13% The Long-awaited Mr Han / Chapter 61: Who Sent You Here?

Chapter 61: Who Sent You Here?

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Xu Hui said, feeling embarrassed, "Seeing that he had no chance, he wanted to jump out of the window just now, so in my haste, I tore down your curtains and tied him up."

Of course, Lu Man would not care about such things. "Don't worry about it, as long as the person has been caught it's alright. That's much better than letting him get away."

"Right, I found this on his body." Xu Hui passed Lu Man a bank card. "Look at this, is this yours?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

No one had ever seen a thief who was trying to steal things, bring their own bank card along while committing the crime.

Just by taking a look at it, Lu Man knew that it was really hers. Furthermore, it was the card that had 100,000 yuan, the bank card that contained the money for Xia Qingwei's surgery.

Lu Man took the bank card and broke out in a cold sweat.

If she had come back just a moment later, the money she had painstakingly saved for Xia Qingwei's surgery would have been gone!

This is money was needed to save a life!

Even if Han Zhuoli had covered the costs of the surgery first, she still had to return the money to him.

Moreover, with her current financial status, she did not know how long it would take for her to repay the money, and she had no face to tell Han Zhuoli that each month she would be able to return just a few thousand yuan.

Aside from that, there was still Xia Qingwei's hospital fees and medicine fees.

Without this 100,000 yuan, it was basically killing Xia Qingwei!

A cold sweat came out of Lu Man's palms, and she quickly put the card away.

Lu Man took a deep breath and calmed down, before questioning, "Who sent you here?"

Xu Hui was stunned for a second. "Why? Isn't this a normal break-in?"

Lu Man shook her head. "When there's a break-in, the burglar usually steals cash, calligraphy, art pieces or antiques, those are easy to convert to cash. What's the use of stealing a bank card? He doesn't even know the PIN number and is not the actual person, thus there's no way he can take out cash from the bank account."

Xu Hui was shocked, he did not think that even after meeting with such a situation, Lu Man could still quickly calm down and be so intellectual.

She was truly worthy of Young Master Han paying special attention to her; it was not only that her face was good looking, but she was also smart.

Xu Hui could not help but gain a new understanding of Lu Man.

"Speak! Who sent you here!" Xu Hui grabbed the burglar's hair and pulled him upwards.

The burglar's eyes had been hit until they were too swollen to even open, and he kept groaning in pain as his hair was yanked on but refused to say who ordered him to do it.

"If you don't say who it was, I'll directly report this to the police. The police officers will come to question you then," Lu Man said as she took out her phone.

"Wait!" The thief understood the hidden meaning behind Lu Man's words. "You mean that, if I were to tell you who it was, you won't report me to the police?"

"If what you answer has value, and if I'm satisfied with your answer, I can consider." Lu Man said coldly, "Don't try to bargain with me. You came to my house to steal it, and we caught you in the act, we should have directly sent you to the police station. Now that we're giving you a chance, you should take it. Of course, the decision-making power rests in our hands, you don't have any chance to bargain, this, you have to be clear about. If you don't speak, we will definitely send you to the police station. However, if you tell us the truth, you might have a chance of getting away scot-free, of course, that totally depends on your answer and whether I am satisfied with it.."

The burglar gritted his teeth and said, "I need you to give me a definite answer. If I tell you the truth, you must let me go!"

"Ha." Lu Man did not want to continue being so wordy with him. "You better think carefully, this card has 100,000 yuan. Burglary of 30,000 to 100,000 yuan is already considered a huge amount according to the law. Even if your attempt at burglary failed, the minimum jail time you must serve is 3 years. Furthermore, it definitely isn't your first time doing this kind of thing, and based on your criminal records, the jail time will increase even further.

In her last life, when she had been in prison, she had often read books on the law, and had been thinking that in the future, when she would be released from prison, she would definitely not let herself be in such a situation again, where she could do nothing but be passive, falling into traps set up by others without knowing anything.

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  • Elera


    At least she used her brain to connect the dots. To be honest I quite like Lu Man's character

  • potatotaku


    Thank you for the chapter author! 💕

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Manman has learnt from her past life and become quite intelligent. I like this personality of hers. Zhouli you are In for hard work to make Lu Man yours...

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