37.19% She Knew She Loved Him(Completed) / Chapter 45: Take the Trash Out

Chapter 45: Take the Trash Out

"Don't get me wrong Miss Zunnie Bai. I'm just curious about you. Alex would never spend so much money just for a good cause. Plus, I came here at my own will because I wanted to see with my own eyes who you were. The people who told me said you were very beautiful."

"Oh, You seem to know him very well and what he would and wouldn't do with his money. Thank you for the compliment. I do think I am attractive." Zunnie scoffed.

Victoria was dumbfounded when she noticed Zunnie was not like the other girls she had scared off. She just wanted to find out if there was something going on between Alex and the young lady he spent ten billion dollars for. However, seeing how Zunnie did not look scared she regretted coming.

Although she was rash and quickly angered she always got her way. Even though Alex had broken up with her, she wanted to apologize and get a second chance.

Victoria had the illusion that Zunnie was like the other girls after Alex's money. She had no idea who she was messing with.

When she noticed Zunnie did not intend to go down without a fight she blurted out;

"Alex is mine, so if you have any ideas or intentions you can forget it. He belongs to me. No one else can have him."

Zunnie was even more amused. Who the hell is Victoria Bell to come to her workplace and talk nonsense to her?

She picked up here phone and called the security.

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"I have trash in my office. Can you come see it out?" She hung up the phone and walked back to stand a few feet before the person claiming Alex was theirs.

Victoria Bell was fuming. Yet Zunnie could tell she was worried.

Victoria had not expected Zunnie to kick her out or even fight back. She was wrong; this time she underestimated her opponent.

"Did you just call me trash? How insulting." Victoria snarled, her pride crumpled as she attempted to endure the pain.

"Yes, I called you trash. Because only trash spews rubbish. You don't know anything about me, yet you barge into my office to put a price tag on something you can't even afford. How absurd! And by the way hoard your delusions; if people hear you saying things like that out loud, they will think you're crazy."

Just as Zunnie was done speaking, there came a knock on the door and the security officer stepped in.

"Dr. Bai I'm here for the trash you mentioned."

Zunnie pointed to where Victoria stood with a grim look on her face. If Zunnie had not crushed Victoria pride by calling her trash, hearing the security repeat it, sealed the insult.

"If she ever steps foot into my building, call the cops."

The security officer nodded then escorted Victoria out as she yelled curse words disturbing the entire third floor.

A calm Zunnie went back to her desk and picked up the files she had been flipping through before she had been interrupted. She did not want to think of the incident that just occurred and busied herself with work. She had one more patient to see and being in a rotten mood would not be good for her. She wanted to hear Alex's voice, so she dialed his number.

Alex picked up after a few rings.

"Honey, do you miss me?" His sweet voice echoed in her ears causing her lips to curl into a smile.

"No, I just wanted to hear your voice."

"Isn't that the same thing as missing me, hmm?"

"Fine, yes I miss you."

" Good, I miss you too. How's your day; did you eat?"

"I had a very eventful hour just now. No, I have not eaten yet." She replied.

When she called him, she had an internal dispute on whether to tell him about Victoria. She decided to set the bait to see if Alex would ask her. If he did, she would tell him; if he didn't, she wouldn't say anything about the unwelcomed visit she just had.

Alex guessed something was wrong, so he asked her.

"Eventful, did you have a bad session?"

"Nope, but I had a visitor. Victoria Bell." She wondered if Alex knew who Victoria was and whether the two had even crossed paths. Alex had spoken to her about the three girls he had been with and she had not cared to know more about them. Zunnie was not a petty woman but could be when situations called for it. She was okay with the fact that Alex had dated before they met. As she waited for an answer from him, she couldn't help but wonder why Victoria had come to instigate her. Alex had never mentioned her.

"What did she want?" Alex asked after a short pause.

"She came to find out who I was. She thought she could bully me. She even said that if I had any ideas or intentions towards you I should forget it. Darling, should I listen to her?"

Alex chuckled when he heard Zunnie's last sentence.

"Let's have dinner and talk about her later. Don't worry about her. She happened in the past. I won't let her bully my wife." Alex reassured Zunnie, then hung up the phone since Zunnie's other session was about to begin.

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late release. I was not feeling well yesterday. Wishing everyone a great week!

Happy reading xoxo

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    A******w....sorry about Your health.. Trust U are feeling better now??? Be strong dearie

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    Ohhh feisty~ i like it

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