9.34% The Long-awaited Mr Han / Chapter 44: Han Zhuoli Gave a Low Laugh, Calling Her a Vixen in His Heart

Chapter 44: Han Zhuoli Gave a Low Laugh, Calling Her a Vixen in His Heart

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Man's suddenly raised her lowered eyelashes. "Young Master Han had said many things the last time, I really don't remember anymore."

Just after she said that Lu Man instantly took a huge step back and took the chance to quickly walk forwards.

Moreover, the look she had given him, after finishing what she had said, was a sly one.

Han Zhuoli gave a low laugh, calling her a vixen in his heart before taking big steps to chase after her.

Knowing that Xia Qingwei was still being operated on, Lu Man could not be bothered about anything else.

Thus at this moment, even Han Zhouli did not pester her further by talking about other things.

Meanwhile, Tang Zi who had been following them, at the side all along, looked at Lu Man, then he looked at Han Zhuoli but was still confused. What exactly was the relationship between these two?

When did Lu Man become so close to Han Zhuoli?

Although he was not trying to boast, he had a very close relationship with Lu Man and she never hid anything from him.

So what was up with this situation with Han Zhuoli?

Tang Zi worked as a paparazzo so of course, knew who Han Zhuoli was.

Not to mention him, among ordinary people there were only a few who did not know who Han Zhuoli was.

Han Zhouli controlled the Han Corporation, which was the biggest company dominating the entertainment industry and producing around 70 percent of domestic movies and television shows. As for the remaining 30 percent, the Han Corporation also played a part by investing in them.

Also, 90 percent of A-listers and above stars were registered with the Han Corporation, and as for the rest of the 10 percent, some created their own companies or established their own studios, but they could not compete with the Han Corporation.

The Han Corporation already had an overabundance of artists that even if the remaining 10 percent were to enter their company, they would not be able to receive preferential treatment.

Otherwise, no one would want to start up their own company to oppose the Han Corporation.

However, since the Han corporation was established in the entertainment industry Han Zhouli's family was renowned, unlike the other seven big families that were very mysterious, such that the number of people who have met them was very little.

Also, Han Zhuoli often appeared in front of the media and Tang Zi was also a part of the big group that took photos of him.

Such an important person, just a single stomp of his feet could greatly affect the whole entertainment circle, how did he become so close to Lu Man?

Tang Zi was a bit worried, he feared that if Lu Man became close to Han Zhuoli, she would get hurt.

At that moment, Lu Man had already hurriedly reached the outside of the operating theater.

Auntie Chai and Wu Zhiguo were trying to deal with the doctor. "Doctor, we beg you, please just operate on the patient first."

"I can't, we must have a family member's signature because if something happens during the surgery, who'll be responsible? Later on, if the family members come and make trouble, can both of you take responsibility?" The doctor shook his head, and no matter what they said, he refused to agree.

"She only has one daughter and moreover, after the commotion outside, even you must know about it too. She really can't come over right now. They are all reasonable people and won't make trouble. If you keep delaying and refusing to operate, and something actually happens, then there'll be trouble!" Auntie Chai was also flustered and exasperated.

Xia Qingwei was still in the operating room, and her condition was unknown, yet the doctor refused to place saving the patient as the number one priority and kept asking for a family member to sign the agreement. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

If Lu Man had been caught, how could she come and sign?

"Even so, I can't do anything. This is a rule. Furthermore, the fees for the surgery are yet to be paid. Our hospital can't take responsibility for such a huge fee." The doctor refused to agree no matter what they said.

Earlier, Xia Qingwei was anyway supposed to undergo a heart bypass surgery but was initially planned to take place half a month later, however, today's situation had occurred.

Also, if something happened to the patient during the surgery, then they might not even receive the surgery fees.

The doctor had to be responsible if that situation happened.

"Auntie Chai, Uncle Wu." Lu Man ran over and gratefully said, "Thank you both so much."

"It's nothing, the most important thing right now is your mother. She's still in the operating theatre and has not been operated on yet." Auntie Chai explained.

Comments (53)

  • Mayaluna


    It's the reality of the world 🙁 can't really blame they though.. they still need to make money for a living & not all doctors are rich. They also could go to prison. So, it's a complicated situation

  • XOMatsumaeohana


    Don't worry Tang Zhi. Mr Han will 💞 and treasure her. He's going to be one of the best things that's ever happened in her life.

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Zi is such a gret friend. He cares about Man so much..... And well well Zhuoli seems to be in love. Whether he realise it or not yet. As for the doctors i know there are rules and regulations and some complications but shouldn't they treat the patient first as they took the oath before getting the licence. I know Doctors are in tough spot but Shouldn't they have little bit of humanity.

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