50% PAUSE / Chapter 3: Awakening from the Slumber (Pre-birth)

Chapter 3: Awakening from the Slumber (Pre-birth)

"Good morning user, it seems you have finally awakened"

"Hm, how long has it been seen you shut me down forcefully?"

"It's been 8 months 29 days. Estimated time till birth is... 2 hours"

"Why am I gonna come out early, WTF"

"No problems are available. Your body is fully developed. All that remains is your brain."

"Can you stop with the insults system?"

"Of course-"

"Good, now you said I have two hours, good I can create quirks, also system let me know about my mother, father, and their quirks"


OK next quirk I'm gonna create is One for All.

Ya I know, this would me that there are two of inheritable OP as fuck quirk, but who cares. I mean I'm here to build a harem and get laid to get rid of that shameful title I have.

Next is Cold Creation

They never really named it in the anime, so I'm gonna call it Freeze. I know, MIND BLOWN.

I guess super intelligence quirk would be nice.

Super agility.

Time control. I mean who wouldn't want that.

Super stamina should be perfect since I ran out of stamina according to system and apparently quirk creation needs super stamina.

Immunity to all infections and poison

Supreme vitality

That should be enough for now. I'll make new quirks depending on the situations as they come.

"System show status"

Name: Haruna Kaito

Title: Self-proclaimed genius, quirk thief, self-proclaimed #1 hero, Shitty NEET, Retarded NEET, Brain-damaged NEET, Virgin NEET, Fugly NEET, Zero-Personality NEET, Beta WEEB, Love-depraved NEET, God's Insolent Dog.

Achievement's: Choked on water (Now considered as one of the wonders of the world), Born before 9 months.

Health: ∞ (Comment by system: you cheat)

Age: Almost born (Comment by system: you cheat)

Intelligence: ∞ (Comment by system: you cheat)

Wisdom: ∞ (Comment by system: you cheat)

Agility: ∞ (Comment by system: you cheat)

Strength: 2 (You'd lose to a bug in a fist fight)

Defense: 0(8) (Your mom is about to give up on you due to the immeasurable amount of pain she is feeling due to your sorry ass)

Luck: 99999999999999999

Techniques known: Crying like a baby bitch, Retorting while possessing zero logic, Stealing quirks shamelessly, begging system to stop with the insults.

Quirks: Quirk creation: Allows you to create any quirk as it comes to your mind. You can create infinite numbers as long as you have the imagination, but I doubt that. You can use the created quirks simultaneously.

Pain immunity: You have absolute resistance to pain. In game terms it would be called a passive ability. So in terms of numbers: 100% resistance to pain.

Supreme Good Looks: Inherited from your father who passed away protecting your mom with a shining smile on his stupid face. You look extremely good.

Absolute Control of every mental ability: Telepathy,Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Pushing, Precognition, Mind Control, Possession, Psychometry, Neurocognitive Deficit, Psychic Immunity, Mental Materialization, Clairvoyance, Gamer's mind.

Freeze: Can create ice with right hand. This quirk will automatically activate if user decides to do manual single-cylinder piston movements, which have been to be unpleasant to anybody who views them by the system.

Ultimate Immunity: Immunity to poison, diseases, and any abnormal condition that would harm user's health.

One for All: The quirk the main protagonist possesses in the popular anime Boku no Hero Academia, that has been shamelessly ripped off by the user. Gives super strength, speed, maneuverability, and stamina. Since user is a cheat he has mastered this quirk even though it would require a normal person years of training to use to its full potential.

Time Control: User can freely control the flow of time. It would normally cause an anomaly to occur, but user is already an anomaly in this world, so it doesn't matter anymore.

Super Intelligence: User has become a bit self-conscious so decided to create a quirk to overcome what he lacks in.

"System, please in the quirks section, only show me the new stuff from now on, unless I ask for old stuff, and never show me the techniques section again."


"Also why has my name is changed to Haruna Kaito"

"As mother has become single due to unforeseen events, so now you carry your mother's surname. Good luck user. Birth starts now."

"Welp, BNHA world and my harem, here I come."

Chiasmata Chiasmata

New chapter, new quirks. Still haven't used them though. Now I'm not sure if I should change the main events of the story or keep it the same with the alteraltions Kaito will do? Let me know I guess

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  • ChronoPhoenix


    He has Pyrokinesis, so why not Cryokinesis too. Way better than that one hand freeze ****.

  • noobageddon_



  • kazirito


    Thanks for the chapter

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