95.23% Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon? / Chapter 17: First Battle(1)

Chapter 17: First Battle(1)

Rising to another stage isn't easy; it requires huge amount of effort. But when you do rise, the increase in power isn't a simple +1 but a qualitative change that lets you dominate those who haven't risen.

There exist skills that temporarily let you increase your attributes; however such skills have restrictions. Such as your base attributes must be at least Stage 10 or your physique must be at least Grade A.

But, what if there was a skill that indiscriminately increases your strength by three stages without any conditions?

'This skill is ridiculous!'

300% STR effectiveness allows anyone to battle those three stages higher than them. In my case, I could wipe out a LVL 2 with a finger. Such a skill is priceless even with the weakened state. If gods exist in this world; they would definitely be envious at me.

But, I couldn't help but frown.

'How did I get this skill exactly? Plus where did my previous skills go?'

There's also the matter of my Dungeon Master talent being replaced by the Dungeon Lord talent. Compared to the former, it could grant 10% proficiency.

It's good and all that my powers increased, but I have this itch; telling me that something is wrong.

'This is too strange.'

I shook my head. Even if my itch was right, I have no idea how to prove it. Since that's the case, I might as well not burden myself too much.


Hearing the familiar hoarseness, I turned around and saw a group of goblins. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The only clothing they wore were ragged leather that barely covered their body.

Hostility could be seen in their eyes as their body shook in a craze manner. Some even growled, and I could hear the hunger contained in it.

I clenched my fist as sweat started to drop from my face.

Slightly lowering my body, with both of my feet ready to burst, I activated translate.

"Human, where is the goblin that came to see you?"

Its– no, since its looking for Goblin, it should be a her. Her question made me froze for a second. Why are they looking for Goblin?

Seeing that they're female and they're looking for Goblin, I sighed in relief.

"Human, Answer us." A goblin in the group said; representing their impatience.

"We overestimated him. He probably doesn't understand us."

"Humans are stupid, that makes sense."

My face twitched, and decided to answer before they make anymore absurd comments.

"He's currently resting – there."

I pointed at the slightly large building, and the goblin's gaze followed; in unison, they gasped. Staring at the building, fear could be seen in their expressions as sweat started to drop rapidly.

I could hear murmuring and whispering amongst the group. Because of my heightened senses, I didn't have trouble hearing what they were discussing.

"Why is he there!"

"The kitchen of all places…"

"Oh no, we're in trouble this time."

"I knew that we should have followed him sooner, but you guys didn't listen."

"We need to go now, or else…"


A cough rendered the group silent. A goblin at the center stood out. She appeared no different from the other goblins but I could see the reverence in the other goblins' eyes.

"Was there any goblin there? One that wore an apron if you humans call it."

Her words echoed clear in the silent village.

"Yes. She's currently taking care of him."

As soon as my words left my mouth, the goblins scrambled and ran towards the building. They pushed, bit, and punched any hindrance.

"That b*tch!"

"She's going to die!"

"Get out of my way!"

"Ouch! I'll hit you!"

It was no different from war, they continued to harm each other until they squeezed themselves inside the building. Cold sweat dripped as I finished watching. Who knew goblin women could be this violent.

'It's the power of Goblin's Charm. I don't know if this will be a blessing or curse for him.'

I continued to walk and indulge in the silence. To your average person, the eerie darkness and the cold winds would frighten them.

But as I saw the small houses, the walls; I couldn't help but feel that it was all familiar.

The image of a bustling village filled with goblins surfaced in my head. It contrasted greatly with my current surroundings.

'… It's not impossible. But how come it's this quiet?'

Other than the goblins before, I saw no one else. Even at the wooden watchtowers, there was not a goblin there despite its importance.

My heart quickened its beat as I walked faster. My steps and breathing echoed, and I stared at the night sky.

'If this is really is the goblin village, what happened? Where did all the other goblins go?'

I stopped, and turned around. I walked back towards the 'kitchen'. If anyone were to know what happened, they would be my best bet.

Then the scene of seeing goblins doing unthinkable acts and being attacked by those vicious goblins made me halt. These frightening consequences made me stop. Otherwise, I would a suffer a fate worse than death.

I sighed, and I walked towards one of the wooden houses. I was about to sit down when an incredible idea came to me.

I remembered those goblins covered with armor from head to toe and wielding small daggers; all of which are made from iron. The burning envy at that time still existed.

But it was soon to be extinguished.

'Those armor and weapons couldn't have appeared out of thin air. So, they must've a place to make them and possibly, a place to store them too.'

My eyes shone with greed. If I managed to take those weapons, I wouldn't have to worry about having a bare-handed army in the future.

I stood up, and took a step –

When all of a sudden a strong chill entered my body.

At the corner of my eye, a shadow lunged towards me at an incredible speed.

A strong fear forced my body to move, barely dodging the shadow.

However, the faint red line on my face accelerated my breathing.

"You're the dungeon master, right?"


Name: Prey

LVL: 1

Race: Heroic Goblin

Physique: Goddess Blessed

Soul Core: Goddess Blessed







Passive: [Dagger Mastery: Common, Primary LVL.4],[Command: Common, Primary LVL.5],

Active:[Assassinate: Common, Primary LVL.5],[Fireball: Common, Primary LVL.5]


[Heroic Ruler: Increases the growth rate and loyalty of those under you. During extreme times, stats double effectiveness for 2 seconds.]

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