66.66% Legend Of Namikaze Mirei-Naruto fanfic / Chapter 6: Training

Chapter 6: Training

In Return for Naruto to forsake his name Namikaze, Mirei asked for compensation of allowing him to live with Naruto

Hokage send Mirei into the Orphanage to live with Naruto with the excuse that He can not live in the house all alone he is not old enough yet...

He was polite to others and spend his day taking care of Naruto and going to the academy

But a week later thing took a turn to the worse...

Naruto status as the Jinchiruki came out to the mass population in Konoha

There were assassination attempts on Naruto, Mirei fought with anyone and everyone who tried harming little Naruto and that Includes Civilians, Shinobis does not dare go against the order of Lord Hokage except very few who are not important at all; Due to Mirei protecting the demon every time, He shared the Pariah Status along with Naruto

Mirei stopped going to the academy, Every single second Naruto life was in danger but after a week Mirei could feel the presence of Hidden ANBU guards that took care of life-threatening problems

Mirei was relieved and was going to start going to academy again when he saw the matron trying to hurt Naruto, while ANBU did nothing

He Hurt Matron and protected Naruto

That day he understood, Naruto is hated by everyone even ANBU guards they are just here because the third Hokage gave the orders, and will only protect Naruto in life-threatening events they don't care if the little child is bruised or hurt or hungry or sick (He is just a baby kid, yet they all treated him like this, it's sad)


"Are you really not going to come to academy any more", asked Hana Inuzuka while her puppy jumped out of her grasp and jumped into Mirei arms

"No, This little bundle will die if I take a break you know", Mirei looked towards Naruto and smiled

"Why do you care so much for him anyway?", asked Hana

"Because I made a very important promise to a very important person that I will look after him at all cost"

"Hmmm...Who is it? Is it a girl", asked the scowling and jealous Hana

Mirei smiled and asked instead-

"Hana, do you like other people think that he is a monster? that this little bundle who cannot even crawl yet, is a demon which should die?"

Hana shook her head, "I don't think so... no demon or monster is as cute as this little guy, even if he is a demon I am sure I can't harm him.... he is sooo cute", Hana nearly squealed while picking Naruto from his crib

Mirei sweatdrop seeing the squealing Hana but his face turned into a smile when he saw Laughing Hana and Laughing Naruto in her arms

"Besides, How can I think bad of him when my future Husband is protecting him against the world", said Hana while playing with Naruto

"H-Hana w-we are not a couple", said Mirei blushing

"T-Then you shouldn't have k-k-Kissed me", said the badly blushing Inuzuka princess

"IT WAS NOT A KISS GODAMMIT...WE FELL ON EACH OTHER...WE FELL", shouted Mirei with an extremely large head

'Must have picked it up, from Iruka San'


Namikaze brothers keep getting less and less food, Mirei physical powers are already a matter of his disability yet he always exchanges half of his food with others in exchange for more milk, he even uses his entire money for the month on naruto well being


"Is he your brother?", asked Itachi Uchiha

"Wha...H-How do you know that?", asked the shocked Mirei

"Because I saw the looks you look at him...I just know", said Itachi

"Heh...I guess only Chi knows me best huh?", said Mirei grinning

Itachi poke Little Naruto cheeks for some-time, "He is cute", Said emotionless Itachi finally

Mirei Grinned at the antics of his best friend


There is a piece of news all around that Uchiha Itachi the genius of the century, passed Academy in mere 11 months a feat never shown or known before


Itachi Shishui Hana and Mirei decided to get a teddy bear for naruto first ever birthday


There is a Rumor that started going all around shinobis and civilians alike

Uchiha Itachi the heir of Uchiha clan, Uchiha Shishui the most talented person in entire Uchiha clan, Inuzuka Hana the clan princess of Inuzuka Clan are Roaming around with that Monster protector Mirei; Namikaze Mirei whose parents gave their lives because of Kyuubi, is protecting the very same monster, the unfilial son, a good for nothing Waste

The Uchihas and Inuzuka clan reputation took quite a hit, even though Uchiha's reputation was already down as it is... Inuzuka and Uchiha clan forbid there children to hang around that Kyubi protector

Mirei lost the only two people who understood him...his best friend Chi and the annoying self-declare girlfriend of his, Hana

He silently cried that night holding the very same teddy bear that he purchased with them, maybe the last thing he will ever get with them

"Uwaa....Uwaaaaaaaa", Naruto Began to cry

"Oi, demon stop crying so much, people are trying to sleep here...Hmm...a waste of blood", came the voice of Matron from inside

Mirei felt cold but he let go...Naruto his brother comes first

"Shhh...It's alright Naruto...even if just the two of us, I will protect you, even if the entire world goes against us, I will protect you, after all, I made a promise to our mother and father, that I will be the best brother in the world"


Things just keep getting worse and worse...the mob of drunkards civilians comes to harm Naruto, During Naruto first Birthday

He didn't wish to kill anyone, he just wanted them to be gone, but it was during that time he had his first kill, a civilian that is...Naruto was crying and only blood covered Mirei was there holding the little 1-year-old child


He killed a Civilian, fire daimyo, the entire civilian Council, The Elder council led by Danzo; wished for Namikaze Mirei to be punished, It was a Huge Matter that if goes wrong could lead to a civil war, with already weaken Village a civil war is just a forbidden word

He should have been put in jail, for killing but who dares to go against Hokage who personally protected the child but that's all Hokage could do Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Mirei was thrown out of the orphanage with nowhere to live inside the village and so he had no choice but to live inside the village, on the outskirt of Forbidden village


*Hic*Hic "Mother said I need to forget you we can not be together", cried Hana

Mirei went ahead and hold her close, "It's gonna be alright one day"

"IT'S NOT FAIR WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER *sniff* WHY...WHY", Hana was crying in his arms quite heavily

Mirei chuckled and tightens his hug, "Shhh...We were not even a couple you idiotic girl"

There was a heavy silent there

"I will wait", Hana said finally


"You said everything is going to be alright one day", said Hana

"Hana but that-"

"I WILL WAIT", she tightens her hug Mirei could sense the desperation in her chakra, "Even if I have to wait till I die, I will wait for that day, the one day when everything will be alright, and at that day we will get married"

Her feelings were real they are not because of some childish hormones about the opposite sex that comes with their age.

Mirei's eyes widened when she suddenly kissed him, that is their first ever proper kiss; when she let go of his lips she found him staring at her, she blushed and look down


His heart beats for her for the first time ever...and her pretty looks does not help at all


Mirei looked Naruto secretly and he found that people started abusing him, he is getting thinner and thinner he felt his blood rising yet he could not do a thing, he can not go against Civil council that is equivalent to going against Hokage himself

He is weak that's why he can not protect his little brother, he knows a way to get strong faster, his mother and father told him, about the beast that he made the contract with at the very moment he had eaten the plant, the bluebird beast that gave the Arctic plant for him to live


"Chi- please protect naruto", asked Mirei to Itachi

"Mirei...you know that I can not go against the clan", Itachi looked away obviously feeling guilt

Mirei get on his knees, "Please I beg you"


Itachi bend to pick Mirei when he saw the desperation in his eyes

"Please Chi for me, for our friendship, for the rivalry that we share, I beg you"

"Mirei...", Itachi voice was nothing more than the whisper, "I although cannot do much till I become the Clan head, but I promise I will protect Naruto, he shall not die under any circumstances, and that is my promise to my best friend"

Mirei smiled in relief, he knows that what he is asking is impossible, Itachi is a clan head, he can not go against his entire clan, same for god-mother Mikoto. Protection of Naruto from Itachi is the safest thing he could ask

Mirei tried finding Kakashi before this but seeing his big brother (Kakashi) condition he decided it's best if Kakashi does not go near Naruto, He even tried asking Hokage but he knows that Hokage can not watch Naruto all day, that is humanly impossible, not to mention ANBU guards that he will assign to watch over Naruto would not do a single thing, There is only one person in this entire world that could help him Chi

"5 Years, I promise in 5 years I will return at that time you won't have to protect him Chi, I will be more than enough to protect him"

"Are you going to destroy the village", asked Itachi narrowing his eyes

"This place is our Home Chi, (Mirei and Naruto) It's where mom and dad met for the first time, it's where Dad saw and complete his dream of being a Hokage, It's where I felt the love of my parents, It's where I met my rival and best friend, and it's here that I met-", his voice trailed off and his face gone red remembering a pretty girl who kissed him

"If you are going to do a secret training to get yourself stronger, Let me tell you I won't sit around as well, I won't lose...Dobe", said smirking Uchiha

"We will see Teme", said the grinning Namikage Uzumaki

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  • Issou


    That is bull*****t, "everyone hates Naruto so everyone hates Mirei because he protects him" ? And how the **** is he supposed to be poor? Don't tell me his parents money disappeared? Too many plot holes

  • TravelingWolf21


    Thanks for the chapter. It is fine that he doesn't attack Konoha, but he shouldn't forgive the people that hurt his brother.

  • Mohammed_Albaya



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