85.71% Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon? / Chapter 15: Let's Raid A Village(4)

Chapter 15: Let's Raid A Village(4)

I opened my eyes and saw nothing but darkness. Before I could doubt whether my eyes are really open, the feeling of having your bare body drowned in water shook me. I wriggled vigorously; making huge waves that forced me to swallow some of the water. The taste was no different from eating sweets – it was disgusting.

Weird sounds were produced as I tried to get whatever entered my stomach out. However, as the weird sounds grew, the aftertaste intensified. The taste was strong enough to force a tear to drop.

I couldn't handle it any longer and opened my mouth and had my hands clean off my tongue.


The sound echoed and anyone hearing it would have chills.

I wiped my mouth, careful not to make the same mistake twice. I breathe deeply, and the disgusting smell of sweets entered. I exhaled and the after smell remained.


I couldn't tell time well but I'm sure at least minutes have passed.

'… Where am I?'

This dark place, if not for the dangerous waters I'm swimming in, I would've mistaken it for something else. Compared to that place, this was ten times more traumatizing.


I never noticed before, but the water felt warm and comfortable. I stretched my body and it felt wonderful. However, I couldn't fully enjoy the moment because the temperature was steadily rising. Aimlessly caressing the surface of the waters; I noticed many small and soft objects floating near me. I picked up one out of curiosity and tried to visualive what it was by touch.

The result was, I got a piece of butter cut into a cube. The image of a sweet object pushed me to throw it away.



The sound caught my interest. Thinking that it might be my only way our of here, I swam in the direction of its source. I never bothered whether it was in my east or west, in a place this dark, it was impossible to identify.

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I rubbed my head as a metallic sound echoed. I couldn't feel happy because my head really hurts. I touched the cause of my pain and felt a hard and rusted surface. Then the image of a cooking pot surfaced in my mind.

'Wait– a cooking pot?'

Hot water, small solid objects, the darkness and me. If my I'm right, then it explains everything.

'Now then, if this really is a cooking pot, then there must be a lid. If I want to escape, then I must find it.'

I clenched my fist as I swam. I stretched my hand and felt a similar sensation. I shook my head as this wasn't the lid. I need to find a depression in the ceiling.

The temperature was becoming hotter and a bundle of sweat fell into the water. And it didn't take long until I finally found it.


"Now, to open the lid."

With two deep breaths, I gathered the entirety of my strength. I imagined effects like a strange flow of luster would coil around my arm as I prepare to unleash a devestaing strike.

Like a hunter pouncing on its prey, my arms connected with the lid, and the image of utter destruction – didn't happen.

'What? It didn't budge?'

I spared no time to think and unleased another strike.


And another.


And another.


Out of breath, my arms fell listlessly. My eyes filled with unwillingness as they closed.

Before I knew it, my body was carelessly floating in a boiling sea.


[Physique Grade F+ –> Grade E ]

[1% of the Chaos Calamity Physqiue has been restored]

[Dungeon Master El Reid passive skills •Soul Flame Connection• and •Dungeon Arts• has been removed]

[Dungeon Master El Reid's talent •Dungeon Master• has been removed]

[Dungeon Master El Reid has been granted the skill •God's Might•]

[Dungeon Master El Reid has been granted the talent •Dungeon Lord•]

'Hehehe… I hope that this new body of mind would like this gift.'


'Hmm? What's this?'

A strange feeling crawled my body, and I frowned. I opened my eyes to see a vortex of darkness entering the soul flame.

And this darkness, felt so familiar. I stood up, and carefully neared the darkness.

I slowly stretched my finger as I tried to touch it. When the darkness connected with my finger, then a feeling of longing appeared in my heart.


My heart skipped a beat as I immediately moved away from the darkness. Horror was plastered on my face as I kept staring at the vortex of darkness.

'W-what is this? This feeling… '

The image of a powerful figure at the verge of death appeared in my mind. However, the thought was too impossible. I refused to acknowledged it.

'Impossible! He's already dead!'

Then slowly, the darkness vanished. The originally grey soul flame had a tinge of darkness appearing from the center.

But staring at the darkness, a strong feeling tug her soul. She clutched her chest and sat in meditative position.

'He's dead. Definitely dead. There's no way he's alive.'

Like a spell, she kept chanting in her head, as an attempt to calm her agitated mind. However, her heart was being crushed and she felt like she was on the verge of going insane.


'I need to hurry! Master is in danger!'

I ran in a frenzied manner in the streets of the goblin village. Knocking down crates and vases as I made my way to where my master is being cooked.

When only a meter was apart from me and the door, I kicked the ground and crashed through the door. My face failed to hide the pain I felt from my wounds.

Then, I saw a gigantic pot atop of a hole brightly lit by flames.

'Master must be there!'

I dragged my body to the lid, and pulled. But it didn't budge, and after a few more desparate tugs, I became exhausted and fatigued.

I was forced to rest, but anxiety made it impossible for me to sit still.

Then a beautiful goblin wearing an apron entered the room.

"If you want to open the pot, use that glove" Pointing at the worn-out glove near me she said.

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