40% Crescent Series / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Legacy of a Hero

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Legacy of a Hero

I raised my sword, poising to block the attack when a spell from my back

flew in front of me. "Aqua Splash!" *Splash* "Razael! Are you alright?" a

familiar voice came from behind me. "What is happening?!" when I looked

back, it was Thea and Sol, coming to my aid. "Yes, I thought I was done

for." "You really can't help yourself huh Raza?" says Thea with a smile

"Sorry to trouble you guys." "You could've just dodged or reflected it you

know, it's just a tier-2 magic, why didn't you?" Sol ask with confusion, "If I

dodged it, someone behind me could've got hurt, if I reflected it back, the

kid might get burned, so I didn't." I replied with a smile "It's scary how

kind you are, you know." He replied as he scratches his head. "Well, thank

you guys, I'll wrap things up now, Thea, could you take care of the child?"

"Sure! Snow Shell!" she covers the child with a barrier of ice, the nobles

are surprised to see the spell. "A Tier-3 Combination magic?! You're just a

commoner, a peasant!" "Enough of your words! Fenrir Enchant: Shadow

Step!" Sol Enchants himself and knocked down the other nobles. "What

kind of spell is that? Since when did you become so many?!" says the

noble with a shaking voice, "I can't believe this, Multi enchant: Duplication,

Flame Blast!" The noble cast multiple copies of his spell and directed it to

me. "I can see through your spells! Chrono Enchant: Analyze!" as the fireball

fly through the air, I looked into the spell and tried to decipher it "Hmm, I

see, so this is the composition." Counter spell: Spell Mirror! "Here goes

nothing! Please don't mess up!" Multi enchant: Duplication, Flame Blast!" as

I cast the same spell, it negated the spell that the noble casted. "Alright! It

worked! I actually pulled it off!" "IMPOSSIBLE! Who are-?!" But before he

could finish his sentence I used a physical skill to close up on him in an

instant. "Sonic Step!" "What?! you can use Physical Skills too?!" "I'm Razael

of the Crossed Titans, The Mimic!" I said as I pointed my sword to his

face. "The mimic? Wait, I know you! You are that commoner who took all

the classes in the academy! You just mastered the basics of it! You can't

even cast Tier-2 spells at the graduation! You're skills are mediocre! How

did you overpower me?!" yelled the noble in disbelief "Honestly I can't, but

the tier-1 Chrono Enchant: Analyze spell can see what is the basics of a

spell, which helps the tier-1 Counter spell: Spell Mirror to copy up to tier-2

spells. But if you threw a tier-3 or 4 I would've been on the ground

instead of you." The noble smirked at me with crazed eyes "HA! Saying

your weakness to your enemy, you sure have guts! Salamander Breath!"

*Poof* "What?!, why can't I cast any spells?! Fire Shot! Flame Blast!" says

the confused noble "You're mana got depleted, idiot, for a noble you sure

are dumb." Says Thea as she tends to the beaten child. "You will pay for

this!" he yelled as he ran away with his friends.

"Are you alright?" Thea asks, "You're awesome as usual Razael! Way to

go!" Sol Replied Smiling, "O Healing winds, heed my call, bless me with Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

your curing touch, Recovery!" "We should send him to the orphanage. It's

dangerous for him to wander around here." Sol and Thea Nodded. And so

before we go home, we left him at the orphanage. "We're gonna be in so

much trouble once we get home." Sol says, obviously nervous. "Well, at

least no one is hurt, right Raza?" Thea says while smiling at me. "Let's just

hope captain won't scold us that much."

Later that evening. We were summoned to the captains office, "YOU IDIOT

KIDS!!!." Captain yelled with full force, it made the guild shake "WE'RE


DIDN'T I TOLD YOU ENOUGH?!" "But Captain! They we're ganging on a poor

child in an alley, and I heard the child call for help so…" I replied to the

furious Captain. "Razael, I don't understand why you go such lengths just to

help others, you have talent, but you're not that good at spells, you got

lucky today, what if you failed that? You could've died, or you could've

killed that noble!" Captain replied. "The captain has a point, I'm a mimic, I

can copy anything with my unique analyze enchant, but that's it, I'm decent

with swords, and that's it, spells are another thing. "

*Sigh* "Why do you even do this Razael? Why are you so ready to sacrifice

yourself for others?" captain asked me with concern written all over his

face. "I do it because I want to be like him." Captain looked at me,

smiling. "Listen here kiddo, We all know how great of a person Fedel is,

and we still can't get over his lost, but, do you really think this would

make him happy? His adoptive son hurting himself every time he helps

everyone?" captain spoke with sad eyes. "Sir Fedel… he took me in when I

was wandering the town with Thea as a child, he raised us just like his

own children. He left us in the guild for protection during the war, but he

never returned after." He then Glared at Sol. "And what do you have to say

for yourself foolish son of mine?" captain looked with fire in his eyes "Eh?!

Uh… I just helped Razael cause he got in trouble!" Sol nervously replied.

"And you missy?" he asks Thea. "It's the same as Sol's answer captain!"

She replied with sweat rolling down her face. "The Association contacted

me about this. And to be honest, I wasn't surprised." The captain said with




answered in chorus. "Man this sucks, our members eat a lot." Sol says

enthusiastically. "I'm really sorry guys, I keep on dragging you with my

problems." "It's alright Raza, we wanted to help anyway, it's not like we

we're forced to, right Sol?" Thea Asks with a grin. "Yeah! So there's

nothing to worry about, except the dishes." "Sol you lazy bum, we always

washed the dishes back then, so its going to be a piece of cake!" Thea

yelled as she tried to cheer us up. After we washed the dishes, we cleaned

up and rest for the rest of the evening, and another day passed us by.

The next day, we visited the orphanage where we left the child yesterday.

"Is the child doing well sister?" Thea didn't waste anytime and asked that

question already, I didn't even get to greet the sister properly. "She is fine

Thea, but she is still resting in her chamber." Sister replied "I'm sorry for

her rudeness sister. She is very worried for the child you see." "It is alright

Razael, besides, We are like family, so I don't mind." Sisters told me with

reassurance. The children we're eating when we came in, they stared at us

for a moment, then out of nowhere, *Thud* "Big Brother Raza!!" the

children rushed to me, and I fell on the floor with them, laughing with

them as we fool around. "Now now children, finish you food first before

playing with Razael." "Yes Sister!" the children went back to the table.

"They really love you huh Raza? And sister, to follow you so quickly…"

Thea mumbles to herself with a depressed expression. The children at the

orphanage love to tease Thea, but they like her a lot as well. "It's because

I love them too, that's why they are obedient, plus they are really well

mannered." Sister says proudly. "Let us go to her room then." Thea says

with excitement. "Okay okay, follow me upstairs then."

When we entered the room, the child we saved yesterday was awake, she

was sitting on the bed, looking out the window. "Oh! you are awake now!

Well, im the Sister who runs the orphanage." Sister says with excitement,

but the child barely responded, "Anyway this are the two that saved you

yesterday. Be sure to thank them properly, excuse me while I get you

some porridge and milk." Sister went out the door and walked down the

hall humming, she was in a pretty good mood. "Hello! How are you

feeling? Does it hurt anywhere?" Thea asked her with questions, but to no

avail, she wasn't responding to her, Then I tried talking to her. "Hello, My

name is Razael, I'm sorry if I didn't get to you right away yesterday." The

child then looks at me, teary-eyed. "It was painful isn't it?" she nodded,

still looking at me. "It was scary too?" she nodded again, but now with

tears flowing down her cheeks. "Don't worry, you are safe now, no one

will hurt you anymore." She started crying more and more while holding

onto my arm tightly. She was so hurt and frightened, the same way I was

when I was still a child.

I was very powerless as a child, I can't protect my mother, I can't help my

father. When we were little, Thea and I got bullied by nobles too, I will try

and protect Thea but I'll just get beat up, sometimes Thea even protects

me from our bullies, it was a pathetic sight to behold. Since we have no

home, nor parents, no one would protect us but ourselves, I saw myself in

her yesterday, crying for help, eyes that have no light in them. That's why

I helped her as soon as I saw her. She is just a child but she went through

a lot already. And this is all I can do, to thank Sir Fedel, by doing the

same thing he did for us back then.

She fell asleep after we talked a little bit more. She told us her name,

Mara, and she was sold by her uncle to the nobles that beat her up

yesterday. Her parents abandoned her when she was little, and her uncle

just kept her because of the profit one day he will get from her. She was

sold to be a slave, the nobles beat her up because she accidentally spilled

coffee on a nobles vest. What cruel fate was bestowed upon her, but now,

she is safe, and she is fed, we talked more about her past, and she was

teary-eyed while she recall those memories, she thanked me and Thea for

yesterday and after she ate her food, she is slept with a smile on her face.

We walked around town afterwards and saw a parade, our king was

passing by from his voyage from another country. It was a march of

spearmen, knights and wizards guarding his majesty's carriage. "What a

sight to behold huh Raza?" Thea says with stars shining in her eyes. "Don't

get too excited okay? After this we should go to the armory and get our

supplies." We started going to the armory district to get our equipment

repaired. As I entered the shop the blacksmith was there, seemingly waiting

for our arrival. *Chime* "Welcome! Oh it's you guys! I've been waiting for

you!" the blacksmith seems pretty "Heya Uncle Drevor, what's up?" Thea

says with a smile. The shop is full of new equipment and supplies "Is there

anything you would recommend for us today mr. Drevor?" I asked politely.

"There is! I actually held on to this." As he said that, he immediately pulled

out a box, the first thing he pulled out was an emerald necklace, "Chrono

Enchant: Analyze" I scanned the item, it can enhance healing magic, it's

pretty high in quality and beautiful too. "This is for you missy! The traders

took a liking to you, they said it was a gift for helping them fix their

wagon!" Drevor looks really pleased as we saw Thea's face lit up. "Aww,

they shouldn't have! It's very sweet of them!" While Thea is still looking at

the necklace, Drevor pulled another item from the box.

"Lad, they found this while they were travelling across the border…" it was

an Aegis, It's all beat up, but it's enchanted with a tier-5 spell, Thea, who

was so happy moments ago changed her stance after seeing the weapon.

"Could it really be?! No… no!" "Raza…" Thea held onto my sleeve, holding

her tears back. As for me, I don't want to believe it, but it is the same

Aegis Sir Fedel wields. I fell unto my knees, Thea was crying besides me

too. After we collected our selves, we carried the items to the guild. Sol

was waiting at the entrance and with one look, he immediately knew what

news has come to us. We held a ceremony for Sir Fedel in the Guild and

Captain Tempest Cleaned the Aegis personally to check if it is really his.

And it really belonged to sir Fedel, he really is gone, the man who saved

us is gone, forever.

- End


NoirTKMI here :3 as per usual, thank you for reading my story :3

I know, I know, you guys are probably “But isn’t it a bit too fast Noir? its only chapter 2 and this stuff came raining down like a meteorite crashing to a planet!” and to that I say, ............................Maybe? Eh

After reading this, a feedback will be greatly appreciated :3

Thank you :D

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