Chapter 71: Marry Me

"Marry me" Hearing her words, he threw away all thoughts of dilemma.

"Okay - wait what did you say!?"

"Marry me, you were the one who said anything"

"But-but..." Xue Lian couldn't find words to retort.

Her face was as red as a tomato. (A/N: Basically as red as mine when I get hit in the face with a football (soccer ball)

Others, including Zi Hua, had tactfully retreated to one side.

Setting aside her slight jealousy towards Huang Qian Yang, she truly supported the couple.

She could tell from the look of desperation that Xue Lian had on when she couldn't find him that Xue Lian really cared about him and loved him.

"...Ok" Xue Lian muttered in an almost inaudible voice but Huang Qian Yang was able to pick it up.

He joined in with turning into tomatoes.

He hadn't been too sure of her answer and had even prepared himself to face rejection but she had agreed to him so easily.

"Can you say that a bit louder? I can't hear you~" He teased.

"I said okay!" Xue Lian shouted, embarrassed.

She doesn't want to lose him, if getting married to him meant that they could be together and she wouldn't have to leave him then she wouldn't reject it.

It's seems that following him to Moonlight Continent for fun was worth the trip.

"I love you" Huang Qian Yang was overcome with emotion and tightly hugged Xue Lian.

Poof! *Sizzle*

We have one brain-fried spirit beast in the house.

You could practically see the steam going off Xue Lian's head.

She was too shocked and flustered by Huang Qian Yang's confession that she couldn't even think straight.

"Congratulations!" Seeing that Xue Lian couldn't react and it was quite awkward, Zi Hua tuned in to congratulate them.

She had had enough of third wheeling already.

Seeing that Zi Hua had taken the lead, the branch manager followed and applauded.

Xue Lian came out of her trance and gripped onto his clothes and dug her face into his chest out of shyness.

Although the steps were done in the wrong order, the message had gotten through.

"Let's go and have a feast to celebrate" Suggested Zi Hua.


Zi Hua walked ahead and the manager returned to his post to carry on doing work, how sad, he couldn't go celebrate, but he had to keep up his professionalism.

The two held each others' hand and walked together, Xue Lian couldn't put the happiness she was going through into words and neither could Huang Qian Yang.

The two walked a few steps behind Zi Hua.

"I love you too" Xue Lian whispered.

"Let's go visit your parents once I'm finished with the business here, I want them to give us their blessing" Huang Qian Yang replied.

"En" She agreed whilst blushing.

During the feast, the two had a lovey dovey atmosphere and kept on giving glances at each other.

Making Zi Hua wanting to dissolve her friendship with them, she regretted suggesting a feast and putting herself under the torture.

With no choice, Zi Hua called out her spirit beasts and had them turn into their human forms to ease the atmosphere.

The two did not question their appearance since they had an unspoken acknowledgement of Zi Hua's mysteriousness, Zi Hua knew this which was why she allowed her spirit beasts out.

Xiao Hong was delighted to be able to come out, the other two... not so much.

They would much rather stay in their rooms but still came out since Xiao Hong wanted them to.

Zi Hua was really thankful that there weren't any phones in this world or else those two who're going through their rebellious phase won't even have any actual human interaction and even when they're next to each other, they would be texting to communicate.

Xiao Hong acted like she hadn't eaten for months and gobbled the food up, contrary to usual, Xue Lian didn't do so and was instead too busy immersed in sending love-filled glances.

Zi Hua was only interested in desserts so she didn't eat much.

Xiao Zi and Xiao Bai had been rather occupied (aka reading and writing) and had only realized their hunger when they were presented with all the food so they hungrily ate but couldn't compare to Xiao Hong, if Zi Hua didn't call them out they'd probably fainted from starvation without realizing.

Xiao Shen had found new inspiration and motivation in inventing his own recipes after the previous outing so he wouldn't have realized.

At first, the three spirit beasts happily volunteered to try them however after a few times, they had asked for mercy so Xiao Shen didn't bother with them anymore and didn't bring his 'creations' ahem poison ahem ahem for them to try.


After that, they returned and Zi Hua entered Heaven-defying artifact to absorb the flame fragment as usual.

Angelyay Angelyay

Family>Food>Besties>Boyfriend (if I ever get one)>Friends

This explains itself, what's yours?

I'm also working on another novel right now which will be published in who knows how long since I'm planning on stockpiling some chapters first which will take some time since I'm writing this one but (shameless self promo) once it's published please check it out! (Probs have to wait at least 3-4 months)

Thank you for reading!

Comments (8)

  • RecurringDaydream


    Coming of the villian boss sounds good as ****..

  • RecurringDaydream


    Thanks for the chapter! So she did get the flame fragment!

  • xie21


    Shes really a genius

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