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Wow... the beginning chapter really piqued my interest. The emotions of MC was well-described and conveyed by the author. I like the thrill and suspense. After going through a lot of torture and pain, the MC rise back to do the revenge. I would say this was an epic comeback for the MC. I could say that this book has a great potential. The author was very creative. Overall the story is well written, having intriguing plot and could really attract the attention of the readers. Job well done author-san. I cant help but continue to read on. Please update more chapters author san. Thank you
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Wow Author I loved it 😍 Since the beginning, it is so gripping and intense that I could hardly put it down. Very thrilling 😎 The emotions are conveyed really well and I felt sad for the MC for going through so much torture 😢 But now she is back for revenge and I can't wait to read more twists unfold ❤️❤️❤️ Really really a great job author! I recommend all readers to give this novel a try. You will surely love it! Good luck! 👍
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Nice story. I only read chapter one and rushed to do review. Story synopsis was too good and eye catching. starting of the story was pretty amizing. Good job author. keep going. hope for more chap I'm adding it in to my library.
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I have read many books so far but this one had a different flavour to it. A painful story of a underdeveloped girl. Nice work Asphyxia chan. Yoi shigoto o tsudzukemasu
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The story starts in a depressing tone but the story and the character both develops. There are some missing punctuations but that doesn't matter as long as the story is good
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Hey Author! This story is quite interesting. Though I read initial chapters, it hooked me up to the story. I loved the way you wrote and narrated the story. I just realised there is only one chapter for a week, please update more. We shameless readers can't wait to read more amazing chapters.
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Quite spirited..🔥..exhilarated at this moment after reading it.... Well done..💯..keep up with your great work dear and carry on your writing skills...amazing creativity,,, I'm excited and hoping that your next chapter comes soon!!
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It’s really really good please updated more I’ll vote tomorrow I really like it keep on with the story. Work hard because your really good at writing
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Lol shamelessly you my own book here lol. Do give it a read. Well the book is a bit rough cause I'm doing this for the first time so the writing may come off as cliche but I assure you that this book is different. Give this a chance please.
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