90.47% Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon? / Chapter 16: Let's Raid A Village(5)

Chapter 16: Let's Raid A Village(5)

I snatched and wore the gloves in haste. I didn't waste time and climbed to the lid.

Wrapping my arms around it, I gave a strong pull; thinking that there would still be resistance.

However, the lid opened effortlessly and a burst of smoke appeared.

It didn't end there; since I used too much force, my feet lose its balance, and I plunged downwards to the floor.


The small scars at my back grew larger; and the splinters deeply entered the wounds.

But before I could react to the pain, a small and circular object was falling towards me – it was the lid.


The sound of heavy breathing echoed in the silence.

The stinging pain and the weird feeling of wetness reminded me that I was still alive. My right arm was shaking non-stop as atop of it was the lid.

"Hah. That was close."

I let out a breath of relief and threw the lid away.


I wiped the sweat on my head, as I ignored the crashing sound. I gathered what's left of me to barely stand up. I walked a few steps before my knees succumbed to the floor. The rough texture of wood instilled a grave worry in my heart as I weakly gazed upon the top of the gigantic pot.

'I still… need to find master– ah!'


The figure of an ugly human with black hair gazed at me with confused eyes. Seeing this, my worries started to die as I fell asleep.


'What happened to Goblin?'

Deeply pondering the question, I climbed out of the disgusting water. I couldn't help but smile, and enjoy feeling of liberation. However, the excitement died as soon as I noticed blood leaking from Goblin's back.

I flipped his body and found many wounds with tiny pieces of wood stuck on it. Blood endlessly trickled from the wounds as his body occasionally twitches. I frowned and carried his body that kept releasing a disgusting smell.

'Really… What happened to Goblin?'


A weird sound jolted my body; and I turned to see a goblin, possibly a female because it was wearing an apron. Its appearance was still ugly, however it was less compared to Goblin. It was trying to say something to me, but I couldn't understand. Again, I still hadn't learned Goblin Language.

'Right. There's that. Translate.'

"This is the last time I'm repeating my words. Are you his master."

I could finally understand her. Though, why is she asking about that?

"Yes. I am."

At my affirmation, the goblin started to walk towards the gigantic pot. Although this caught my interest, I still have more important things to do. So, I looked for the exit and started walking.

"Hey. Don't you want to heal the goblin?"

Her hoarse voice echoed, and I turned once again to see her walking towards me; holding a bowl of soup.

'Isn't that soup… that soup?'

I was puzzled, how could a soup heal Goblin? No, it was mostly likely that it could, but how could a soup that I swam in, heal Goblin?

She stopped walking and faced the unconscious goblin.

"How could – what are you doing?"

I was seriously puzzled as I saw her drinking the soup. Wasn't that supposed to heal Goblin, why – no, wait, she's opening Goblin's mouth and a toxic cloud escaped.

And then… she kissed him.

My eyes couldn't bear to watch, if not for the fact that goblin was injured, I would've dropped him. The kissing sounds tempted me more to drop and run.

"Ah, I'm done, you can open your eyes now."

I slowly opened my eyes, and saw her expression filled with happiness as she carefully licked her lips. The sight made my body shiver. Are all goblin women like this?

I moved my gaze to Goblin, and saw his wounds closing rapidly. A few seconds later, not a single scar was left. His face relaxed as the twitching stopped. I could only sigh and marvel at the wonders of the Meta-Plane. I needed to thank the goblin responsible for this but when I saw her; with her arms stretched and her hands gesturing me to give her something, I could only smile stiffly.

I knew what she was at and handed her Goblin's body. A smile bloomed on her face as she happily said in a hoarse voice.

"I'll take care of your servant."

Before leaving me with the gigantic pot.

'… Goblin's charm really is powerful.'

It wasn't a mistake to bring him here.

I glanced at the gigantic pot and activated the Meta-Encyclopedia. However, the results made me frown.


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'Is it because my level of permission isn't enough?'

In this world, knowledge can only be accessed by those worthy of knowing. This rule was established by the system as to prevent anyone without capabilities to harm themselves. If anyone were to break the rule, they would be punished. In the case of – wait how come I know all of these?


Just as I was about to exit the door, a cold breeze passed through my lower body. Then I stood still like a rock, petrified by my realization.

'I'm naked!'

Immediately, I surveyed the room for clothes; but I could only see a gigantic pot and few small utensils. I scratched my head in anxiety and decided to look again. I opened the drawers, and cabinets; and saw nothing resembling to clothing.

'Where am I going to find clothes?'

An idea popped in my mind, regaeding a certain goblin, and I mercilessly squashed it. I believed that I could still find clothes without her help. Plus I didn't want to bother her when she's with Goblin.

My face went green as a nauseating image popped in my head.

At the corner of the room, I saw something colored white. I picked it up and saw my uniform! Although it smelled like garbage and looks like one, it was still clothes. After rummaging around the box, I found my pants and underwear. But I felt reluctant to wear them.

Then, the gigantic pot entered my vision, and an idea was formed.


After cleaning my clothes, they looked wet and brand-new and the previous smell was replaced with something even worse. However, I still wore them since I had no choice.

With a few steps, I was outside. The stars and moon painted a beautiful picture in the sky and the night breeze felt ever so calming.

But, I was too occupied to notice this.

[God's Might – Unique Evolved, Primary Grade LVL.1]

[300% STR Effectiveness. Lasts for five seconds after which, user enters a weakened state that lasts for 6 hours.]

[Cooldown: 3 hours]

[Dungeon Lord – Unique Evolved, Primary Grade LVL.1]

[Grants a strong connection with the soul flame, all stats increase by a notch when inside the dungeon. +10% proficiency in dungeon-related skills.]

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