24.79% She Knew She Loved Him(Completed) / Chapter 30: Can I Kiss You?

Chapter 30: Can I Kiss You?

Zunnie had no knowledge that Alex had spoken to her. She sat on the left end of the couch thinking about saying something when she heard him mumble.

She surprised herself when she asked him to watch a movie and had no idea he would agree. She was relieved when he said, "Mhm."

Hearing him mumble now her heart began pounding faster.

"Hmm…?" She turned to face Alex.

He was staring at her with a longing deep in his amber eyes. Zunnie's heart-pounding increased when their eyes met. She could see the softness in his gaze and it made her feel slightly uncomfortable. She broke away from his stare and tugged at the remote for the television.

She had never been alone with another man other than her brother and dad in this kind of setting and it worried her. She was relieved that he had spoken to her because she was beginning to get tired of pretending to watch the movie.

"C-Can I have some more wine?" Alex quickly asked and cursed himself for being so forthright.

"Oh…" Zunnie got up and walked into the kitchen to get the wine and Alex followed her.

Just as she was about to grab the wine bottle, Alex pulled her right hand bringing her to face him.

"I can't control myself anymore. Can I kiss you?" He asked staring tenderly into Zunnie's shocked eyes.

Her heart pounded erratically as she slowly nodded her head. Even if she did not want to admit, Zunnie had liked it when Alex kissed her the day before. It's not like she trusted him that much but she could not refuse him. He was like a magnet, bringing out weird yet exciting feelings inside her.

The few hours she had spent with him, her eyes would constantly make its way to his lips. She wanted to taste them and feel the tingling sensation again.

She did not think he would ask her permission, so when she heard him ask to kiss her, she lost all her resolve and slowly and nervously nodded her head in agreement.

Zunnie did not really understand what was happening, seeing she had never been in a physical relationship or liked anyone. She read books and watched romance movies, so she did have a general sense of what love is.

It seemed as if Alex was like a sweet magnet, drawing her gradually to him. Even she couldn't quite understand her feelings and her actions.

She knew for sure that she enjoyed being with him and after driving forty minutes to her favorite Thai restaurant he had not complained or said anything hurtful. He had been the complete gentleman.

He was cold and bossy and did whatever he wanted. But there was a certain charm to him that kept her wanting to know more about him.

He was smart, respectful and well-mannered; who wouldn't want that in a man. His gaze always brought up a cozy feeling within her despite the heart-pounding sensations it caused.


Seeing that she nodded, Alex pulled her into his embrace. He let go of her hand and tilted her head bringing her lips closer to his. He gently planted his firm, yet soft lips on to hers and tasted her familiar cherry lip balm.

He could tell she was nervous because her lips trembled slightly under his. He pulled his face away from hers, cupped her cute face and said in a husky and sexy voice, "Don't be nervous," to which she nodded.

Alex licked her lips, parted them with tongue then continued kissing her sweet, soft lips.

He let go of her face and wrapped his arms around her waist. Alex lifted Zunnie off the floor and seated her on the island countertop. He separated her legs then fit himself between them. He was still a little taller, but she did not have to stand on her toes.

Alex took Zunnie's arms and placed them around his neck; brought his lips to hers and kissed her passionately.

He could tell she was not good at kissing since yesterday had been her first time. He guided her with his mouth and she quickly learned.

He noticed that her body was becoming hot from his kisses as he stroked her exposed skin with his hands.


Zunnie wanted to eat his lips; she seductively bit his bottom lip, then sucked it hard. They didn't taste like the grape-flavored ice pop but of the semi-sweet wine, they had been drinking.

She grabbed his shoulders and wrapped her long slender legs around his waist pulling him as close to her as she could; like she once saw in a romance movie.


Her actions made Alex feel like he had been pleasurably provoked. He sucked on Zunnie's tongue, then run his tongue on her lips. His hand slid under her shirt and caressed her boobs. His action causing a small moan to escape from Zunnie's mouth.

She must have sensed his hand and noticed what he was doing. She opened her tightly shut eyes to find his lust-filled eyes staring at her. She broke away from his lips shyly and uttered, "I-I've never done it…"

When she told him, he had stolen her first kiss, Alex assumed she hadn't done it.

Hearing her say that now, a small fire lit inside him. He brought his lips to her ear and whispered… Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"You're mine now. Let me be your first. I promise it'll be gentle."

Comments (8)

  • StenDuring


    Time for the juicy parts ;) Btw 'slowly shook her head in agreement.' stands out like a sour thumb for a western reader. We shake our heads in disagreement and nod in agreement.

  • Lizabelle88


    what kind of juice you're talking about huys?

  • Pgimz


    Haha... juicy is coming alright...Fixed *wink*

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