96.29% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 26: First boss

Chapter 26: First boss

We walk up to a behemoth of a door, Diavel marches forth and pushes, the doors open. There it is, Illfang the kobold lord, the first floor boss. Illfang is over two meters tall, muscular, covered in blue-grey fur and has bloodthirsty, copper-red eyes.

"ATTACK!!!" Diavel commands knocking others out of their mesmerisation and into battle.

As we enter the the room 3 sentinels are summoned out of thin air and stand guard, groups of people split off to deal with them, I am a part of that so called group of assigned people. Illfangs sentinels appear everytime a health bar is lost so I need to finish them quickly. I quickly dash to a sentinel, charge aura into my sword and then use telekinesis to turn their helmets backwards so they cant see, I then use the opportunity to continuously slash until the sentinel falls, while I slashed I force the other sentinels helmets round so they were taken care of by other players.

I look towards kirito and asuna, watching them stab and slash around, just as Illfang is about bring his axe down on a player I dash forth, charge my sword with aura and parry the attack just so it narrowly misses the player. The only problem is that its aggro is now on me, but due to my speed being multiple times faster then and average humans I cope continuosly dodging and slashing, eventually forcing its 4 bars of health to 3.

As Illfangs health reaches 3 bars 3 new sentinels are summoned so I casually use my telekinesis to blind them again allowing players to hit them freely. This continues until we reach Illfangs last health bar, however the only difference is that Asuna's health is very low, I must have caused some kind of butterfly effect making her take a lot more hits.

As we eclipse onto Illfangs last health bar his speed of strikes suddenly increases dramatically and he succesfully hits Asuna with carve down her torso with his axe, just as he's going in for another strike I dash infront of her ready to block, the only problem is that I feel a cold rod of steel enter through me from behind.

'ADAM!!!' "NO!!!" I suddenly hear Eve and Asuna scream in concern, it turns out that while I was preoccupied the sentinels that I forgot to blind forced their way through the players and one of them somehow got to me. Asuna quickly takes care of the sentinels last dregs of health.

Name: Adam

Level: 30

condition: Healthy

bloodlines: {????}, {????}, {mew (S class)}, {riolu (B class)}

HP: 40%

Abilities: {????}, {????}, {Telekinesis}(E), {Sychronise}, {Aura manipulation}(F)

Skills: Ancient Power

Pokemon (sealed): Charmeleon, Marshtomp, larvitar

SP: 200

Dammit....Dammit......it hurts..........but.........ive felt worse.......healths still going down dammit.

HP: 35%

"Oi Asuna get this sword out of me!" I shout for Asuna but Illfang quickly strikes again and again making impossible for her to remove the sword from my body.

As my body reaches 20% HP my reactions slow down, my body weakens. Even though Kirito and Asuna are trying their best to take its health away and take it attention away from me it slashes down and knocks the sword out of my hands.

Just as I was about to command Eve to buy me another sword one of the players slashes and causes Illfangs health to enter a third of the last health bar. So he suddenly roars, forcing players away. As we gain some distance fromt he boss, Asuna quickly comes and pulls the sword from my body leaving me on 18% of my HP. However just as she pulls it out, a katana pierces towards me.

Time slows down, my brain reels faster then ever, I see Illfang directly above me with a katana coming towards my chest, I try to move my arms but they wont budge, seems like my body cant keep up with my mind right now. I stare at the blade piercing towards me, just as its an inch from my chest I feel two arms wrap around me and finally see two swords that should be hands cross infront of me, defending my body.

"Konjiki.........I thought you weren't coming........." As her hairs turn into blades I state my confusion. While her arms that are no longer swords hold my body she casually replies with "taiyaki".

"Shouldnt you be more worried about getting home?" As I reply with a smirk I feel her grip tighten. Just as Illfangs health is at its last dregs I see Diavel running to deal the last strike.

'Eve I cant believe im resorting to this but can you buy me some banana peel' Eve successfully buys me a banana peel which I then use to make Diavel slip with my telekinesis. Just as I do, kirito deals the last strike.

*Ding* {mission complete}

task: help defeat the first floor boss

reward: Random bloodline ticket + 100,000 SP

"haaaaaaa..........thanks konjiki..........oh and thanks Asuna" I release my weight onto konjiki forcing her to hold me, while her aura flutuates, it eventually calms down.

"Im sorry, its my fault you lost so much health.......im so sorry" Asuna suddenly kowtows and starts firing apologies at me.

"its fine, at times like this we need to protect our own. You're strong, just get stronger. Thats all I ask" I respond casually as I watch the commotion kiritos kill causes.

'Even though you did all the work, I guess they still hate the person that got the last hit the most' Eve speaks up.

I watch how the anime events play in the exact same way, even though I want to defend him, I hold myself back. I have bigger plans.

It seems like in this world I dont just have a HP bar, seems like I can still get injured. Good thing Eve stopped the bleeding.

"Konjiki, I know you wont be happy but I need your help to walk, act normal. No one can know im injured" I Look up from konjikis chest and whisper this to her.

Eve covers my wound with some kind of patch while I put my arm around konjikis neck and get up, acting like we're celebrating. Though I can see shes pretty irritated, people dont notice the blood thats escaping my patch, however Asuna the one paying attention to me could see all that was happening and looks at me confused, but quickly comes to my aid and puts my arm around her neck too. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"lets go to the next floor"

sensless sensless

Guys comment and review pleaaaaasseeee. Those really are the only things that motivate me to write more.

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