100% Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon? / Chapter 18: First Battle(2)

Chapter 18: First Battle(2)

'W-what did he say?'

My heart palpitated at his words, my body couldn't help but shake.

"What do you mean?"

My voice quivered as I position myself to run. My mind was screaming danger, and that any longer I would die.

Then all of a sudden, the shadow disappeared and a eerie feeling crawled my back.

I forgot to breathe as I forced my muscle to move an inch at the left. Everything felt so slow amidst this danger, I hated this feeling.


Blood sprayed as I stumbled on the cold ground. I groaned in pain as I covered my abdomen, however blood still gushed between my fingers.

"Hmm? Strange, why aren't you dead yet?"

I struggled to keep my balance as I stood up. I couldn't bother with its words, as wave of pain forced me to kneel.

I wanted to scream badly, but not a single sound escaped my mouth.

"Hey Goddess, you said that this dagger of mine could insta-kill dungeon masters. Hmm? Nah, answer first, there's no difference in killing him now or later."

My mind was wracked with pain, and my ears could only hear silence. My body shook intensely as blood continued to gush and soon my strength was gone.

I layed weakly on the pool of blood, and somehow, I couldn't feel disgust. My vision slowly waned as the corner of my eyes; darkness was starting to grow.

The sight of a goblin, wielding a crooked dagger approaching me with a wicked smile – was the last scene I saw before darkness took away my sight.

My sight vanished along with the feeling of pain and the stickiness of blood.

It would've been good if I could still feel my heart beat and the rest of my body.

If I could laugh, I would laugh, or I would laugh internally now.

But even that's becoming impossible, as even the feeling of being conscious– is starting to – disappear…




"… Do you want to live?"


"So, that's a yes?"



"Hehe, don't worry new body, I'll deal with him."



"Of course, you can afford the price new body."

"Haha, okay, I'll call you El Reid."


The night as always felt cold, but my rage made me boil. My army died in vain trying and I had to suffer under that girl's hands; all because of this weakling?

"GRRH! D*mn you!"

My anger occupied the silence. I sent the corpse flying to the house; blood and fragments of wood rained.


But that wasn't enough. He should suffer million times more!

Just as I was about to disfigured that dungeon master, a sweet voice entered my ear.

"Not yet, Prey."

It was filled with sincere concern, but I couldn't care less.

"I feel"

"What do you mean not yet? Isn't he dead already? Then stop bothering me."

I was at the peak of impatience, I couldn't wait to have my revenge. So what's if she's a goddess? That's not enough a reason to make me listen.

Silence flowed after and I quickened my steps. I arrived inside the house; the floor was filled with scrap and the cracks riddled everything.

I frowned, as I searched every nook and cranny; there was no corpse.

'Where the hell did it go?'

"Hey Goddess"


Pain assaulted every inch of my body and it grew everytime I crashed a wall. I had no time to be confused as a huge furnace was at my back.


It felt like all of my bones broke at the same time, the pain made me grit my teeth as blood dripped from between.

Soon, a figure shrouded in darkness appeared. It was the corpse of the dungeon master.

"How are you"

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Before I could finish my words, his figure disappeared. Instincts moved my head immediately to the right.


The sound of metal being pounded reverberated in the room.

I could clearly see his face; it was cold without the slightest ripple of emotion.

A strange feeling rose in my heart, it made me growl in anger.


I dashed to the right barely evading his punch. An open door entered my sight as I bursts with speed towards it.


All of a sudden, an explosion roared like thunder and forced me to collide with another house.

I couldn't describe how painful everything was. I barely had enough strength to stand up.

Leaning weakly on the wall, I took a dark pellet from my pocket. My heart ached intensely than the pain at my back.

'How the hell did it get so powerful?'

I didn't have time to ponder as the corpse exited the blazing flames. Staring at the figure of a monster, I screamed.

"You're going to DIE!"

The corpse vanished once again as my intuition told me to dodge. I opened my mouth, trying to eat the pellet.

Time seemed to froze as the corpse appeared again. With a flicker of its finger, I was sent flying, destroying more walls.


Time resumed as body layed weakly on the ground, looking like a porcupine as fragments of wood covered my back.


I laughed like the devil as the feeling of euphoria invaded my body. Streams of light escaped my body as it all congealed into a lock.


I whispered under my breath, and a grey color invaded the white light. Soon, not a smudge of white was left and cracks started to appear.

Then a dark figure was descending right above me, however, I scoffed in disdain.

"You're too late."

The lock broke into myriad of light particles that rapidly enter my body.

I raised my fist and at the moment it connected with the corpse, huge bellows of wind destroyed the surroundings.


[ 2% of the Chaos Calamity Physique has been restored ]

[ 1% of the Chaos Calamity Soul has been restored ]

[Dungeon Master El Reid –> Remnant Soul of Lost Time]

[God's Might –> Heaven Rebellion]

[Heaven Rebellion: ???,??? – ???]

[Soul Core Grade F –> F+]

[Soul Erosion: 0.01%]

[Body Erosion: 5%]

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    The hell is this did not read this did you not read it over start over this novel is 80/ garbage

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