.

After a few hours of me trying to figure out her attacks I finally figure out her pattern, and block a strike however her arm easily slices through my sword and hits my shoulder. Just as Im about to dash and attack her again I hear a quite...........*rumble*.............from her and notice her aura flare a bit but her face remains stoic.

"guess its a good time to take a break for some food, we're having my food since this worlds food is tasteless" I quickly buy some sandwiches from the system and try to hand her one.

Her poker face quickly looks into the distance and finds a wild boar, she dashes towards it and quickly kills it expecting for a corpse to remain it slowly disappears into nothing, she doesnt give up though, she kills another 20 boars, she eventually gets a pick up thats not a boar hide but some boar meat. As shes making her spit roast I finish the sandwiches and sit opposite her infront of the fire she made. Once the meat cooked she took a bite out of it, I quickly notice her aura shift into disappointment but she carries on eating never the less.

'shouldnt you give her some taiyaki? Isnt that the food she likes in the series? shes trained you without complaining so I think you should give her some kind of reward' I hear Eve make a suggestion.

'oh please, theirs food thats much worse. she has no right to complain' I respond frustrated with my training in the past few hours.

'Adam no one deserves to eat what you've eaten, remember that shes lived a lot longer then you so ofcourse its gonna be quite hard for you to have any sort of progress yet' Eve tries to comfort me.

'tch.........fine you have a good point' I buy some taiyaki from the system with my meager points.

"Oi Konjiki eat this............if i wanted to kill you I would have done it earlier today, just try it, im pretty you'll like it" her aura shows suspicion but she takes the bag of taiyaki and slowly puts a fish in her mouth. As it enters her mouth her aura shows large signs of pleasure while her face remains the same.

Eventually we get back to training, this continues for 2 weeks. A point where my swordsmanship has improved by leaps and bounds. Over the 2 weeks me and konjiki barely conversed with her mostly nodding and asking for more taiyaki.

However, we're at the point in the story where we need to fight the first floor boss, Diavel has called for a team to begin the siege. Ofcourse im joining, I will try my best to avoid diavels death.

"Hello, my names Diavel as you all know, I assume you have all memorized the strategy?............good, lets go!!!" (skipped his little speech)

sensless sensless

Will Adam save Diavel? Is Adam skilled enough to handle the boss yet? Where are Delia and Lusamine?

I hope you guys like the new girl lol.

Leave a nice review and comment. Gives me some motivation lol

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