42.14% She Knew She Loved Him(Completed) / Chapter 51: Meet the Parents

Chapter 51: Meet the Parents

Sunday came quickly for Alex and Zunnie. Zunnie never once imagined that she would one day be taking her fiancé home to meet the family. She grinned as she stepped out of the vehicle and walked to where a handsome Alex stood, waiting for her in his casual wear. He always looked dashing in his work attire; but looking at him patiently wait on her, she couldn't help admiring how breathtakingly attractive he appeared in his knitted maroon sweat top and black dress pants.

'I love this feeling he gives me. It's like I can't get enough of him.' Zunnie blushed when her heart began pounding.

"Darling, are you doing okay? I'm a bit nervous even though I know my dad will welcome you." She grabbed Alex's hand and guided him towards the huge mansions she grew up in.

He came to a halt before she opened the door and pulled her into his embrace. He kissed her passionately then patted her head lovingly.

"Don't worry, he already said yes. He can't go back on his word." Alex smiled and reassured her.

"Well, you are right. He does keep his promises. At least now he won't invite me to lunch and dinner dates which usually turned out to be blind dates."

"You're welcome…"

"Ha-ha, thank you for saving me darling." Zunnie smiled, understanding what he meant.

When they walked in, the butler welcomed them.

"Miss Zunnie, young sir, welcome. Miss, your dad will be down in a minute. He had to take a call."

"Thank you Tulle. This is my fiancé Alexander Zi. Alex this is Tulle Zabou my friend and our long-time butler." She said proudly.

"Ahh, welcome Mr. Zi." Tulle said and Alex nodded.

"Miss Zunnie you're finally off the market. My grandson will be heartbroken." Tulle said heartily.

"Ha-ha, be sure to call me the next time he comes to visit my dad." Zunnie chuckled as she replied.

"When we get back, bring me all your documents for our marriage certificate. We will have the wedding ceremony when you're ready." Alex whispered as they walked to the sitting area.

"Darling you're silly. Relax, Tulle's grandson is seven." Zunnie giggled sensing his jealousy.

"I'm not being silly. I just want to let everyone know that you're mine. With a certificate, you and I will be legally married and anyone one to dares to court you will be handled." Alex tried to convince her, as she giggled louder.

"Even a seven-year-old? You're so cute! Alright; Remind me to get the documents when we go back." An amused Zunnie replied.

"Ah pumpkin, you're here. What's so funny." A loud voice said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Papa!" Zunnie Walked to meet and hugged her beloved father. Whenever she was home she was different. She usually behaved like an overly pampered teenager around her dad. Even if he did unnecessary things, she would always love him.

"Pumpkin you look beautiful... but today it's not about you. Is this my son in law?" Wan Bai said jokingly.

"Mhm, dad this is Alexander Zi."

Wan Bai walked over to where Alex stood and gave him a firm handshake. So, this is the handsome man taking my pumpkin away from me…" His authoritative voice did not scare Alex one bit.

Alex returned his handshake and chuckled.

"Mr. Bai, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. Sorry to say, but no more blind dates from now on..." Alex replied.

Wan Bai burst into laughter and glanced over at Zunnie and said, "Pumpkin you did well. I think Mr. Zi will do just fine."

After he spoke to Zunnie, he turned to Alex with a serious and cold expression, "…and if she ever calls unhappy, or if you hurt my beautiful pumpkin over there, I will bury you. Your name won't even matter." Wan Bai patted Alex on the back after his threat; leaving a stunned Alex to compose himself.

Eyan and Selina had joined them for dinner and they had an uneventful gathering. Everyone admired Alex; especially her father who kept reiterating how much he was fond of Alex. Wan Bai also commended Alex on how impressive he has been with his business tactics. Mr. Bai was pleased with Alex's success because he stayed up to date with what happened in the business world.


Before the drove back to their condos Alex spoke to the men of the Bai family and said;

"I'm good at making promises. I would like you to know I've never been serious about a girl until I met your daughter. I am aware that I am the first person she's ever brought home and I promise you that I will be the last. I am vowing to protect Zunnie with my life because she means the world to me. Please trust me. Thank you for allowing your only daughter to be my wife."

Both Eyan and Wan Bai were left speechless. Wan Bai was close to tears hearing how sincere Alex was and couldn't help joking…

"I do," and all three men laughed.

On the way home, they both were in a good mood. It was cold November night and Zunnie held onto to Alex's warm hand as he drove them back to their condo. Alex beamed inside, imagining what it would feel like driving her back to the house he was designing for them to live in after they got married.

Comments (6)

  • madesren23


    I sooo love your novel

  • manideepa7462_


    My my.. do such men like Eyan and Alex even be found in today's world.. I love the way you are moulding the story.. thank you dear author.. 😀

  • StanLJP


    If only his character was this appealing in the beginning of the story, don’t feel like I’m exaggerating to say his development was forced. Or better said is that only after he got what he wanted did he simmer down and actually try to respect the MC. Either way it’s a good turn of events, but still a flaw in ML development aspect nonetheless.

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