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At Shepstone Gardens.

After a beautiful wedding ceremony the St Catherine Anglican Church, all the guests headed to Shepstone Gardens the most popular events venue in Vianden Ville.

Shepstone Gardens was decorated in to specific colours for the theme, a burgundy maroon and gold. The entrance pillars were wrapped with maroon and golden ribbons and with dark red roses and golden yellow chrysanthemums to match. Towards the entrance hall we're portraits of the life of the newlywed couple on one of the walls and on the other wall was a grand mirror that reflected the portraits and the beautiful chandelier in the middle. Inside the ballroom the lights where dimmed to give a subtle glow to the themed colours all the tables were decorated with similar flowers as the that at the entrance.

All the guests were family and and close friends, whilst everyone was seated the MC invited the newlyweds, "May everyone please stand up and welcome Mr and Mrs Wayne!". A round of applause sounded in the entire room, when Carmila and Jessie Wayne walked in they were all smiles and hand in hand as the walked on the burgundy carpet that lead to their table that was centered in the ballroom.

Jessie pulled Carmila closer to him and whispered to her " the only reason why this place looks good is because you're the center of attention", at this Carmila's blushed and thanked him whilst smiling. When they arrived both their parents hugged them and congratulated them continuously.

Carmila Caren Avoca is a beautiful young woman being the third child of the Avoca family, she recently turned 25 and is a post graduate student from Oxford university's faculty of Economy. She has soft orange-ginger coloured hair that reaches just past her shoulders, a lovely oval shaped face with high cheekbones and cute dimples a soft pointed nose with soft plump rosy lips, beautiful dark grey eyes that just pull you in, a slender body with curves in the right places and only 1.73m tall. She is a vibrant, cheerful, bubbly and an intelligent young lady, she is an inspiration to many seeing that she started her on foundation at the age of 17 to help the needy and less fortunate despite coming from a well off family she is a humble and generous person, those are the traits that Jessie fell in love with.

Jessie Marcus Wayne is handsome 28 year old Archaeologist, the second son of the Wayne family, with a noble family background this young man is eccentric but humble, at times he can be stern but he is as gentle as butterfly. Standing at 1.85m tall this young man is any women's dream man with soft green eyes, short and curly blond hair, a sharp nose that is complimented by thin lips and a strong jaw, and to compliment his looks he has an athletic build that's not too strong nor too soft.

With a masters degree in archaeology and is a philanthropist which makes him is his Mother's best friend, he has a wonderful personality that everyone calls him the family man. He and Carmila met at one of the functions the Avoca Welfare Foundation held.

From their first encounter things went well, having known each other for 5 years he finally thought it was time to propose to her. Without doubt she accepted and that brings us to celebrate their special day. A day that marked the union of the Wayne family and Avoca Family.

Alison Jane Wayne the only daughter of the Wayne family came to her brother and new sister in law that she loved dearly to present her congratulations and offer her gift, she was all happy and joyous that she ran straight to Carmila, "Carmila! Carmila I got you a beautiful gift that I thought would reflect both your love for each other, I'm overjoyed that this day has finally come, I'm even more overjoyed that you're officially my sister in law. My brother is super lucky to have met you. I guess it's fate." She said with tears of joy whilst hugging her new sister in law. Carmila was completely touched by her tender words that she gave her young sister in law a kiss on the cheek and hugged her tightly before letting go of her and receiving the gift. "Ali thanks so much for these lovely silver engraved bracelets they're beautiful and the person who gave them is even more beautiful" she thanked her whilst wiping happy tears. Then Alison turned to Jessie and gave him a hug and an envelope. Taking the envelope he asked shocked "What's this? I thought that the bracelets were already a gift for us ", giggling she responded to her brother saying "Just open it, then you'll know". Jessie didn't waste anymore time and opened the envelope to retrieve a booking for a lovely Maldivian hotel resort and 2 plane tickets. With a rather surprised look he didn't expect his sister to offer him such a gift, looking at his expression Alison quickly spoke before he could utter anything else "I got you guys a honeymoon gift so you could enjoy yourselves for the next 2 weeks in the Maldives. So don't ask too many questions, I asked mom to help me do the rest. Just enjoy your time away and make me an aunt whilst you're at it" she smirked and turned to leave but turned back to say "you have 3 hours before the plane takes off so party a bit and go back to get your stuff to head straight for the airport". When she finished she went to greet other guests and friends she knew. Jessie who was still in a sort of daze was brought back and looked at his bride and said "So how are you feeling?" Carmila was over the moon and still smiling at everything that just happened she hadn't expected such a gift from her young sister in law. Looking at her husband she gave him big sweet smile that tempted him but he had to restrain himself not to take her there and then because he'd have all the time to do so when they'd arrive in The Maldives. She responded saying "Today I've been honoured by the man I love and I'm surrounded by all the people who have supported our relationship I don't need anything more. Oh and what Ali said just now we'll take it slowly because the way you were looking at me just now looked like you would devour me on this table" laughing and blushing she looked away.

The time at the reception flew by in blink of an eye and the couple had returned to their hotel to grab their luggage and head to the airport. Returning down to the lobby they met their parents who would accompany them to the airport along the way Jessie looked at Carmila who was staring at the night sky, it was already past 11pm when they'd left their guests still partying, noticing her furrow her brows for an instant Jessie asked her what was wrong, turning to look at him she softly said "I've suddenly had a headache out of the blue, usually when this happens it means something wrong will happen remember?" Not paying much attention to it Jessie said "you must just be really tired from this long day just close your eyes for a bit we will be arriving at the airport." Carmila then brushed it off and closed her eyes.

Not long after they arrived at the Luxembourg International Airport just before checking in they said their farewells to their parents, Carmila hugged her mother and father at the same time letting them know of her gratitude as well as telling them she loved them immensely. Giving her mother a last kiss before turning to Jessie's parents and thanking them for accepting her wholeheartedly and giving her departure hugs. She turned to look at her husband who had done the same. They turned to the check-in gates and waved one last time to their families before heading to the terminal that would take them to board their flight A147 on the 747 Boeing plane. One of the announcers gave the final announcement to board the plane and they found their seats on board which was a business class booking.

The flight was 12 hours long so they cuddled during this time and talked at times but enjoyed every moment, Carmila took some pictures to post later on her Instagram after a few more she needed to head to the bathroom. At the time she went to the bathroom the air hostess announced that they would be landing soon so she hurried to the toilet and sat down relieving herself, little did she know of what would happen next just as the plan was about to land one of the air hostesses who was closest to the bathroom kept her from going back to her seat explaining that it was only 10 meters left till the plane touched down so it would be dangerous to go back to her seat now so she just sat in an empty seat that was presented to her and didn't take that to heart.

Meanwhile just 4 meters above the ground on one of the planes wings something got caught within the engines which caused the plane plane engine to malfunction and to lose balance and crash landed head first which caused the plane to break in half fortunately those that where at the back of the plane had minor to severe injuries but unfortunately those at the front were either dead, gravely burnt or injured. The fatalities were unforeseen. Fire engines and ambulances rushed to the scene immediately to try extinguish the fire and help the survivors.

Many were unconscious, somewhere devastated whilst others struggled to help the others around them.

Carmila who had just regained consciousness came back to her senses and hurriedly unbuckled her seatbelt and rushed towards the middle of the plane where her and her husband were seated to find him but was stopped by one of the assisting paramedics at that time she hadn't noticed that she had sprained her ankle and broken her arm during the ordeal she was moved of the plane still crying in anguish as she tried to explain that her husband was still on board. The paramedic looked at her with a heartbroken look not knowing how to explain that the passengers in the middle and front of the plane had died only one little girl was saved. When she turned to look at the side of the plane she saw stretchers coming from the front of the plane and noticed that the one on the stretcher was wearing the exact same blue shirt her husband was wearing, pulling herself up she hurried towards the paramedics to find that her worst nightmare had just occurred it was undeniably her husband who was lying lifeless on the stretcher, the paramedics pulled to one side to put him in the ambulance but stopped to let Carmila see him for one last time.

Not believing her eyes, she clutched his shirt and started shaking him awake but to no avail and finally realised that he was long gone, crying at the top of her lungs she knelt down holding his cold slender lifeless hand and said "Jess you've broken your promise! You said you'd always be by my side through thick and thin but here you are lying lifeless! What will I tell our parents? How could you leave when he haven't even started? Please tell me it's all just a bad dream and when I'll wake up it will be back to normal"! She continually nudged him but he didn't budge "You promised to never leave me" she said in her last breath before she passed out from all the exhaustion and pain.

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    Started on quite a tragic emotional note

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