44.44% Legend Of Namikaze Mirei-Naruto fanfic / Chapter 4: Promise of a Lifetime

Chapter 4: Promise of a Lifetime

"Nervous?" Kushina pinched Mirei cheeks. Her face was kind, loving. "I remember walking through the property-line for the first time myself," she began, pointing up ahead. Minato had gone ahead, as was expected of the Hokage. "I had no one at that time; I was the only foreigner and I had red hair to top it off too. It was an absolute nightmare. Kids picked on me for that. You're different, you're lucky."

"Why would anyone pick you up for red hair, your hair is amazing I have the red-hair as well"

Kushina chuckled, "You know a very special person, said the very same thing to me once"

Mirei was about to ask about that person when Kushina pointed once more. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

He followed her line of sight and immediately, his minor apprehension was wiped away. His grip on her hand loosened.

But Kushina grinned like she knew what went on in her son's head. "Go," she said and pushed Mirei forward—towards the little black-haired, pale-skinned boy with eyes darker than black.

Mikoto laughed. "Mirei, it's nice to see you made it today." She slanted an amused look at her firstborn. "And Itachi was worrying over if your parents will let you enroll into the Academy."

Mirei Looked at Mikoto just like his mother Mikoto belly was coming forward, as she too was heavily pregnant just like Kushina

Mirei grinned at his friend. Had Itachi been like any other child, Itachi would've hated his mother for dropping that embarrassing tidbit of information but he merely allowed a frown to slip through.

Mirei couldn't stop himself from teasing Itachi, "Aw, if Chi wants me to, I would've followed him to the ends of the earth."


"Thank you for the offer," Itachi interjected before his mother could gush or say something embarrassing to his prodigious ego. He held Mirei forearm, "We'll see you after the orientation"

Once they are Out of sight Kushina came to Mikoto

"Never thought our sons could become such close friends"

"Yea, who would have thought"

"Wanna go somewhere to eat, I am itching to eat something spicy"



"Mirai, watch ou—!" Mirei glanced back to see Itachi's eyes widening in alarm. But his warning came one second late, The girl was already on top of him.

Mirei's eyes widened, the girl's eyes widened they are on top of each other with their lips touching each other

"Ouch!" she yelped. A puppy yipped from underneath her. Mirei studied her features and he instantly recognized the clan markings, even if the pup hadn't been there to give the hint as to who the little was. She was Inuzuka Clan Head Tsume daughter… Hannah? Shana? No, Hana.

The Inuzuka girl glared murderously with a red blushing cheeks

Itachi halted beside Mirei and his reinforced grip was like steel. Mirei winced he was fragile as a glass Itachi if not careful will break his delicate bones. "I apologize on his behalf," the Uchiha clan's heir said apologetically. Chivalrously offered a hand to the Inuzuka who slapped it away.

"You're going to regret messing with me!" she spat. "Boys," she muttered in utter derision.

Mirei stared after her. "What's her problem?"

"We will walk," Itachi inserted

"Any slower and we'll be going backward!" He ignored Mirei childish comments. A couple of steps later: "Ugh, this is like a father walking the bride to her groom. Itachi, we've still got decades to act like old men, can we just quicken the pace?"


Somehow, by the time Mirei refocused, the orientation ceremony was over.

"You didn't hear a single word, did you?", asked Itachi. He already knew the answer anyway.


"Alright, class you will be fighting one on one so that we can see what to work on you guys", said one of the academy teacher

"Since this is your first day don't worry, even if you lose you can climb back up in a year or next"

Alright, First Inuzuka Hana vs Namikaze Mirei, please come mid-stage

"Make the Seal of Reconciliation" (Google it if you don't know what is it)

"Hee, who would have thought I would find my revenge opportunity so soon...you will die for taking my first k-k-k- Gaaa never mind prepare to die" took the inuzuka taijutsu Stance

'Crazy Girl', thought Mirei as he stood at relaxed posture, he knew that he will die if just one hit of hers or her puppy hit him hard enough not to mention he can't run either


"Passing fang", said Hana the moment the match start

She spins at a ferocious speed and comes after Mirei like a whirlwind beast ready to rip apart

Mirei calmly made the hand sign Ram

"Ice Release: Ice Wall"


Hana Inuzuka slammed into Ice wall she slammed into it with full speed yet nothing happened to the ice wall

So she changed the direction and attack from behind

Ice Release: Ice Wall


Again changed the direction attack from the side

Ice Wall


Again changed direction at full speed

Ice Wall


No matter how much she attacks; no matter where she attacks; nothing work because of that damn Ice wall

Everyone except Itachi's eyes was wide opened they couldn't grasp how the hell is Mirei defending so fast using nothing more than One sided Ice wall not to mention he didn't even moved a single step till now

She has already lost her composer

"Very well let's see how you deal with this", She grinned

"Fang Passing Fang", along with her puppy she created three whirlwind beasts like attacks

"She must never lose her composer in a fight, especially against him", muttered Itachi as he knew the result already

"Hyōton: Hyōjun no Jutsu" (Ice release: Ice shield)

The moment Her attack touched the Ice shield, it reflected back to her she got wounded and become unconscious

"Winner: Namikaze Mirei"


Both Itachi and Mirei won all their matches, Itachi till now only used Taijutsu and Fireball not using Sharingan at all

While Mirei won all of his matches using Ice wall and Ice shield, he didn't even once moved from his place, the chunnin instructor was sure that Namikaze Mirei was a defensive specialist in the making

"Last fight: Uchiha Itachi vs Namikaze Mirei"

Please come on stage

Make the Seal of Reconciliation

"Even though you are my best friend you still are my biggest rival, I won't lose no matter what", said Itachi

"Same goes here chi, I won't lose no matter what"

Both stood at the opposite end of the stage, Itachi moved

Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger

"Katon: Goukyaku no Jutsu" (Fire style: Fire Ball Jutsu)

A fireball made its way towards Mirei as he made the Ram sign

"Ice release: Ice wall"


The moment Fireball touched Ice wall there was smoke all around even though nothing happened to the ice wall

Itachi and Mirei have known each other since forever...Itachi knows this smoke will do nothing in front of Mirei who is a natural born Sensor, But his Sharingan is still better

Itachi kept moving and kept throwing fireballs from different places at the same time Running fast towards Mirei with a Kunai in his hand

'As expected of Chi, time for my secret move'

Snake → Monkey

"Hyōton: Gizagiza no Kōri Kabe" (Ice Style: Jagged Crystalline Wall)

The fireball; the physical attack; every single attack just got blocked by the large wall that covered everywhere

Unlike the normal Ice wall that only covered one side jagged Crystalline wall covered every place considering the amount of chakra used on it

Moreover, the wall is jagged (sharp) making the physical contact extremely painful for Itachi

Itachi and Mirei fought for more than 2 hours Itachi was tired, while Mirei was just as tired as Itachi, even though he has endless stamina he is not meant to stand up so long, it takes strength which he is sorely lacking

But Itachi using his Sharingan finally managed to put him in Genjutsu

Because Mirei Spiritual energy was so high he could instantly tell it's genjutsu or not letting him instantly breaking it, it could be even said that he was just out of his mind for mere 3 second

But only that amount of time was required by Itachi to get around those mighty walls

When Mirei comes back to real-world, Itachi was too near for him to make any hand sign while Itachi already has the hand sign drew, If Itachi wanted he could have instantly burn Mirei to the ground

"Winner: Uchiha Itachi"


"How come you know 3 jutsu", asked Itachi

"You have to train in Taijutsu Chi I don't, you have to focus on your body I don't"

"In other words, I have way more time than you do in training Nin-jutsu, and besides with Arctic Plant inside my blood it's far too easy to master Ice release"

"Then why didn't you learn any offensive technique"

"Because Kaa-saan said I can't move so I can't defend myself, that's why before attacking I need to learn how to Protect myself"

"Hmmm...Makes Sense"

"Why does it even matter...I will die either way I don't even have the strength to stand for straight 2 hours...I wonder if it will be easier for me to die so tha-"


There was a fist on his head

"Chi, You idiot what was that for"

"I Won't Let you die...I will protect you...always, Because I know you will"

"I Won't Let you die, Chi, that's the promise of a lifetime, even though I know nothing's gonna happen to you ever!!"

*None ever thought that Years Later the promise they made at this moment will test their friendship to the limit

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  • Tetsuyaksha


    A bromance?😟 🙅🙅

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    Will there ever be some... cure for him?

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