100% Divine Quantum God / Chapter 4: Chapter 4: 5 Years Gone In a Flash

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: 5 Years Gone In a Flash

"It would take at least a year to get to red luan empire, then another two years to get to the capital" said Lao Feng.

"Would it really take that long to get there" asked Li Wu.

"Yes, the reason is that violet is in the 122 kingdom under the rule of red luan empire" said Lao Feng.

"How many kingdoms are under red luan empire" asked Lao Long.

"Their are 135 kingdoms under the rule of red luan empire, i said a year due to my speed but because you two can't cultivate yet it would take 2 years instead" said Lao Feng.

"So two years to get to red luan empire then another two years to enter the capital, then what am i supposed to do for one year till i'm ten and can cultivate" asked Lao Long.

"Nothing just learn from books for that year about the world and gain some understanding about life" casually said Lao Feng.

"Grandpa Lao Feng are there any cultivation arts for girls at burning star emperor" asked Li Wu.

"Yes, but with your talent they are all useless, same for you Lao Long, the cultivation arts at my academy are all in Xian grade and under for normal students" said Lao Feng.

"But aren't we going to be normal students" asked Li Wu.

"No, if you can meet the requirements for my recommendation. You can be a inner academy student, the cultivation arts for inner students are Xian low rank to DI med rank" said Lao Feng.

"Old man Feng what are these ranks you keep talking about i'm lost" slyly asked Lao Long.

"You little brat stop calling me old man or else i won't open the back door for you" angrily said Lao Feng.

"Ok sorry Grandpa Feng i'll stop calling you an old man" said Lao Long with his head down.

"cultivation arts are split into four different grades, Huang, Xian, Di, and Tian, further split into low, med, high" said Lao Feng.

"So normal students are able to use Huang and Xian cultivation arts, while inner students are able to use Xian and Di cultivation arts" asked Li Wu.

"Yes, but there only one problem, our Di grade cultivation arts are all element types, before you two ask i'll say it. Element type cultivation arts are many times stronger then normal arts. The reason why is because element types aren't chosen but they chose who can use them and that's for all element types!" gravely said Lao Feng.

"So we and Li Wu can't use the Di cultivation arts of the academy, then we can only stick with Xian high grade" glumly said Lao Long.

"That's not true, although i'm only a Martial Lord i can see the talent and potential of a person. I can also see if a person has a element affinity" said Lao Feng.

"Then what your saying is that both of us has a element that we can use" joyfully asked Lao Long.

"That indeed is what i'm saying, Li Wu you are extremely compatible with water and ice, while the little brat has a rare element affinity which is lighting but not only is there lighting there is also another element which even i find hard to believe he has it" slyly said Lao Feng.

"Grandpa Feng please tell me what the other element is, i'm dying to know" hurriedly said Lao Long.

"The damned combo you have makes me so angry that i wish to burn down the heavens and smite down the gods" Lao Feng kept dodging the question.

"If you don't answer me i'll take Li Wu and marry her right how" angrily said Lao long.

"Haha brat stop your bluff, hey where are you going come back here right this seconded" angrily yelled Lao Feng.

"I'll never stop walking unless you tell me my other element, i'm also taking Li Wu with me, come my dear wife" angrily said Lao Long.

"..." Li Wu

"Fine your other element is darkness" said Lao Feng reluctantly.

"so i'm a lighting and darkness element combo sweet"!!! yelled Lao Long.

"It's not as good as you think it is, at the burning star emperor academy we only have one darkness type cultivation method, but it can only be used by someone in the Martial knight 3rd abyss realm" said Lao Feng.

"I have 4 element type cultivation methods in my space ring. I have one ice element and two lighting element cultivation methods. The ice just so happens to be for girls, but the lighting type element cultivation methods that i have are not that good for you Lao Long" joyfully but also unhappily said Lao Feng.

"Why aren't they that good for me is there something wrong with them" curiously asked Lao Long.

"Nothings wrong with them its only that your lighting element is far to strong for them to actually work on you" said Lao Feng.

"So i really have to wait five years to get a cultivation method that suits me" gloomily said Lao Long.

"You have to wait anyways because you can only start to cultivate when your ten" said Lao Feng.

"Grandpa Feng when i'm ten i can start to cultivate the ice element right" asked Li Wu.

"No it's the same problem with you, your ice element is to strong as well, you'll both have to wait till you enter the academy, so till then you have to cultivate normal methods like everyone else" said Lao Feng.

"Little brat Long sense Li Wu is older then you, you have to work hard in the future to not be out done" teasingly said Lao Feng.

"Old man say that again and i'll make sure you really can't have any more family" angrily said Lao Long.

"Damned brat get over here" Lao Feng was so angry he cursed.

Just like that 2 years went by with out notice and on this day a old man and two cute kids were riding a horse carriage. These three people were none other then Lao Feng, Lao Long, and Li Wu.

They just got past the border of read luan empire and entered the south of red luan empire. Lao Feng was the one driving the horse carriage with the two little ones asleep in the back.

Nothing really happened during these two years, only that Lao Long got smarter and it was scary just to remember all the things this little brat did.

Only two major things happened, one Lao Long tricked Li Wu to sleep with him luckily he is still young and does not know of the things between man and woman, two, Lao Long got so bold and kissed Li Wu and that made her so mad she kept yelling at him for a whole week none stop.

He drove Lao Feng so crazy Lao Feng had to keep Lao Long by his side almost all the time just to stop him from doing anything worse. It was only two months ago that Li Wu calmed down and stopped yelling at Lao Long to stop trying to stop trying to kiss her.

Lao Feng only hopes to get to the capital faster so he can relax but that is far from now. Li Wu finally let Lao Long to kiss her but only the cheek. Now the little brat tries to get so bold and kiss her on the lips.

Another half-year passed and Li Wu and Lao Long are finally dating but good thing their young and don't know that much. Lao Feng can only hope that Lao Long doesn't get so smart that he learns the things between man and woman, Although Lao Feng knows with Lao Longs nature he would only go as far as to kiss her on the lips and hold hands.

Again another year and a half passed, but to Lao Feng's surprise Lao Long has stopped with his wild acts after five months of him and Li Wu dating. Lao Long is so well behaved that its starting to get scary thought Lao Feng.

After Lao Long started to get well behaved he noticed that Li Wu would boss him around every now and then, again to his surprise Lao Long did what ever she told him to do. Lao Feng once asked Li Wu why Lao Long is so well behaved that he listened to what she said. What he got back made him speechless, Li Wu said that the reason he listens to her is because she said if he keeps bring bad she would never marry him.

One month later, Lao Feng on this day saw the massive walls of the capital city of red luan empire, astral phoenix city.

"Grandpa Feng is this the capital of the empire" asked Li Wu.

"Yes this is it astral phoenix city the capital of red luan" said Lao Feng

Lao Long was still asleep so he did not get to see the city walls. Lao Long stayed up all night sparing with Lao Feng in swordsman ship. Because he can't cultivate yet Lao Long took up swordsman ship to pass the time, Lao Feng every time they spared used no abyssal qi or any if his strength to spar with him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Lao Long was now nine but his swordsman ship is on par with those of a low grade sword user. Li Wu was now 11 but sense the day she turned ten she never stopped cultivating, only when it was time to eat did she stop to take a break.

Li Wu now at the 4th abyss of martial warrior realm, and only has three abysses left till she can meet the requirement for being a inner student of burning star emperor academy.

Li Wu's progress made Lao Long sad because of him being to young to cultivate. On the other hand Lao Feng was happy with her progress, because she was apart of the family and also because if she can enter the inner academy she could possibly also become a core student in the academy.

Core students are the elite of the academy and only core students can become elders once they reach martial king before the age of 35. Li Wu can most definitely become a core student becuase to be a core student you need to reach martial knight 4th abyss by 20 years of age.

There are three types of students at burning star emperor academy. The types are normal, inner, and core. The reason the academy is split in the three is because of the students talent levels. Talent is the base of everything in the academy, but there are some loopholes such as a elders recommendation.

One year left till Lao Long starts his twisted fate.

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