Chapter 9: Chapter-9

A white long coat along with black inner armor, red hair, violet eyes, along with a face and a body that could only be called devilishly hot, these would be the features one could describe seeing this man standing in front of a house or to say the previous Hokage house

There was a seal in front of a house door that prevented anyone from entering, only those who have Uzumaki Kushina or Namikaze Minato blood inside them could enter through these doors, not even Jiraiya or Kakashi is an exception

The Devilishly charming guy touched the seal and door unlocked itself, when he went inside he trembled and tears flowed from his eyes


"There he is!"

"Don't let him get away!"

Two Shinobis covered entirely in paint...were running after a blond boy Naruto was the blonde boy's name

Eventually, the boy was cornered by the walls

"H-Hey...It's just the paint ya know it will come out after washing a bit", said the fearful Naruto

"Yea...but before that, we will do something else too demon!!!

Suddenly snow starts falling and the temperature started dropping to some bone freezing and chilling level

"Huh...What's going on?"


A heavy blizzard that traps the two chunins in a continuous loop of snow flowed out, disabling any chance of escape and draining their chakra simultaneously.

They both fell on the ground...their breathing was hard and cold and their chakra is being drained at rapid level...they need to run out of this blizzard but how to run when they can barely move in this bone-chilling blizzard

They saw a figure standing in between the heavy blizzard

"W-Who a-are you", asked one of chunin who was now lying down on the ground

"Me?... I am the fury of the blizzard, the bite of the wind, and the cold of the ice. I am the one who holds the will of the freljord"

They both lost their conscious due to chakra exhaustion...and sleeping in Ice always means inviting death

But the Blizzard disappeared the snow that appeared on the land disappeared if one didn't see with their own eyes they could never guess a blizzard took place here; the man moved towards the only standing person or the boy in this case, who somehow didn't get affected because of the bone-chilling coldness

Naruto looked at him fearfully, yet entrapped by the man's beauty

The person with the red hair bends down, "Hello little one, How are you?"

"I-I am fine..are you here to hurt me as well?"

"HA...HA...HA, and why should I do that?"

"I-I don't know every adult hurt or hate me for some reason"

Naruto's eyes widened when the red hair person rubbed his head, "Well I am not one of those adults"

Naruto's eyes brightened at that, "What's your name nii-san, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, and I am gonna be the Best Hokage ever Believe it"

The Red hair male smirked at that, "Well that's nice and all Bocchan, but first let's get you changed, you can't be a Hokage being covered in paint all over"

Naruto grinned and rubbed the back of his head

"Let's go"

"But you didn't tell me your name"

"It's Mirei...Namikaze Mirei"

Suddenly he rubbed naruto's hair, at which he flinched thinking the red hair guy is going to hurt him but-

"Hey, Naruto..." The boy flinched harshly, "It's okay. Not everyone hates you."

Naruto didn't say anything, but judging by the shaking of his shoulders and the wetness on his face it was something he needed to hear.


Hana Inuzuka was getting the medical supplies along with her three dogs the haimaru brothers (her three dog names) when an incredibly hot and Kindly smiling red hair guy come in front of her

Her eyes widened, at the beauty of the man's face but she eventually shook it off-

'That smell I swear I smelt it before', thought Hana but eventually falling into a defensive position in case this man does anything funny

"Who are you? and what do you want?", asked Hana

"Me...Well I came here to ask whether you will be my girlfriend or not", said the red Hair guy

She shook her head, "Sorry, But I already have a boyfriend so you can just Fu**off!!"

He chuckles and took a step forward, she took a step back, but the weird thing was that none of her canines were showing hostility against the guy, in fact, all of them look like they are...accepting his presence?

She swore under her breath, she knows that she smelled him before but where?

"You know when I was little, there was this little annoying girl who fell in love with me because of something that happened accidentally, she challenged me every day...she declared herself as my girlfriend even if I didn't, not once did anything, then one day when everything was taken from me, she made me fall in love with her"

He hugged her


"Hey, beautiful missed me?"

His shoulder felt the wetness she is crying, "Yes, you idiot, I missed you, I always did"

*He chuckled and they shared a kiss, a kiss that they were holding back on for 8 entire years...A kiss that was long undue


"Lord Hokage", kneeled down one ANBU Black Op

"What's the report"

"Sir, we can not keep an eye out on Uzumaki Naruto anymore"


"Sir, Every single ANBU we send after the boy ended up in hospital, and they all said There was this bone-chilling ice blizzard and one shadow of a man who called himself as the Holder of The will of Flenjord


Naruto's lips quivering and his eyes quite wet, as if he was holding back tears.

"It's okay to cry, you know," Mirei said softly, making him flinched. "I know when you cry no one cares, but that was in the past. Now you have me. I will be there to protect you, heck! I will be there to wipe your tears." Mirei told Naruto as his blue eyes were now shimmering due to tears.

He sniffed few times before he launched himself at Mirei while crying. He only extended his arms and engulfed Naruto in a hug. Children aren't supposed to hide their pain, they are supposed to cry when they're sad, be angry when they're upset, and laugh when they feel joy.

Hiding your pain like this... It won't be good, it won't disappear... It will only be buried and turned into hatred if you keep holding it back.

So cry Naruto... Cry... Let it out...

"Let it out..." Mirei said softly as he pat Naruto's back and he kept wailing on mirei's chest.

Mirei smiled good-naturedly when he sensed another ANBU, and this time it's someone really powerful someone he knows very well Hatake Kakashi or his Kaka nii


Hello Kakashi-san really nice to see Kakashi of Sharingan the copy ninja himself

"Why are you doing this Mirei?", asked Kakashi

"You recognized me?"

"Of course I recognized you, no matter how much your face change, the fiery red hair and the violet eyes of Kushina-san, along with the Ice release It wasn't that difficult actually"

"Hee-never thought you would recognize me"

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"Me, Oh I didn't do a single thing ya know, I even let those ANBU get Scott free for all the abuse my brother has to face"

"Mirei I know you are angry at Naruto's treatment over the year bu-"

"Doesn't matter whatever you trying to say Kaka-nii, you were like a big brother to us, and yet you didn't even once take a look towards Naruto, tell me Kaka-nii, How are you any different than the those ANBU Black Ops that did nothing seeing my brother getting abused on a daily matter, My little brother had to rot in hell because of worthless You. TELL ME WHY SHOULD I FORGIVE YOU?"

"Mirei", whispered Kakashi definitely in guilt

"Doesn't matter Kaka-nii, you are an ANBU to take to me to Hokage, Me...I want all of you to pay for what you guys did..."

"Very well, I just Hope we can talk after this..."

"There is nothing to talk Kaka-nii"

"There is a Huge Load to talk my dear Otouto", Kakashi eye smiled before turning serious again

With that Kakashi ran towards Mirei at his full speed


"Hyōton: Fuyu no Yokubō no Gongen (Embodiment of Winter's Desolate Embrace)

This technique does not require any hand signs but, in any case, it requires a nominal amount of chakra flow which of course he has an Incredible amount of... being an Uzumaki; born with the chakra of the Jinchiruki of Kyuubi no Sato, His chakra also gotten a huge boost after eating Frost plant, It gets boosted again after eating Absolute Zero Fruit and his chakra Control is almost Perfect after training Under Avinia the mighty queen of Freljord

From the Kakashi point-of-view, A chilling blue aura pulse around Mirei is seen, which is powerful enough to knock him off of his feet. Within a matter of 1 second, the temperature drops to a point to where he could see his breath due to water vapor.

No matter What Kakashi does, He couldn't use a single Jutsu, His Chidori disappeared a long time ago, it was like...his chakra has been sealed off because of this winter

Kakashi kneeled down he was breathing hard and he was shivering

Mirei looked down on Kakashi there was a glimpse of a blue in his violet eyes, and with that look...the bone-chilling coldness Increased; within the next 2 seconds after his look, the local temperature around Mirei plummets to a startling -212°F which equals to around -135 °C. It is completely unbearable when against human flesh. As soon as that bitter air hits Kakashi face, His body will try to insulate itself by moving blood away from the skin and outer extremities, such as fingers and toes, and toward its core. This process is called vasoconstriction, and it helps limit the amount of heat you lose to the environment.

[This is a Freaking Op move, He defeated Kakashi of Sharingan just by standing there]

Kakashi looked towards the red Hair boy in front of him, who is nearly killing him without moving a single muscle... and he lost Conscious

The Next time he is awake he was in the hospital


It was a week Later when Sasuke Uchiha was walking lonely...

He appeared in Front of him

"Who are you?", asked Sasuke who blushed at the beauty of the man in front of him

"Well you might not know me, but my name is Namikaze Mirei, I am your brother's best friend..."

Sasuke eyes twitch and there was anger on his eyes when mentioned Itachi's name. Couldn't be helped, after what he went through it just logical that he was angry.

"What do you want", Sasuke asked annoyed, to say the least

"To be honest...," Mirei started, "I do feel sorry for what happened to you, but I'm not pitying you," Mirei said and he rose his head up. "Yes, I heard about the massacre that your brother did," Mirei told Sasuke and saw his eyes flash in anger.

"Did he tell you why?", asked Mirei

"Because... He wanted to test himself. To pit me against him. He wants me to hate him!" Sasuke said through his gritted teeth and Mirei blinked.

"And you believe it?" Mirei asked in an almost deadpan tone.

"How could I not?! He showed it to me! He trapped me in a genjutsu! Over and over! He showed me when he butchered and slaughtered everyone!" He screamed in anger.

"He trapped you in a genjutsu...," Mirei deadpanned again while quoting him. "Genjutsu, Sasuke... It's not memory... Heck, it's not even real..."

"Well it clearly was real seeing as all people in my clan is dead! My family is dead! Cousins! Uncles! Aunts! My parents! EVERYONE!"

"What I meant by 'not real' is that he clearly did not murder the entire clan alone," Mirei said and he froze.

"What?" Sasuke muttered out in shock.

"Think Sasuke-san, the Uchiha clan is a powerful family. So how could a thirteen-year-old boy – even if he was ANBU Captain that's still absurd – kill the entire Uchiha clan alone? And how did Hokage-sama not notice it until it was too late?" Mirei asked again.

At that moment, a realization comes to Sasuke eyes.

"He had help...," Mirei said gravely.

"Yes... Yes... That's logical...," Sasuke murmured. "He did... Clearly, he did...," he said in a whispery tone with wide eyes.

"Listen Sasuke-san, the scenario that happened in this murder case could be deeper than you thought and not just because Itachi-san wanted to test himself. Think. If he did, surely he would go to Hokage-sama, right?"

"Y-Yes... You're right..."

"This is one of the scenarios I think happened. To kill the whole Uchiha clan no doubt would cause quite a ruckus, especially only in a few hours. Konoha is a strong village and its security is also top-notch, even if we just suffered from Kyuubi's attack, so there's no way no one noticed it... The only way to do that is-"

"Someone worked from the inside...," Sasuke finished. "There was someone who worked from inside and prevented Konoha Ninja from coming to aid us!" He said in a tone of realization.

"Or there was someone who was powerful enough to put a barrier up and isolate the Uchiha clan for a moment. Someone at Hokage-sama's level...," Mirei put his opinion in with a nod. "There are so many things to be questioned and many things could have happened, Sasuke-san. The only one who knows the truth is Itachi-san. And I don't think he's a bad guy. Why? Like I said before, the reason being 'to test himself' is plain stupid"

"There's a big chance that Itachi could be framed, you know," Mirei pointed out, gaining Sasuke's attention. "And he saw he couldn't escape, he tried to make you hate him so no one would be suspicious of you and so the one that framed him wouldn't target you in order to hurt him. If you appeared as his enemy, the one who was responsible for framing him wouldn't target you to pull Itachi out of hiding," Mirei said. "Which means that Itachi cares for you and was trying to protect you..."

"Itachi... Aniki... Cares for me... He... Protected... Me?" Sasuke asked in a whispery and purely shocked tone. His breathing becomes abnormal.

"Sasuke?" Mirei called.

But Sasuke didn't hear, his breathing began to quicken and it was clear now that he was hyperventilating. In an instant, Mirei was already at his side.

"Calm down! Breath in! Breath out! Sasuke! Calm down!"


Before Coming here Mirei goes to the Uchiha Compound to meet Chi- but what he found was the empty clan compound, It was Shishui Home where he Found the hidden Letter of Itachi to Him (Mirei), there he said everything, he confessed everything, he wrote all his expectations and hoped that one day his childhood friend and rival could read this Letter and Protect Sasuke

But How could Mirei Let his childhood Best Friend be killed by his precious Little Brother, so He let Sasuke slipped into some secrets hoping that this would be enough.


(In Hospital)

Mirei was Standing in front of Itachi's love of life The Sleeping Beauty 'Izumi Uchiha'

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