Chapter 154: Secrets revealed (5)

From the doorway, Su Wan's face displayed malicious intent.

Su Wan unhurriedly walked in and looked everywhere. She could not find Su Luo's figure, so her already eighty percent certainty went up to one hundred percent.

In regards to Su Luo's recent temperament, she would not be very easy to bully. However, her door had been smashed to pieces yet she still hadn't come out. The only possibility left was that she really was not here!

Su Wan leisurely took the measure of the insistently trembling Lu Luo. With a smile that was not a smile she asked. "Lu Luo girl, what are you afraid of? Does this Miss look that frightening?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"No, no! The third Miss looks as beautiful as a flower, rarer than any under the heavens. You absolutely are a beauty among the beautiful people!" Lu Luo earnestly praised while her heart secretly complained. What was up with the third Miss? Why hadn't she left yet?

Su Wan was all smiles as she looked at Lu Luo. She coldly smirked and said. "Since it's like this, how come you can't even look at this lady? Could it be that you have done something shameful?"

Lu Luo was so scared that her face went pale. She continued to quiver while she tried to maintain an unyielding tone. Lu Luo released a hollow laugh. "The Third Miss really likes to joke around. This servant, how could this servant have done something shameful? No way, I absolutely have not!"

Lu Luo clearly was not adept at lying. Her parched tone of voice and body language revealed too much, especially her insufficient voice and lack of confidence.

Su Wan was even more pleased. She sneered even more coldly. "Really haven't? How about your Miss? She has not done anything shameful, has she?"

Lu Luo secretly bitterly complained in her heart. Could it be that the third Miss had come prepared? Her words clearly meant to insinuate something.

"The fourth Miss also has done nothing wrong!" Lu Luo stated with a deadpan expression, her tone was resolute and decisive. In the end, she even solemnly nodded her head.

"Tell your Miss to come out. As sisters, the two of us should spend time together. Perhaps she can coax this lady into a good mood, then this lady will have mercy and say something good in front of father to release you guys from this courtyard." Su Wan darkly pressured Lu Luo even more.

Lu Luo's heart became even more wretched.

If her Miss could come out, she would have appeared already. Why would she need to watch you, the third Miss, strut around?

Miss, ah, Miss, if you don't come out now, there won't be another chance to come out again. Also, you will never get another chance to see your servant Lu Luo again….

Su Wan sinisterly swept Lu Luo a glance, her footsteps never stopped and she unhurriedly walked around. She looked in all directions while walking and finally walked into Su Luo's inner room.

Lu Luo's heart became extremely nervous, her body was also trembling uncontrollably.

She will definitely die, maybe today she would be flogged to death….

Lu Luo's sweat kept dropping down from her forehead, her chest and back were soaked through with cold sweat.

Su Wan had a boastful and proud smile on her face as her slender white hand pushed open the bedroom door——

Lu Luo closed both eyes as if waiting for death to arrive.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

It was a huge bedroom, a quick glance showed the room contained a few very old-fashioned and broken pieces of furniture. Simply looking, a person could take everything in at once but there wasn't a trace of Su Luo's silhouette.

Good, very good. That slut Su Luo was definitely not here!

At this moment, Su Wan 's entire body seemed to relax. She appeared to be as cheerful as the clear and boundless sky. She turned her head and with a face full of smiles looked at Lu Luo. Her smiling expression was sinister and cold-blooded. As sharp as a sword tip, it pierced at Lu Luo's heart.

"Ah ha ha ha, good, very good!" Su Wan did not say another word. She simply turned and left.

Su Luo had dared to secretly sneak out of the family home during her confinement period. This offense was more than sufficient to get her kicked out of Su family.

After confirming the facts, Liu Ruohua's words were eighty percent trustworthy.

In that case, added to Su Luo's crime was that she had dared to offend the Jade Lake's Fairy….chuckle…Su Luo, ah, Su Luo. After you return, you'll have to suffer and just wait for father to tie you up and bring you to the Jade Lake Palace to apologize for your crimes!

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  • diamondtiara102


    Hi am a person and i hope she and all the enemies DIE!!!!!!!!! tehe

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