85.24% Tales of the Supremes / Chapter 52: A GIRL?

Chapter 52: A GIRL?

Tala unceasingly stretch the string as an illuminate arrow form.

She dashed towards the demon as she sent her arrows. Upon close distant, she call her sword and fight in close combat. This smooth shifting of weapons made the demon thought of horrible creatures. The weapons seemed like made of energy and the only creatures who can achieve such feat where 'Guardians!'

Although he haven't met a Guardian, as an direct minion of an elder, he has a knowledge or two about them. As far as he know, their race already exterminated guardians. So, how would one be here?

Tala kept attacking. The wounds of the demon deepen as he move. 'Damn it!' He now realize that he isn't an opponent for this girl. He try to escape, but Tala wouldn't give him an opportunity to do so.

Tala didn't let the demon take an opportunity to escape. She call all her might as a third level Guardian to kill the demon. The demon flew farther.

"Holy Alabaster Twirls!" Tala call forth her heavenly sword technique. A gentle white energy coated her sword that made a boast of it. Although it was gentle, it's might was not something the demon in front of her can handle.

Her attack hit the demon engulfing him. The demon felt the suffocating energy. His wings slowly reduced into dust. His wounded body felt like burning as gushes surface to his skin. His limbs turned into dust until the body turned into nothingness.

"Fortunately, this minion seemed nothing to the minions I met before." Tala murmured under her breath. If the minion was as powerful as those one, in her current strength, she will surely deplete her energy much. "Seems like their plan just begun."

Tala approached Kalipsi who was in dazed. She tilted her head in puzzlement.

Kalipsi looked at her sword emitting a pure energy. Tala loosened her grip, instead of falling, the sword vanished.

Feeling the present of Tala, Kalipsi snapped out. "You!"

"What about me?" Tala innocently blinked her eyes.

"You're a girl?" Kalipsi complete his sentence.

Tala look at herself then nodded. Tala materialize her black clothes. Seeing those things, Kalipsi blushed. He consciously turn around. As he expected, Tala changed her clothing.

Tala carefully examined the duo, but she was surprised seeing Ada unconscious too. She looked at Kalipsi, but the young man just scratched his head as he dodged her eyes and whistled.

Tala used her pills to cure the two. Kalipsi lifted the formation.

It's already dusk. The birds sang their night song.

Second rose up from his bed. He can't believe that he was alive. Not thinking about himself anymore, he looked around to search for a certain person. Unfortunately, there was only him inside. He went out the hut and saw Salina sitting under a tree talking to Tala and Ada.

"Second!" Seeing Second already awake, Salina hurriedly walked to his side. This man was like her father, so upon walking out, she immediately asked about his well being.

"Young miss. Thanks heaven your okay!" Second knelt down. "This man asked for your punishment for his incompetence." He said with brimming eyes.

Instead of saying words, Salina give him a hug.

Tears fall down to his eyes.


After the battle, Kalipsi went back and look for the Sultan. He reported that the visitor has some important things to do and the competition will be re-schedule They will sent another visitor. Sultan didn't asked Kalipsi much for he knew that the visitor will not tell his reason for leaving.

Salina used her identity to seek the attention of the Celebes Sea Realm for the replacement of the visitor and to investigate the matter regarding to the origin of the old man saying he went missing. With her high status, the people from the Celebes Sea Realm didn't question her much. Of course, they don't have the right to do so. She limit her words on her report as Tala suggested.

Tala deduced that the demon's identity as an old man wasn't simple matter. That old man has been killed by the demon and assumed his identity. If she reveal the truth, commotion will surely breakthrough. To avoid such thing, she decided to hide the matter for the time being, and to not brandish the real owner of the old man's identity.

Ada gathered his courage to face his grandfather. Saba had been waiting for his return. Seeing the well condition of Ada, Saba was relieved. He didn't forget to thanks the people behind this. His been giving gifts to the group, but he was denied and was told that it is their job, so no need for pleasantries. Although he bothered the group every day, they just accept a small gift for him to be relieved.


A week had passed and the Celebes Sea Realm sent another visitor. The competition resume. No one in the Kingdom realized that they were almost annihilated except for the few people.

A day before the competition, Salina and her group bid farewell. Although, she wanted to investigate Tala and Kalipsi, she don't want to begin a misunderstanding between them especially they save their lives. Albeit, the two didn't say much about that day, they deduced that the missing old man has something to do with them.

The silhouettes of 12 slowly faded from a distant. Tala didn't budge her sight to the fading figures.

"A bigger change will happen sooner. I need to do my part as fast as I can." Tala murmured under her breath resolutely.

Her action of saving the kingdom and the young miss, and killing the minion of a demon elder will surely have a big effect on the future.

The day of the competition begin. The visitor that was sent was a teacher of the Celebes Sea Realm as per instructions of their rules.

In front of the powerful teacher, every students show their manners to gain favor.

The platform were noisy as the students gossip each other.

Ulap approached the group of Tuna again.

"The group of idiots. Let's see who will last among all of you." Ulap said mockingly.

"I have a feeling of seeing a tears on your eyes after this competition." Tuna retorted.

"Of course, there will be tears when I see you crawl on the ground." Ulap curl a mocking smile.

"I would totally crawl from the ground after digging a hole for you." Tuna didn't seemed to back off.

The air begun to feel hot as the two eyes locked on each other while they say their curses.

"Stop!" Salamuyak had enough for these two.

"Salamuyak! You damn stupid girl siding this trash." Ulap raised his brows.

"And where do you think I take side? You?" Salamuyak knitted her brows.

Her words cause heartache to Ulap unknown to her. "Good." His eyes shot a fierce look. "Pray to the heaven that you will not bump with me, or else, I don't know what will I be able to do to you." His words full of threat. Ulap just throw those words before he leave. If just Ada was in the group, his been more willing to stir up trouble. He take a glance at Salamuyak before leaving.

Salamuyak felt a little shiver. She felt that those weren't just empty words.

"Every one of you will enter a portal. Each of you will arrive at the same mountain but will station to different part of the mountain. Before you go in, someone will distribute a badge. That badge will indicate your presence. Rule is simple, break the enemy's badge or snatch it from him. The more badge you get, the higher position you climb. The minimum badge should be five. If someone snatch or broke your badge, or you lost it, you will be thrown out from the mountain indicating you loss from the competition. If you encounter life and death situation, just destroy your badge and..." The announcer paused a moment, "I guess you know what will happen next." The announcer explained.

A survival challenge!

The students gasped a turbid of air. Some were eager to enter while some begun to tremble in fear, especially those who just hold tights to those stronger than them.

"Over doing things just like killing each other is prohibited." The announcer continued. "Other than that, you can do anything." The announcer paused a little before he continue, "There are dangerous creatures, be careful." He throw his last warning.

A glimmer of hope rose up to some students. They might arrive by themselves, but if they saw their team on the way, they can team up and might survive. Well, that's part of their luck.

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