65.21% After 300 Years Of Evil Let's Try The Latter / Chapter 15: The Kings Gift & The King of War

Chapter 15: The Kings Gift & The King of War

When Argus awakes the next morning he sees Vanessa passed out next to him. He looks at her and shakes his head. "Stupid succubus" he mumbles to himself.

He goes to the tavern area where Saia is cleaning the tables. "Hey Saia." She turns and sees Argus. "Good morning." She says with a smile. "What are you doing."

"Wiping down the tables I'm going to reopen today." She says "Ah right you know I never paid for that feast." He says opening a gate.

"Oh no I can't accept…" she gets cut off as Argus brings out 5 Gold bars he sets them on the counter. Saia stares shocked with tears starting to form. "I feel that's fair payment for dealing with me." He says.

She runs over and hugs him. "Thank you."

"No problem." He says. Then she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Argus is shocked. "Um…" before he can speak Vanessa blows up she saw that.

"Grrr ARGUS." She yells. "Oh no."

"No way…" she says. "Vanessa you know what you…" before he can finish she kisses him on the lips. Saia glares at her.

"There even." She turns to Saia and sticks out her tongue. Argus is in a daze but he shakes it off and sighs. "(What have I gotten myself into?)"

Then Lilly and Silica come in.

Silica sees the gold bars. "Woah sis where did you get these?" She asks. "Argus"

"Woah." Silica is still surprised. "Yeah you should put those in a safe or something." Argus suggests.

"Right." Saia runs off. "Where's my gold Argus?" Vanessa asks. Argus laughs "hahaha you hahaha your not getting anything."

Vanessa pouts. "Hmmph I barely get by with my alchemy job."

"You've had the same amount of time as me." Argus says. "Yeah but your Crimson…" Vanessa just realized something. "I kissed Crimson Phoenix."

"Shut up." He says.

There's a knock on the door of the tavern. Then two Knights walk in. "Sir Argus the king requests an audience with you." One says.

"Come on I already saved the kingdom what else does he want?" Argus asks.

"He's having a ceremony to honor the hero who saved the kingdom." The other says.

"Then get Quasar let him take credit." "Sorry but we can not do that please come with us."

"Fine are we going to the throne room of the castle?" The Knights nod. So Argus opens a gate and tells the knights to walk in they do and he follows.

Now their before the king shocked the knights immediately kneel. "Argus it's good to see you again." The king says. "What?" He asks.

"Well I've looked back in our family's history and you are talked about in it. You had a brother who's kid became ruler of this kingdom." The king says.

"Really I never knew my parents I assumed they abandoned me." Argus says. "well your not far off your only half related by blood." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Oh okay. So why did you summon me here? Argus Asks moving on from the family talk. "Don't you want to hear about your parents?"

"No I can guess what happened. I'm wondering why you summoned me?" He asks again.

"Argus Kynz you saved this kingdom from a disaster I want to repay you. Name anything."

"I want to end slavery but I'm already on that so I won't need your help so I want you to improve the Academy. Kingdoms always need capable fighters." Argus says.

"I may have misjudged you at first Argus but I can tell we're blood related. Thank you." The king kneels before Argus.

"So are we done here?" Argus asks. "Almost" the king retrieves a small oval stone with the kingdoms emissary crest engraved in it. "This is a Rune you can use it to communicate with others it also has our insignia engraved on it showing your an important person."

"Thanks I'll drop by every once in a while." Argus says waving he opens a gate and he's back at Raven rum.

After returning he sees Quasar and Ash waiting. They greet him "Argus we have a request."

"Yeah what is it?" Argus asks.

"Well we would like you to join us on our travels." Quasar says. "I was planning on heading to the Eris kingdom to see an old friend." Argus says.

Ash and Quasar look at one another. "Who's your friend?" Quasar asks.

"The Ruler of course." Argus says. "Lord Cyrus the king of war?" Quasar asks. "What? No Lisa is the ruler of Eris not Cyrus.

Once again Quasar and Ash look at each other. "Um Lord Cyrus became king 109 years ago he overthrew the kingdom single handedly and became the ruler."

"No Cyrus wasn't like that we were good friends along with Lisa." Argus says confused.

Argus tries to open a gate to Eris but he can't.

"That's strange my gate won't open."

"We wouldn't mind accompanying you to Eris though it will be 4 weeks by foot." Quasar says.

"That's fine I need to know what happened."

"Also we'll need to buy some winter clothes for the mountain hike." Quasar says.

"I'll cover it okay now let's go." Argus says in a hurry. "Wait shouldn't we tell the others first?"

Quasar asks

"I guess."

After a bit everyone has gathered.

Argus tells them he's going to travel with Quasar and Ash to the Eris Kingdom.

"Why?" Gaz asks. "I've been told Cyrus is the king over there which makes no sense I need to find out what happened."

Everyone understands and wishes him the best. Except Lilly who going with them.

"Argus I don't know if she should come along." Quasar says. Ash gives him a look saying it's okay. Argus looks at Lilly "I can't stop her she's her own person." Argus says. "Yay" Lilly hugs Argus.

"Alright to Eris" Argus Exclaims

After leaving the Kyzan Kingdom the three of them set off to Eris The Snow Fallen Kingdom home of Cyrus The King of War and an old friend of Argus when he was only in his 40s

"So This is Eris eh" The young Argus says to himself "what a cold place." He says entering the city gates.

"Halt who goes there?" A Guard Dressed in a heavy white Jacket says.

"I'm here to speak to the ruler about potions after all mine are the best." Argus says.

"Yeah right kid." The Guard says. "I'm 43 years old." Argus says. "Lies I'm 45 and you don't look a day over 18."

"Fine I'll show you my potions." Argus reaches into his satchel and pulls out a purple potion with the Phoenix seal on it.

"That's a Crimson Phoenix Potion ain't it." The guard says surprised.

"So you've heard of me" Argus says arrogantly.

"Are you really the Crimson Phoenix?"

"Well if you don't believe me I guess I can't speak to the ruler of this land I heard they needed a miracle but…" Argus starts to walk away.

"Okay okay I'll take you there and if you ain't real then I'll see you executed."

"Fine by me." The guard escorts Argus to the Castle

JamesTheLostOne JamesTheLostOne

sorry about not having a chapter in 2 days but I had to come up with a new arc you could say and that took a bit of time also I had work so yeah.

thanks for reading


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