27.05% CHAOTIC ASURA / Chapter 18: Alchemist

Chapter 18: Alchemist

Mo Qingcheng was silent for a couple of moments and then spoke."You said you will help me get revenge. Are you saying truth."

Jiang Chen knew she was serious this time so "I said I will help you take revenge so I will help you. At present you should worry about yourself. Think of revenge slowly."

Jiang Chen "What happened ?"

Mo Qingcheng "I don't want to speak of it right now. I will let you know when you are ready to fight them."

Jiang Chen "Well it is acceptable?"

Jiang Chen "I have seen you fighting it was very crude style ,have you not practiced any partial techniques yet?"

Jiang Chen asked her she was fighting valiantly but she was just being played around by the enemies she was only able to use her energy to block them if not for Jiang Chen even single one of them would be able to defeat her.

Mo Qingcheng "I am an alchemist. So never really made effort in learning martial techniques." she spoke dejectedly if she had made an effort to learn them might be she would have had been in better position than what she was in.

Jiang Chen "Hmm. Fire attribute alchemist and light attribute healers. Light attribute is very rare right."

Mo Qingcheng "You are speaking about rare. You have attributes which I heard of only in legends and myths. I doubt any one in Grand Heavenly Continent have seen one with space and time attributes."

Jiang Chen " I don't know either. My Aunt Ming told me that those attributes never make appearance here."

Mo Qingcheng "You are the exception."

Jiang Chen "I am not from this continent either, I don't know my true origins."

Jiang Chen "Forget about that you want to train in any martial techniques. Even I am a weapon smith but I train in all kind of martial techniques."

Mo Qingcheng "You have access to Light attribute techniques?" she asked eagerly then thinking for a while she realized how rare they are. "If you have a suitable fire technique."

Jiang Chen "Your husband have couple so don't worry about it. It is just only one among them is suitable for you."

Jiang Chen said taking out Dazzling Moon Be header technique from the rack he arranged them in. He has tons of books given by Aunt Ming in the palace now.

Jiang Chen "But I suggest you to stabilize your cultivation first."

Jiang Chen "There is no rush for you to improve your cultivation an all. Here in my Natal Palace heavenly energy is always ten times more denser than the outside world."

Jiang Chen "I have a chance to breakthrough to 7th stage. So I will use this opportunity."

Jiang Chen said that and find a comfortable place and started cultivating.

Mo Qingcheng "You don't have Absorption pills with you?" absorption pills are the most common pills available in the continent. They are separated to various grades they help in quickly absorbing the heavenly energy. Which is the pill everyone use to cultivate there is also body soaking paste which have similar effects but was more costly than Absorption pill.

Jiang Chen "I don't use them." Jiang Chen said plainly.

Mo Qingcheng "Then how do you cultivate ,do you have body paste?" she asked shocked body paste is a luxurious item even she didn't get to use it many times."

Jiang Chen "I don't use that either. I prefer cultivating and absorbing using my own senses and methods."

Mo Qingcheng gave a puzzled look hearing this they are the items utmost importance to a cultivator. Heavenly energy cannot be absorbed so easily directly so absorption pills help in easy absorption by softening the layer between heavenly energy and our spiritual sense.

Mo Qingcheng "Is it because of this place that you don't need absorption pill?" it made sense then here heavenly energy is ten times dense so it could be reason.

Jiang Chen "No ,I believe I am using ancient methods of cultivation may be. I can teach you that too it is not that complex it is just you need lot of patience and is time consuming but once you cultivate this method you will never use absorption pills."

Mo Qingcheng was puzzled at first then thought about many mysteries of him and thought what he said might be true.

Mo Qingcheng "What should I do ?"

Jiang Chen "It is very simple. You just have to meditate and sense heavenly energy and try to sense it deeper concentrate on it you will be able to discover something new. But remember it is not going to be easy .It took me over a month to notice it first. You should be able to reach it sooner."

Mo Qingcheng "You mean I have better chances than you?"

Jiang Chen "I started without any direction I just wanted to feel heavenly energy then and somehow I was able to stumble upon it. But you know the direction and me to help you. I even helped my clansmen to change their style of cultivation."

Mo Qingcheng "Hmm. You said you are a weapon smith right."

Jiang Chen "I am a human grade weapon smith. I guess you wanted a cauldron right."

Mo Qingcheng nodded her head.

Jiang Chen "It is not a problem for me to make a cauldron for you right now but let us wait for few days so gain suitable cauldron for you specially made for you we will gather best material and cores to make a best one."

Mo Qingcheng couldn't believe that it only had been 6 hours that they met each other but he treats her like his closest person and tells her everything without reservation.

Seeing Mo Qingcheng silent for few minutes Jiang Chen decided to cultivate. Mo Qingcheng didn't want to cultivate sooner even though she wanted to grow stronger to get her revenge but she know if she blindly cultivated in her unstable mindset she will never reach her goal and instead she will be struck forever in the same cultivation forming a mental block.

She first has to forget everything or at least to walk past it then she should stabilize her mind and clear her all mental hurdles. She now has nothing to fear if what Jiang Chen said is true then she is in safest place for now and this place provides best environment for cultivation. Then there is Jiang Chen now he is the only person she can depend on and he is nothing but simple he may look shameless and foolish but is not someone that easy to fool.

Mo Qingcheng slowly decided that she have a new opportunity and she will give it back to Pill Heaven Palace surely in the future.

She decided to take a stroll over Jiang Chen's Natal palace. Jiang Chen told her that second floor is not accessible for him now so she neither have a chance to go there so she walked around the only floor accessible. Even though it is only just a single floor it really is very huge it is as huge as a small city. There were thousands of courtyards available in it each courtyard was no smaller than Pill Heaven Palace's palace she has seen. There were every facility available in every courtyard.

She then decided to occupy the courtyard beside Jiang Chen's. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

When she was walking across she found a place highly restricted and she can't enter she felt incredible pressure .

Mo Qingcheng "What is this place why is pressure here so incredible?"

She then heard Jiang Chen's voice "This is my weapons store all my weapons are in that place so that is pressure by all my weapons. Noting will happen you can walk over. I haven't developed my weapon qi and intents yet if they were formed then it will be different story."

Mo Qingcheng looked at surroundings to find Jiang Chen but he was nowhere near,she could see him sitting by pond side and meditating deeply engrossed.

Jiang Chen "This is my Natal Palace I can communicate using my consciousness ."

Mo Qingcheng stopped being surprised after few times when she moved forward and saw in Jiang Chen's weapon store. She saw three swords in scabbard flying in the air. There were three spears there they are giving an overwhelming feeling to her and they are all flying in air as if they are conscious and moving around on second thought she realized something more shocking they are in sync with Jiang Chen's meditating posture she could now imagine Jiang Chen sitting in his meditating posture three swords on his back and two spears lying on his lap and two bows hanged on his shoulders diagonally. The pressure she felt from these weapons was hundreds of times more than when she was facing Martial Commander of the Pill heaven's palace.

She could only say one word " Is your soul embedded to your weapons."

Jiang Chen "Yes."

Mo Qingcheng "It takes years and years of complete dedication to form a soul bond with weapons."

Jiang Chen "May be I don't know for sure. I have always thought these weapon are true me and I am no different from them. Even there is my blood flowing in these weapons it just happened like that."

Mo Qingcheng then saw all the weapons flying in air and surrounding Jiang Chen in exact same way she imagined and this time pressure was even more terrifying that what she felt before. Jiang Chen was right if Jiang Chen really formed his qi and intent she would have died on spot before even knowing how.

Mo Qingcheng then made herself familiar with palace and she decided to read the books before. Jiang Chen suggested her few books that might help her and he even left her a book on his experiences in cultivation she could not believe that his insights on cultivation are more profound than even her master's cultivation it is hard to believe he is just 16 year old.

On the third day when Jiang Chen opened his eyes his breakthrough is completed.

Mo Qingcheng "You made breakthrough?" and then her eyes popped out seeing the changes.

Mo Qingcheng "You already reached 9th stage Martial disciple you were 6th stage few days ago."

Jiang Chen "Wife it has something to do with you more than me." Jiang Chen smiled and what he said was true too.

Jiang Chen had a small mental hurdle about always acting according to others and never able to freely express himself now he got himself a close friend in Mo Qingcheng it broke and he was able to jump three stages at once.

Mo Qingcheng couldn't tell whether he was speaking truth or bluffing but give him an annoyed look and continued to study the book in her hand .

Mo Qingcheng "Jiang Chen there is some commotion in the surrounding." she said observing the sky around ,the sky shows what is happening in the place where Jiang Chen's natal palace is .

Jiang Chen chuckled "They finally reached here.It took them long time."

Mo Qingcheng "Do you know them, I came here along with them. I guess it is about time for me to go to real world."

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