26.08% After 300 Years Of Evil Let's Try The Latter / Chapter 6: Emancipation With A Side Of Slaughter

Chapter 6: Emancipation With A Side Of Slaughter

Meanwhile back at Raven Rum Meldy and Saia are reading Argus's journal. "Though I feel bad for the demi's That got caught up with those humans. I won't ever regret my past till the day I free all demi's in this world then I'll be satisfied and I'll lay my life down." Meldy reads Argus's words out loud. "Is he serious?" Saia asks. "This is his journal." Meldy says. She flips it towards the end. "Even though word of my deeds are reaching as far as the south continent nothing has changed. Why does no one understand? Am I the only human who does. I'm not a fan of being called an apostle. Why would gods care now about slavery, no one sent me. But I guess it does sound pretty good to the demi's it let's them have hope. Seems this is it for this journal I wonder how many I'll accumulate in my time."  -Argus Kynz year 518. "No way Argus is related to the king." Meldy says shocked. "What!" Saia says shocked as well. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

As Argus makes his way through some underground tunnels he's eliminating anyone in his way. Finally he finds some cells with 14 demi's inside wearing collars. And 3 guards posted as well. "Who the hell are you?" One says. "Dammit I getting sick of hearing that question." Argus says angrily. Two of the guards rush him swords readied. Argus doesn't move he starts to think to himself. As the swords fall towards him he reaches out and grabs them they cut into his palms but it doesn't seem to hurt Argus. "I just realized if I killed you like the others who's going to pay for putting a slave collar on a citizen of this kingdom?" Argus says. "The Hell are you on about." One said. "I heard this kingdom treats demi's as equals so how can you enslave someone inside this kingdom?" Argus asks. "Hahaha you may be right but this kingdom's going to change very soon." The guard who's not engaged in combat says. Argus pulls the swords out from his enemy's hands and stabs them in the legs. "Ahhh Dammit." They both fall to the ground. "You two are lucky you get to live." Argus says. Then the guard who said the kingdoms going to change tries to run away. But Argus sends his wind and hits a leg cutting it clean off. "Ahhh my leg Arghhh." He says face planting into the ground. "Now I seem to have your attention so what did you mean by the kingdoms changing?" Argus says as he walks over to him. "Like hell I'll tell you, you might as well kill me I'll nev..." Argus finishes him off and faces his friends. "So you two do you want to tell me." He says. They both gulp.

"You see… t.t.they captured the king and he's being held a little further down." One says. "See now that wasn't so bad was it." Argus says. The two gulp again. Then Argus faces the cell. "I'd recommend standing back." He says to the demi's. They all take a step back and Argus slices the steel bars with his wind. Then he snaps his fingers and their collars fall off. "Now your free get out of here and live your life's." He says. "A big bear demi speaks up. "Thank you." twelve of the demi's leave only two remains in the cell one looks like a small girl with cat ears and a tail and for some reason she's unconscious. Beside her is a young elf girl who looks a little older. Trying to help the cat girl. Argus glares at the men he stabbed. "What happened to her?" he asks in a harsh voice. "She was a return and the boss beat her for it." The helpful one said. "And where's your boss?" Argus asks. "He should be with the king." Argus faces the two young girls. "Are you Saia's Sister?" With those words the elf girl's face light up. "You know Saia?" She asks. "Yeah I'm a friend I'll take you to her okay." Argus opens a gate he escorts her into it.

Suddenly in his room a gate opens and out steps Argus and the elf girl. "Silica!" Saia yells in joy and tears in her eyes. "Saia!" With tears in her eyes silica runs and hugs her sister. Their both crying in joy. Argus faces Meldy. "We might have a problem back here." He says and points at the gate. "Let's go then." She says. "Saia I'm going to need a feast when we return." Argus says. "You got it." She says. "What about Lilly?" Silica asks. "I'll bring her here as well that's why I need this one." Argus says and grabs Meldy and drags her in the gate.

Back in the underground tunnels Argus and Meldy steps out. Meldy sees the small cat girl laying on the ground beaten.  She rushes to heal her. "I haven't fully recovered my mana but I have enough." She says healing the girl.

The girl wakes up she scared. "Ahh I'm sorry…." She says. "It's okay sweetie your safe now." Meldy says to her. "Lilly right?" Argus asks. She nods. "Silica was worried about you." He says in a nice voice. "Where is she." Lilly asks. "She's..." suddenly the least helpful guard that Argus stabbed, stabbed him in the leg. "How does it feel….." Argus waves his hand and the guards arm is cut off. The man screams in pain and Argus removes the blade from his leg luckily it's only a minor wound compared to when Argus stabbed them. "As much as I want to kill you right now I need someone to pay for what happened." Argus says. "Meldy keep her safe and you." He faces the helpful guard "try something like your friend and you'll have it worse that's a promise." Then Argus walks further down to a door at the end of the hall. After he blows away the door he sees a man chained to a chair. He walks over to him and the man says. "What do you want now…" as he looks up he sees Argus. "Wait who are you?" He asks. "Your the king right?" Argus asks. "Yeah I am but…" "good" Argus cuts him off and he breaks the chain restraining him. "Follow me we need to talk." Argus says. Then he returns to Meldy and Lilly with the King. Meldy and Lilly are looking around the room feeling some uneasiness seeing blood and bodies laying around. "Hey" Argus says to the useful guard. "your boss wasn't in there did you lie to me." the guard gulps hard. Then the king speaks up. "He left, he went to my castle they plan to take over this kingdom." "WHAT!" Meldy says surprised. "Come on we'll talk back at the inn." Argus says. "What about us?" The guard that stabbed Argus asks. everyone but Argus has gone through the gate. "oh right." Argus picks up the useful guard and throws him in the gate. "what about me." Argus points up then he blasts wind through the ceiling of the tunnel making a hole to the street above. "I'm sure the law will come now good luck." Argus says and walks through the gate.

JamesTheLostOne JamesTheLostOne

I finally know how I want to structure this arc.

I'm having a blast writing this and I really appreciate everyone who's reading it.

Thanks a ton


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    Im a fast reader which kinda sucks becuase now I have to wait again

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