Jenny find out her mother intentions. Jenny knows about magic and witches. Jenny mother Ren has intent to send her as servant program of magical and witch academy. After heard this, jenny decided not to go, but her mother force her, without known about her past experience. Black witch attacked her in past. She want to tell everything to her. She was not present in that day. Now she want to throw me. Jenny has a bigger dream, she want to become a doctor


Jenny said, Mother, I was happy when you take me to school for study. I make myself an honor student of my class. But, you want me become a servant. I want to become a great doctor and live a normal life here, why you sending me.

Jenny mother reply, I already decided, when you born, ren mind fill will her status and value, even she can't see her daughter suffer from the pain, that she hiding

Aunty said that, we are lack of servant, jenny please support our decision, this will best for you, jenny aunty also fell shame to see jenny, aunty was saying bad to jenny in her mind

Jenny reply go and find someone. I also belong to witch family, jenny looking at her brother and sister for some help, but she get sorrow from him, they are not supporting jenny.

Mother threaten to jenny. If you don't go. I will force you, ren so much concern about it, her ego is very much highter than her daughter

Jenny said, father please convince her, brother and sister, jenny look at every chance, that can change mother minds

Her siblings reply, Sorry jenny, you have to go.

Jenny lokk at them with furor, I know, how you treated you servants. You treated like a toy. I will not go. I thought that, you done everything, when I was child, you give me everything. I want. Because I am limit seal.

Mother said, you already know, so I think, we don't need to explain to you about future, you should prepare yourself, this is the last time you seeing us

Jenny shout! I know that. I am here, because I thought that, you are not that cruel. But you are greedy. I will leave this house and start a life as a doctor, I will never come back

Mother said, you will go anywhere, they will catch you. I already given application of transfer to head of new recruit of the department of servant.

Jenny said you can't catch me. She already late. When she pack her stuff. They came and take her. I will never go. She tied with chain. She ask permission to the soldier. Can I said last word to mother

Hey Ren, I will never call you mother again you. I will break all relation with you. Jenny struggle in chain

Her mother said, you will never came back here. You will stay with your master forever.

Jenny taken to the servant headquarter. They decided to taken to third shift of chosen process.

Jenny said, you b***h. I will never going to stay here forever. I will take my freedom and run away.

Lady said, first teach her manner. They also keep to other pre servants.

One person came from corner and ask. You also limit sealer.

Yes I am. Jenny reply.in very sad voice and without excitemnt

We are all limit sealer diat said

Masu said all of your parents send you here, masu also very much sad and lying in ground

Watchdog reply No! They catch me and took me here. I am happily live in my village, they take me here. My parents throw me here.

Kanima servant crying and said. How we will get out here? All area sealed by soldiers. If we tried to get out. We will be finished. They never let you go. Last choice, we have here.

That corner person said, we have commit suicide here. If we born again as normal human. They will never let us live as freedom. We have to courage and live,

Other person said. If we never understand. What master want? They just beat us, when they get angry.

No! A sound came from a wall. They said, if you want to think of that way. You will never understand your master. If they want help from other... servant has power to help their master.

Jenny said, ALL INTERNATIONAL RADIO shut your mouth. I only know, wall has ears. Now you have mouth too. If you have mouth, you also have hand. Just get us out here.

Wall person appeared to be a hall lady. Lady said to her. Master - servant system for the energy balance.

What balance? Jenny interrupt Normal witches and magician can't sustain high magical power. They need servant for this. If they need power. They will get you. If enemy attacked us. Master has to confirm that. His servant will be stayed at safe distance.

Jenny said, go and buy a battery. Why they use us?

Lady said. If they share power with you. You could do high level magic as well they do. Especially. In war. If your master hurt. You can protect them. They unable to protect you. You can protect them.

Jenny interrupt, why we protect them. If they die, we will fee.

Lady said. You can't. They died. You will stuck. How? If your master died. His soul will be your master. He will stick with you forever.

How you know? Watchdog ask

Male sound came from lady, because I am with her.

Jenny said, now I understand forever means.

If they don't have servants. Jenny ask, what will happen to them? They will blast. Only high level magician don't need servant. This take long years of training.

Jenny said, until then we have to babysit them. High level magician can make an infinite space for store his power.

Jenny said, when we will expire. We will useless from them. I thinking about marry of our childhood friends.

Lady said, you can't marry until your master permit you.

Jenny ask, what will happy. If servant died, they will also stick with master.

Lady said no. if servant died. They went to place, where they always go.

Jenny said, we are a toy after all. Jenny asked, servant can marry our master.

Lady said no! If they do. Other magician will condemned.

Other person said, that's true. Lady said, you can. If they treat you very carefully.

Rainy night begin with storm. King salmon palace. One young prince started their class in magical and witch academy. Prince Hitesh has a servant name kilo. He have to choose from a department. Kilo is all weapon master. Kilo asked his master. Master, do you really choose another servant. He said, yes. But master. My presence is negligible to you my master.

No! My parents want to a new servant for me.

If I don't like anything. I will reject. Jenny already planned for the chosen program. Hitesh father has congratulate Hitesh for her first day of his academy. Mother gave him a gift.

Hitesh said, I don't need mother. Jenny didn't know about her family. Her grandfather is a minister in king salmon hall. Her mother is famous in academy.

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So many time passed in jenny mind. She just cried and thinking of her happy day. But she never forget about that deadly night. She see nightmare of that day. She scared to see this. She just don't want to live in this world. She scared of witches. Because of that day. She scared to magical people. She has very scared past. That night, she never said to anyone. She thought that. If she said to her mother. She will feel free.

Her mother sent them here. How can I release this burden of loneliness? She cry for the moment she came here. World of magic. When I first thought about it. It give me a big smile on my face. Now they give me pain. I want a normal life. Become a doctor. Now I am a servant. I will kill, whoever take me. I will kill that pervert. Jenny cried all night. But her prince is waiting for you.

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