44.44% Journey of a Divine Weapon / Chapter 7: I don't want any drop over this World

Chapter 7: I don't want any drop over this World

Xiao Kuangyun: Before Elder Xiao Zheng died, he remembered his affection for his son, and left behind a dying wish. He hoped we would find the one with the best aptitude amongst the younger generation here to bring back to the Xiao Sect.

Today, I will personally check that. In a while, anyone whose name I call will come in front of me and show your profound strength. However, aptitude isn't decided by the level of your profound strength, but by your foundation and potential!

Before I came here, my honorable father had me bring a batch of Profound Opening Powder. The person selected not only will be brought back to the Xiao Sect, but will also receive this Profound Opening Powder as a reward!

Meanwhile Yun Che was talking to Jean, who was inside his Mindscape.

Yun Che; 'Well, it doesn't matter much to me.'

Jean: It really concerns you.

Yun Che: 'Do you know that the Profound Opening Powder is useless on my veins?'

Jean: I wasn't talking about that shit.

Yun Che raised an eyebrow and waited for Jean to continue.

Jean: Since the idea will never enter in the crap you call brain, I will tell you...

Now Yun Che's eyebrow twitched and gritted a bit his teeth from anger.

Jean: The dog in heat that is over the platform want to fuck Xiao Lingxi and your wife.

When he heard that, Yun Che just heard the moment later Xiao Kuangyun's voice.

Xiao Kuangyun: Xiao Jin, where did you find this box?

Xiao Jiu: The 66th courtyard, under the owner's pillow.

Then everyone turned to Xiao Lingxi, while Yun Che was shocked from the situation that Jean just described.

Xiao Lingxi: It's not me... It's not me!

While Xiao Kuangyun was talking about what Xiao Lingxi did, Yun Che started to be really angry, while Jean raised his head and frowned, the clouds were completely black, and were charged with lightning, ready to strike over once beautiful boundless plain of grass.

Jean: At least it didn't rain… I don't want a single drop over this world... Hey Xiao Che, fix this shit.

Yun Che heard only the last sentence and nodded, then he stepped forward and faked some coughs, to attract attention.

Yun Che: Young Master Xiao and the other three friends that travelled here from the distant Xiao Sect. Allow me to introduce myself…

I am Xiao Lingxi's nephew, Xiao Che I have a few questions I want the ask the clan master concerning the stolen and subsequently recovered Profound Opening Powder. There shouldn't be any problems with that, right?

Xiao Kuangyun: Oh… You are Floating Cloud City's infamous piece of trash? You shouldn't be thinking of making excuses for your little aunt, right? Heh, that's fine, I actually do want to see what you can find out with your questions.

Xiao Lie: Che Er…

Yun Che: That's good! Clan master, I have a few questions I want to ask you about the Profound Opening Powder... The first question… Clan Master, you, be it your cultivation of profound strength or mental fortitude, are preeminent amongst our Xiao Clan.

Even more so, your temperament is steady and prudent. If not, you wouldn't be able to become our Xiao Clan's clan master.

Then the question is, with Clan Master's prudent disposition, after receiving the gift from the Xiao Sect, the best course of action would be to keep it by your side, because only when it's by your side is it the safest…

But Clan Master instead left it in the infirmary, which could be said to be the least secure location. Can Clan Master explain this?

Xiao Li: Xiao Che! What do you mean by that? Don't tell me you're implying that Clan Master had stolen the Profound Opening Powder from himself, and then shifted the blame to Xiao Lingxi!

You're the reason why Xiao Lingxi had stolen the Profound Opening Powder. If you keep blabbering such nonsense, be careful or else even you will get punished together if you don't step down!

Jean: He is really making me believe that he reincarnated... It's not possible for one to be so stupid in one lifetime. How can someone not see what the dog in heat wants?!

Yun Che laughed at the first two sentences spoke from Jean, while making himself appear harmless in front of everyone.

Yun Che: Don't be agitated, First Elder. Where would I get the courage to even dare question Clan Master, I'm just voicing out the suspicions in my heart. Many of us here understand Clan Master's nature and must be puzzled as to why Clan Master had handled the situation that way.

Of course Clan Master is innocent. He couldn't have done this kind of low and dirty thing that even the world would despise. I'm sure Clan Master will give a perfect explanation. Am I right, Clan Master.

Everyone stared at him surreptitiously, while Xiao Yungai's face cramped a bit before he faintly smiled and said

Xiao Yungai: There's no need to get agitated First Elder, it's normal for Xiao Che to question this way. Actually, when I received the Profound Opening Powder from Young Master Xiao yesterday, I indeed had prepared to keep it by my side.

However, the Profound Opening Powder is a high-grade medicine from the Xiao Sect that's also extremely precious. The higher the grade of the medicine, the easier it is for the effects to dissipate. In the case of this treasure elixir, even if the effect was to dissipate by a bit, it would still be a great loss.

If I were to carry it with me, it will often come into contact with impure vital energy so even though it is protected by the Black Profound Ebony box, its effects will still dissipate easily. That's the reason why I placed it inside the infirmary.

After all, in the infirmary, a numerous variety of herbs have been gathered over the years, resulting in plenty of 'medicinal energy. In places with ample 'medicinal energy', the elixir's energy will not dissipate that easily… That is the reason.

Yun Che: Oh, oh! So that's it!

Jean: Remember, use whatever you know about what you studied to your advantage. If you need help, just call me.

Yun Che: 'Yes, I know, I already have a plan.'

Jean: Oh? You have enough intellect to planning something?

Yun Che: 'Tsk...' Then, I have a second question... Our Xiao Clan's infirmary has accumulated many herbs, and the majority of them is Thin Net Grass, that carries a sweet fishy odor.

Since the box that contained the Profound Opening Powder is made of Black Profound Ebony, it has the capability to attract the medicinal energy, so the box should smell of sweet fish.

So, I wonder if Clan Master dares to bring the box over, and let us smell to check whether or not the odor that should be there, is actually on the box?

Xiao Li: Xiao Che! As expected, you're still suspecting Clan Master, simply preposterous!

Jean: From where I came from, people would teach us to not talk while a conversation between two people is happening, he is pretty old and still doesn't know that... He is even more immature than a child!

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    How long will Jean be a sword?

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