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Chapter 2: 2 WHERE IS JESSIE???

At the moment that Carmila had fainted an on looker rushed over to hold her head up. He assisted the paramedics to put her on one of the stretches, he was about to leave when he noticed the unconscious young woman hold onto his wrist, somewhat reluctant to stay he followed with the paramedics in the ambulance.

When they arrived he got off first and assisted the paramedics to shift the patient to the ER, when they entered the reception of the hospital one of the on call doctors noticed him and called out to him "Dr. Vaughn isn't this a miracle that you've arrived we were just about to get someone to call you, we have an emergency right now, we need you to perform surgery on one of the patients that was brought in from the plan crash earlier at the airport. Seeing that you are an a wonderful orthopaedist were sure that you can help attend to the multiple fractures sustained by the patient and correct them." Dr. Damien Vaughn is a remarkable Orthopaedist, just at the age 27 he holds 2 Ph D's one in one orthopaedics and the other in chiropractics. He managed to get both by juggling his time in between. He is a young and vibrant man, who is very intelligent a part from his good looks and modest family background. At 1.90m he is a well built and athletic young man. He's auburn hair almost reaching his shoulder that compliment his dark green eyes and straight nose, his thin lips and strong chin give him that stoic appearance.

Just as he turned to look at the inquiring doctor, he put down his bag to one side and took the chart the doctor was holding to go through the patient's condition. While going through it a sudden face appears in his mind, he remembers seeing that young lady who was begging her husband to wake up and how she cried her heart out, for some unknown reason his chest clenched at this memory but why? He pulled back his thoughts as he told the doctor to prepare everything he needed to perform the operation on the patient.

12 hours after the operation.

"Dr. Vaughn you've done it again, the patient is now stable and being sent to the ICU. Thank you for assisting us again, we are aware that you only came for a seminar but seeing that we didn't have orthopaedic surgeons present here as they're attending to other patients we can only show you our gratitude. If there's anything we can assist you with please let us know" the assisting doctor said as he waited for any requests from Damien. Recalling that he'd spotted Damien at the the reception of the hospital he quickly asked "Dr. Vaughn, it was such a great coincidence to see you here this afternoon. When I'm aware that you would head straight to the hotel where the seminar will be held, but how come you ended up here?" Thinking back Damien explained he'd come in with one of the victims and excused himself to go and change.

When he went to doctors quarters to change he wondered if that young woman had woken up and attended to. When he was exiting the quarters he came across one of The medics who he had assisted earlier on to bring in Carmila and called out to him "Excuse me, but I'd like to enquire about the patient we'd brought in earlier. How is she doing?" The medics explained that she suffered a minor concussion, 2 broken ribs, a broken arm and sprained ankle but her condition was stabilised and that she was now resting in her room. He also gave him her room number and excused himself.

Meanwhile back in Vianden, Luxembourg.

News got back to both the families of the accident that had occurred. At the Avoca Household John Presley Avoca sat beside his wife trying to comfort her and also trying to reach some of their contacts from The Maldives to see if there was any information about their daughter and son in law, but until now no news had been heard as their contacts hadn't found out which hospital their children had been sent too.

An hour had past when the Avoca and Wayne families received news from a close friend that was residing in The Maldives, " My sincere apologies John, I have kept you waiting for more than 2 hours. I'm just at Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital and I have news about the children's whereabouts.." said Suraj Alim to John but before he could continue he was cut off by John " How bad are their injuries? Is it possible to transfer them back home for treatment here? How is my daughter and son in law?" Suraj was overwhelmed by the sudden pour of questions that he didn't know how to relay the situation at hand. He hesitated for a moment whilst he took a deep breath to explain " John your daughter is fine she only suffered some minor injuries, a broken arm and concussion but as for your son in law..." his voice trailed for a bit, until he wanted to continue but just then Mrs Julie Wayne cut him off " Where is Jessie? Is he doing alright? How come you haven't made mention of him?"

Suraj sighed and explained as well as he could " I'm sorry to inform you that Jessie died on impact when the plane crashed and his body was taken straight to the mortuary. I have already enquired for the repatriation of his body back to Luxembourg. I will handle the rest of the formalities as well as the discharging of your daughter in law. I'm sincerely sorry for your loss" he said with difficulty. Julie who had been listening to the point that she had heard that Jessie was no more, in which she fainted immediately and the family doctor was called to treat her at the Avoca Home. Alex, Jessie's Father, who was standing couldn't believe what he had just heard, he felt a sharp pain in his chest at that moment as his only daughter came to his side to help to one of the arm chairs beside him, his daughter gave him water to try and calm him. No one could believe what was happening the parents were in great shock and the siblings in tears as they heard this heartbreaking news.

No one had expected such an outcome just yesterday they were all in a Merry mode but it so happens that a calamity that was unexpected befell them just hours later. Suraj continued to comfort them as much as he could but all to no avail as the wailing and silent exchanges continued. It was a very deplorable event that had occurred to both families despite that on one hand the daughter of the Avoca family was safe and on the other the son of The Wayne family had perished. Soon after News spread in the entire country about the crash and the victims where being identified bit by bit, as the local authorities made sure to assist in every way possible.

Back At The Hospital

Damien went to the fourth floor where Carmila's room was located. He quietly stood at the door peering through the small window of the door to see a now stable but bruised looking Carmila. His hand moving towards the door knob, but as a thought flashed through his mind his hand stopped midair trying to stop the urge to rush in and stay by her side till she woke up. But then again who was he that he should accompany?

He was about turn around and leave when he ran into Suraj who had just arrived to see how Carmila was doing. Suraj looked at this familiar face as he got closer and instantly recognised him "Dr Vaughn what a surprise to see you here, I've actually come here to see a young lady who is the daughter to my dear friends. She was on the plane that crashed earlier on. Sad thing is I don't know how to inform her that her newlywed husband is no more." He is said this with an inconsolable look on his face. Damien understood everything he was to leave but he stopped and said to "Suraj I'm sorry for your loss, I was there when she'd collapsed and assisted the medics to bring her to the hospital. It was a grave ordeal as I watched how she looked at him lifeless. I know what it feels like to lose a loved one. I just came to see how she was doing but I have to go now as I have a seminar to attend Mr. Suraj" he explained and took two steps before he excused himself to leave. Suraj felt at that moment a little awkward and hesitantly asked "Dr Vaughn it would be a pity if you left without meeting the person you assisted I'm sure she'd be grateful towards you, but that isn't my greatest concern, is it possible that you could check her vitals and let me know if I can have her transferred back to Luxembourg to be closer to her family and further her treatment there?" Whilst they were talking on the other side of the door Carmila was regaining consciousness and a few words escaped her mouth "Where is Jessie?"

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