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Forgotten Night

Author: Symbiocom

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Chapter 1: Last school day

I was listening to our class teacher. She talked about our future, and to keep our heads up and chase our dreams.

The average crap that every teacher tells his students, I was bored and at the same time happy, because it was my last school day.

It has been nine years and three more to go. School, in my opinion, is a waste of time. First I hate studying and because of that it's harder for me to learn, it takes an extra effort to remember something.

I think almost every person agrees with me, at least a few of my friends agree with me.

While I was lazying around I suddenly remembered that my big brother came back today from the army.

He should be at home by now, and by looking at my watch phone (short for WP) it shows 13:33. I slowly curse, because I have to wait seven minutes more.

And those seven minutes felt like forever thanks to my stupid head that remembered wrong things at the wrong time.

Suddenly I felt that someone poked me with something, I turned my head and saw my good classmate and best friend.

I asked angrily asked: What's wrong?

He answered: Don't be so angry Phoenix. Want to hit a game center later?

I answered: I will think about it, brother came back today, he promised me a few things. Keep your head low, Otis.

Otis: Don't worry, I will not go today if you are not coming.

In my mind, I laughed, because of a small accident Otis couldn't go alone to the game center because he spilled the entire Cola on a girl.

And her boyfriend happened to be our class asshole, but he can't do anything because his big brother is under my brother in the army. And my brother is not an idiot, he knows how to suppress small-minded idiots.

After remembering a bit about the past, I told Otis: We can go later, I will give you a call if nothing big happens.

After a few words about some new upcoming updates in our favorite games, I focused back on listening to our class teacher.

I would be far happier to listen to her if she was young and beautiful, but ours is a hag, unlike our neighbor's class. Though I will probably imagine and dream about her body more ahahah.

Soon I heard the bell, I took my tablet and put it in my bag and rushed off.

The only good thing about school is a free study tablet, even though it has locks on, so we could not play with it, but few smarter kids always help us to get locks off even if they update this shit.

While I was rushing through school to the bus stop, I spotted a beautiful girl near school doors, going out from school.

I recognized her right away, she was from neighbors' class, and while rushing past her I decided to reward myself for the last day at school by groping her ass.

As I rushed past her right side I could only touch the right side of the butt, but it was worth it.

Because she was wearing sexy black pants from soft material, it truly made me enjoy that moment.

But to not make her happy I ran at maximum speed, and for my luck, I happened to see one of my friends going in his car, I shouted: WAIT FOR ME!

My friend, luckily saw me and an angry ape following me, and as one of my good friends, of course, he offered help, even hastily pushed the right side door open and yelled: Phoneix get in!

When I was nearing the car I saw her slowly catching up to me, I cursed myself. And keep shouting silently: I can do it, I can do it... .

When I reached near the car and got on the seat, my friend who had the car ready pressed his leg on the pedal and we drove away.

I opened the car and looked back, she yelled: Just wait Phoneix, I will get you next year at the opening.

I laughed and yelled: Goodluck.

My friend suddenly asked: What did you do to her?

I answered: I tried her bottom, it's really soft, that much can tell you.

After that, I sat correctly back into the car and closed the seat belt and window. And told my good friend Mikle: Well drop me at my apartment.

He nodded and put the music on. It was the usual weird stuff he listened to, I wasn't really into music, I normally did listen to new songs, but I got tired of them fast.

As we were moving I looked out from the window, I liked doing it, always have, my brother, has a car as well when he is home I drive it, but it's not the same, I like to sit and just watch the outside life.

It may be weird, but I liked it, and it's not like anyone can judge me.

While enjoying the scenery, I asked my friend: What do you plan to do?

He dumbly looks at me and asks: In the summer?

I look at him and tell him: When then?

Mikle: Sorry man, just I was thinking about the comic book, I missed one, and I was planning to get it from the net, but didn't have the money. Anyway for the summer, going to work at gramps place, you know the drill.

I answered: Don't worry, I know.

And we both laughed. Because the reason he likes to go there is that a girl's summer camp is close by. In the past, he hated that place but now loves, idiot if I have to say. But it's not like I am better, I enjoy going there as well.

Phoenix: I will skip this year.

Mikle: I know, because of your brother.

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It didn't take long for me to arrive near my apartment, so Mikle left me at the bus stop, so he could drive on.

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