Chapter 337: You're Very Cute

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Even after chasing after the mysterious beggar for two streets, Nan Zhi still couldn't catch up with her.

She looked down at the handkerchief in her hand.

Her fingers tightened a little.

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They probably only had the same name, right?!

The woman that Mu Sihan liked would never end up in this state!

Nan Zhi suppressed the weird emotions that surged within her suddenly and put the handkerchief in her bag before she walked back towards the hospital.

Not too long after, a round figure suddenly got her attention.

It was Huahua.

Her father still had to stay in the city for a few more days for business after they came to attend S.G Corporation's annual dinner. Both her father and her were staying in the hotel.

Yan Hua was in her exercise outfit and was jogging slowly.

With her hair tied into a high ponytail, it revealed her supple forehead and delicate facial features.

Although she was not at a normal size yet, she was a lot slimmer than she was in the past. From Nan Zhi's point of view, her waist had slimmed down the most, giving her a shapely figure that wasn't present in the past .

Nan Zhi was about to catch up with Yan Hua to exchange a few words when she suddenly saw another tall and handsome figure running up to her.

Su Mo.

It was the genius boy who had exceptional violin skills.

Nan Zhi remembered Yan Hua mentioning that the Su family and the Yan family wanted to match the two of them together. However, Yan Hua was not very confident in herself and still had feelings for Bo Yan, which was why she did not really want to develop a relationship with Su Mo.

However, from what was happening now, Su Mo definitely had a good impression of Yan Hua.

Nan Zhi's lips curled up as she felt happy for Huahua.

Yan Hua only noticed that Su Mo was following behind her after she finished her jog and had returned to the hotel.

"Mr Su." Yan Hua greeted him openly with a bright smile on her face, "Are you on a night run as well?"

Su Mo jogged up to Yan Hua and his heart fluttered as he stared at Yan Hua's flushed cheeks and pure, bright smile. He smiled as well as he replied honestly, "I followed you out on a night run."

"What?" Yan Hua froze slightly, clearly not expecting Su Mo's reply. Her shy look garnered a chuckle from Su Mo.

Yan Hua touched her nose, she was about to say something but suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

She felt like there was a pair of deep and dark eyes staring closely at her.

Yan Hua turned her head to look around, though she did not see anyone.

Su Mo was gentlemanly and humorous and took Yan Hua up to her room. "Miss Yan, I have a rather good impression of you. If you think that I'm up to your standards, would you consider me?"

Consider him? What did she have to consider?

Yan Hua stared at Su Mo in confusion. "Mr Su, you don't hate me?" Her father had introduced young and talented men to her before as well. However, all of them would avoid her like the plague the moment they heard her name.

"Why would I hate you?" A trace of softness exuded from Su Mo's eyes that were fixed on her, as he gave her a gentle smile. "You're very cute."

Yan Hua was still frozen on the spot after Su Mo had left for a long time.

She was in disbelief.

Su Mo actually said that she was cute!

She had never had a boy call her cute. The most she had heard were people calling her fat and ugly.

Yan Hua sniffled a little at her first experience of not being ridiculed by a boy.

She only moved her gaze and opened the room door after she could no longer see Su Mo.

She entered her room and was about to close the door when a long and strong arm pressed against the door frame suddenly.

Yan Hua jumped in surprise. She hurriedly looked up, though her pupils constricted when she saw the man who had appeared out of nowhere.

"Bo Yan?"

Bo Yan's expression was dark and his eyes under his spectacles were as cold as ice.

He ignored Yan Hua's surprise and the hand on the door frame pushed the door open.

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  • lulu0210


    Someone's jealous of huahua getting attention from other men

  • liongann69


    Update more chapters please...

  • casantos


    I am very much interested on Yan yan love life...... I hope, she will find a man who can stand her side, love her side and love her dearly whatever it takes.... 😊😊😊

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