85.36% Scars of My Past / Chapter 35: Haunted by an Old High School Nemesis

Chapter 35: Haunted by an Old High School Nemesis

It was the wee hours of Friday morning. I was in a deep sleep inside my bedroom when a dream sequence began to flood my mind.

I was a high school freshman back in the day. It was the first day of the school year and some new students were about to arrive.

One of those students entered school in style. She sported long brown hair and possessed light brown skin.

But what made her stand out was her outlandish image. She showed up wearing heavy makeup throughout her face, a violation of our school policy that no one noticed.

We lined up for the assembly and began singing the national anthem. Meanwhile, the lady simply stood with her arms crossed, unwilling to participate in the activity.

"Who cares about the anthem?" she thought to herself. "I can't wait to start school so why bother."

As the entire class walked to the classroom, the young girl began to feel anxious and tense.

"Would you please hurry up?" she shouted at the class. "Or else I'll make you suffer."

"Hey rookie," I retaliated back. "Shut the hell up!!! You're just new here yet you're becoming a prick."

"What did you say, you near-sighted idiot?" the new student responded. "Tell you what, I'll see you later in class. You'll regret what you said to me."

"I can't believe this," I said to Michelle and Ella while shaking my head. "Here she is in her first year yet she was getting in my nerves."

"Let's leave her alone," Michelle advised us. "Someday she'll mellow down and realize her mistakes."

Inside the classroom, the teacher began a roll call. One by one we stood up and introduced ourselves.

When it came time for the newbie to present herself, she did the unthinkable.

"Good morning students," the student cockily announced. "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Bianca and I am the best student ever in this class."

"What an arrogant fool," I silently wondered.

"I came from the most famous family in the country and I aspire to become an award-winning actress one day," Bianca continued. "Witness the future star in the making, right here in this classroom. Give me a round of applause."

Unfortunately for Bianca, no one bought in to her boasts and gave her the silent treatment. She then ripped each of us for disrespecting her.

"You think this is cool?" Bianca shouted to us. "I belong to showbiz royalty. You better respect me or face the consequence."

"That's enough Bianca," the teacher yelled. "You've said too much. Can't you be more humble for once?"

"Sorry madam," Bianca apologized.

Bianca sat down but her condescending ego persists. Never before in my young life did I encounter such a cocky young lady with lots of expectations given to her.

Later on during lunch, Michelle, Ella and I were eating our lunch when we ran into Bianca. Her eyes narrowed, she angrily stared at me and stomped on the table.

"Hey you near-sighted freak," Bianca shouted at me. "Don't you dare cross the line with me or you'll face the consequences."

"What's the matter with you?" I criticized Bianca for her actions. "From the start it was clear that you were the one crossing the line. You claim to be better than us? Then prove it in class."

"I don't need to prove anything," Bianca boasted. "I already graduated a summa cum laude in my previous school. That means I'm the best student in class."

"You haven't proven anything yet rookie," I warned Bianca.

"Did you say rookie?" Bianca screamed before grabbing my uniform. "You better take it back or you'll suffer the consequences."

"We'll see about that," I shot back.

Bianca made one last menacing stare at me before heading back to the classroom. Meanwhile, I became upset at her actions.

"Michelle, this girl is going to be a thorn on my side," I commented on Bianca's demeanor. "I fear that she might slap me for trying to make some sense out of her."

"Christine, just ignore her," Michelle advised me. "Like I said she'll eventually regret all the things she said today."

A few months later, Bianca flunked three first quarter exams: English, Filipino and mathematics. Upset at her inability to pass three subjects, she tore off the test papers and blamed me for getting to her head.

Bianca forcibly escorted me to the restroom along with her cohorts. They held both of my arms while she clutched on to my cheeks.

"Do you think this is funny?" Bianca angrily shouted. "Do you think this is funny?"

"What were you talking about?" I answered back. "You should blame yourself for your shortcomings."

"There was only one person who is responsible for all this, and it is you," Bianca screamed towards me. "You're causing me so much trouble from the beginning and now you're going to pay."

Bianca slapped me relentlessly and then poured a bucket of water on me. They left me battered and bruised with tears all over my eyes.

I suddenly woke up from my nightmare and screamed so loud that Charissa was able to hear it from her bedroom. She approached me in the middle of the night and cradled my head to her chest.

"You had another bad dream, wasn't it?" Charissa asked me.

"Sorry mother, I couldn't get a good night's sleep with all these horrible flashbacks," I explained to Charissa.

"Just forget about them, ok?" Charissa informed me. "You better go back to sleep especially now that you don't have class tomorrow."

"I hope nothing else happens," I assured Charissa. "Good night mother."

After a little kiss from my mother she turned off the lights and I fell asleep. No further incidents occurred after that.

The next morning, I resumed writing on my blog. My latest entry had something to do with first week of school, in particular Ella's encounter with Amanda and my horrible dream about Bianca.

Upon looking at the door, Charissa left a message for me to read. It said:

"Christine, Karina is going to visit our room this afternoon. Prepare us some lunch today."

Michelle's mother is about to pay a visit. But I am not yet sure if Michelle will come in as well.

Either way, this is going to be an interesting Friday afternoon coming up.

ralphierce ralphierce

Karina is on her way to Christine's room. What else will be in store for her visit? That's coming up on Chapter 36.

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