50% The Last Heir Of The Light / Chapter 17: A Paradise in Hell

Chapter 17: A Paradise in Hell

After resting for 20 minutes, Zao Tian again asked for Gold's help: "Gold, can you tell me again where are the other large concentrations of 'Ferocious Black Wolves' around?"

Gold: "I can. But ... Why do you want to do this again? 10 spiritual cores are not enough to pass the test? You already have a total of 38 spiritual cores, what do you want to put together for more? "

Zao Tian: "It is true that it takes only 10 spiritual cores to pass the exam. But the selling price of each of these spiritual cores ... Although they are relatively cheap in the eyes of others, for me it is extremely valuable. The market price of each spiritual core is the equivalent of a month's work of my father and brother together. I can not miss this opportunity to earn some money. "

Gold: "Humph ... Whatever. The nearest 'Ferocious Black Wolves' have already been eliminated. The others are 8 kilometers to the north, 10 kilometers to the south, 13 kilometers to the east and 7 kilometers to the west. "

After hearing the locations reported by Gold, only one thought came up in Zao Tian's mind: 'Caraaaaalho! How far is the detection capability of this guy? '

After a brief shock, Zao Tian hurried to the indicated places.

Zao Tian had already gone north, west, and south. At the moment, he was going east.

This time, Zao Tian found much larger packs of 'Ferocious Black Wolves'. A total of 47 'Fierce Black Wolves' were chasing him.

As he hurried east, Zao Tian had a sense of nostalgia. He came upon a group of eight young men who were battling with a 'Lizard of Sharp Scales'.

Again, Zao Tian yelled, "Quick! Hide immediately! "

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice as they felt a strange feeling of Déjà Vu.

Upon seeing the scene, the former brave 'Lizard of Sharp Scales', his eyes wide open, then he turned and fled in despair.

"Fuck you! Again! "Ming Xiao cursed grimly, before plunging back into the marshy waters.

After that class of 'Ferocious Black Wolves' pass, all came out of their hiding places with their pale faces.

"Damn! That wretch still has not died? "Ming Xiao Xingou as he emerged.

"Not only did he not die, but he managed to become the target of even more 'Ferocious Black Wolves'." Another young man analyzed.

"This time I counted 47 'Fierce Black Wolves'. Will that guy run until the end of the test? "Tall Young said in amazement.

"Poor ... This Zao Tian is very unlucky. It seems that the more he flees ... More packs he finds on the way. "Ming Xue said with pity for Zao Tian.

"I do not care if he's already a dead guy! I just want this son of a bitch to stop bringing those 'Ferocious Black Wolves' to us! "Ming Xiao again cursed.

"This is really getting more and more dangerous. Since that guy went east, let's go as fast as possible to the west to get away from him. "Tall Young said. He was definitely the leader of that group.

"Brother Ming Zou is right. Let's go in the opposite direction of that guy and let's keep as much distance as we can from him. "A Young Man named Ming Lu agreed.

The group immediately ran without looking back, only the young Ming Xue still stared in the direction in which Zao Tian had continued to tear his eyes.

After finding the last pack, Zao Tian ran for another 2 kilometers, then again he slowed down and grouped the 'Ferocious Black Wolves'.

Again he jumped and pointed the palm of his right hand to the sky as he unloaded all the accumulated energy.

* Whommm ... Whommm ... *

A bright yellow energy ball appeared above him.

Zao Tian moved his arm vertically downward and the energy ball split into 12.

*Booommmmm... Booooommmmmm...*

A dozen other deafening blasts could be heard from a great distance.

A total of 56 'Ferocious Black Wolves' disintegrated amidst the explosion of energy.

Although smiling, Zao Tian was slightly pale. This last attack was his limit. Maybe at that moment, he would not be able to use the 'Fast Star' for a mere 3 minutes.

Far away the group of eight young people again listened to the explosions. However, this time Ming Xiao did not dive again.

"It's the same explosions as before." Ming Xue said.

"Yes. And again it came from the direction that guy ran. "Ming Zou murmured before saying," Let's not stand here. Let's go some more west. "

At the scene of the explosions, Zao Tian collected all 56 spiritual cores from the 'Ferocious Black Wolves'. Now he had a total of 94 spiritual cores.

Night was slowly forming, Zao Tian used the 'Fast Star' to get a rabbit and after that began to look for a place to rest.

After a few minutes of walking, Zao Tian surprisingly found a huge clearing that most resembled a resting place of the gods. The place was filled with flowers and a small lake of crystal clear water could be seen. Even the mist was absent there.

Zao Tian walked carefully toward the lake and collected some water.

After taking some water, Zao Tian looked at a huge tree 20 meters high and climbed it.

Upstairs, Zao Tian took the rabbit's skin along with his organs and guts and began to devour him. After drinking a good swallow of water, Zao Tian took some of the huge leaves of the tree and began ingeniously making a bag to carry all those spiritual cores that no longer fit in his pockets. He also improvised a kind of hammock that he tied up in two small branches.

After Zao Tian lay down in a relaxed state ready for bed, Gold said in a tone of warning: "Boy, be careful where you go. Today, you have twice come close to Dominating Demon Beasts twice. "

"Seriously? Why did not you warn me before? "Zao Tian asked scared. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Gold: "Humph ... You should thank me just for telling you the locations of those 'Ferocious Black Wolves'. I told you I will not protect you. "

After hearing Gold being cold again, Zao Tian pondered for a moment and decided to be more careful the next day. As he closed his eyes and settled down to sleep, Zao Tian muttered, "Thanks for the warning. Tomorrow I'll be more careful. "

Gold: "..."


The Day dawned and Zao Tian felt renewed after that good night's sleep. He smiled broadly as he stretched warmly. He was already planning the day and figuring out how many spiritual cores he could get.

After Gold's warning, Zao Tian decided to be more cautious, and decided that he would stay just near the edge of the 'Shady Forest'.

After finishing the preparations, Zao Tian came down from the huge tree, and went to collect some more water to drink. However, as he approached the lake he immediately froze.

"Gold .... Where exactly had I passed next to Dominatrix Demon Beasts? "Zao Tian asked, startled.

Gold: "Well ... The first one was about two miles north of here ... And the other ... Well, it's exactly here."

"What the fuck! Why did not I ask that before? "Zao Tian cursed.

Half-paralyzed, Zao Tian observed that on the shore of the lake, a Demon Beast was drinking water. That Demonic Beast was a four-foot-tall bear, its fur was as red as blood, its great claws seemed to be made of steel and its fangs were frighteningly sharp. That was truly a 'Burning Red Bear', he was also a Demonic Beast Master.

Zao Tian watched as the 'Burning Red Bear' slowly turned his head toward her.

Upon seeing Zao Tian, ​​the 'Burning Red Bear' showed his fangs and locked his gaze on Zao Tian.

"Fucked now!" Zao Tian mumbled a little before turning around and starting to run like crazy.

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