17.39% After 300 Years Of Evil Let's Try The Latter / Chapter 4: Becoming a Lich

Chapter 4: Becoming a Lich

Argus and Vanessa were reminiscing about they're childhood and the events that shaped their life three hundred and four years ago.

In a small village there was a young boy or rather a boy in his teens knocking on a door to a barely stable looking shack. "Vanessa come out." Said the boy. "I'll be out in a minute Argus." Argus is walking back and forth waiting and waiting. Until he finally gives up and goes inside. Once inside he sees Vanessa trying to help her mother up. "She's drunk again?" Argus asks. Vanessa looks embarrassed but she says "yes." Argus walks over and tries to help but. "Vanessa why is a human here." Her mom asks. "This is Argus remember." Vanessa says. "Hmph that's not  Argus he's one of us that's a human. Vanessa stay away from him." "I can't do that mom me and him are about to gather food." Vanessa says. Argus tries to help again and says

"Come on Mrs...….." Suddenly Vanessa's mom screams "STAY AWAY!" as she screams she pulls a small knife out and slashes Argus' cheek. "Ahh Dammit." Argus reels back hand to his face. "MOM!!!" Vanessa Screams in shock. "LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK!" Vanessa's mom yells and Argus walks out holding his face. He sits down on the porch holding his bloody face as tears fall silently down his face. After a minute Vanessa walks out and closes the door. She walks over to Argus. "You know she….." Argus cuts her off "Didn't mean it." Vanessa falls silent. "If I didn't react when I did she may have cut through my cheek." Argus says. "You know it's not your fault." Vanessa says. "But it's my kind that hurt her." He says. "Well you know how us demi's are treated. "But why." As Argus says that anger burns in his voice. "I see no difference between the races people are people of course there'd be some shitty ones but it's the same for humans." Vanessa has no words to say he was completely right but that doesn't change a thing in this world. "Hey let's go hunting or fishing and by the time we return I'm sure she'll sober up." She says trying to change the subject. "Yeah let's go maybe we can find some herbs for my face as well." He says. "It's not bleeding too bad so I don't think you'll need to heal it." She says. "I'm more worried about it leaving a scar." He says. "Ah I think you'd look cool with a scar." Vanessa said. Argus becomes flustered then says "Shut up lets go." "Right behind you"

As they look for wild animals they come cross the herbs for a minor healing potion though without the ability to make the potion. Vanessa takes the main ingredient and tears it in half it releases a green goo from within. "Now stand still." Vanessa says. She puts her hands on Argus' cheeks since she's slightly shorter than him she angles his face to look at her. Then she takes the plant and rubs it on the cut with a faint light the cut closes. "There all better." She says. Argus tries to move away but she still holding his face. "Um Vanessa you wanna let go." He says. "Hmm I know mom was drunk and all but how could she forget your ugly mug." Vanessa says. "Grrrr Shut up let keep hunting." He says and breaks from her clutches.

After about two hours their still empty handed. "What's with animals today it's like there hiding from something." Argus says. "I know it's strange." Vanessa says. "Well let's go to the lake we still have a few hours till it's dusk." he says

As they head to the lake which is on the other side of the village they notice smoke coming from the village. They rush over and hide in some bushes on the outskirts. They see around 10 to 15 bandits ransacking their homes. "Their all humans." Argus says with anger. Vanessa is too scared to do anything. Argus grabs one of his knives and jumps out from the bushes then throws it as hard as he can a one of the bandits nailing him in shoulder. "Aghhh What the hell." A bandit yelled. "The Hell are you doing to this village." Argus yells at them. "You trying to be a hero kid." A bandit says. Then another bandit came out from Vanessa's house dragging a body behind him. "I found the run away but unfortunately she killed Jerry so I put her down. Then he flings Vanessa's moms dead body in front of the bandit that Argus hit with a knife. "You... Killed… her." Argus says shaking with rage. "Oh you know this slave?" A bandit asks "a slave....." Argus says. He grabs his hunting knife and chargers the bandits.

As he rushes in full of rage not caring about his life he dodges a club a bandit swung at him. He tackles the main bandit and stabs his knife in his abdomen and guts him. As he tries to get up he's met with a club the impact fractures some ribs and sends him flying. He coughs blood. "That damn brat." A bandit said as he walks over to argus he swings his club again and hits Argus' side and sends him flying again in front of the bush Vanessa was at. Suddenly she jumps out in front of Argus. "ARGUS ARGUS ARE YOU OKAY?" She says tears pouring from her face. "Oh what do we have here. Ohh you look like you'd fetch a good price as a slave. What do you think boys" The bandit with the club said. Another bandit says she looks like she'd make a good sex slave though I think she should be broken into first." "Good idea." The one with the club said. He reaches for her suddenly the beaten Argus is in front at her and stabbed the bandit in the arm. " Ah Ah Ah DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER!" Argus says. "Dammit kid you can still move." The bandit ripped out the knife from his hand then stabbed Argus with it. "Argus ARGUS." Vanessa is nonstop crying. The bandit grabs her.

Inside of Argus fading consciousness "The Hell is wrong with humanity I wish I was born a different than these human scum." He could hear Vanessa calling for him the bandit drags her away. "If only I had power I'd give anything for it."

And like clock work he hears a voice

"Anything how about your humanity?" the voice asked. "Power for my worthless humanity take it." Argus says. "If I do that you'd turn into a Lich whose lifespan is immortal." the voice says "Do it." Argus said.

"Alrighty then."

Argus feels a pulse go through his body.

He opens his eyes and stands up he didn't know where the bandits took Vanessa so he just started using his new power and destroyed buildings.

Meanwhile inside of Vanessa's mind "These guys there going to do the same thing to me that they did to mom….." All she can do is think about Her mom and Argus then suddenly before anything happened to her the bandits seem distracted

There was aloud crash outside

The bandit with the club says "go check out that noise." 10 bandits run out of the shack they'd entered. And 5 remained inside with Vanessa then she hears a voice calling for her in her mind."Vanessa its time to unlock your powers grab one of the men here and says Drain Force." Vanessa grabs the bandit with the club "Drain force." as she says that the bandit falls to his knees "ahh the hell are you doing?!" He asks but with that he takes his last breath. The 4 remains bandits look at Vanessa and try to rush her but the front of the shack they were in got blown away. "The hell is going on." One says. Then they see Argus his brown eyes had become crimson red showing that he was a Lich. With a wave of his hand a force of wind slices the 4 bandits and it cuts them in half. "A.Argus?" Vanessa asked. "Where's the one with the club?" He asked. "I got him." She said showing him the drained body. Vanessa hugged Argus. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Back to the present. Argus has just left the academy and walking down the street towards Raven Rum the inn/tavern. He spent a while talking to Vanessa it had become dusk.

JamesTheLostOne JamesTheLostOne

just want to remind everyone that I'm just coming up with the story off the top of my head. and with the last chapter having reunited with an old friend I thought I'd have their backstory happen. but like I said in the last Authors thought I had some action in this chapter

thanks for reading


Comments (17)

  • Racing_Tides


    Holy **** this chapter is amazing the backstory. And the emotions holy hell are you sure your just coming up with this off the top of your head.

  • Eyy_itz_Pankake


    Yoooo I felt some emotion from tthese characters like my god. Its perfect. Argus hating his own kind and gives away his humanity. Omg keep it up man take my power stones. 😀💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • JamesTheLostOne


    Its only 1400 words and it took me 4 hours to type it. Once i know what I'm going for I type and if it works it works.

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