89.47% Deathly Love / Chapter 17: 16.

Chapter 17: 16.


My heart feels like it's about to explode into a million pieces!

I don't know why? Or how Michael has such an effect on me

But I've got to admit I like the feelings he gives me every time he's near me.

Can't even think about sleeping now I'm to energized at the moment,  So after a quick shower and changing into something comfy I meet Emma in the kitchen so we grave some fruit salad and munch on it while talking a little bit, She begins to explains to me that Logan has been asking her a lot of question about what happened yesterday to me. Emma was able to tell him was that he would have to wait for me to explain everything once I felt ready to do so he agreed after some small amount of time and slight hesitation. Apparently he also tried to investigate through Dr. Laura he realy wanted information and some details as to what had happen. Interesting tidbit they are cousins so he thought he could coax something out of her using 'Family Persuasion' on her but it didn't work she flat out refused to divulge any information to him. Dr. Laura claimed that it would violate my privacy or confidentiality something of that sort. What ever it was he might not have bought it compleatly but it seemed to be enough to stop his questioning for the time being.

Now I knew that I had to call him but there was no answer at the moment, But after some time and several calls later I realized he might be at the training grounds along side Michael and the others.

I guess I'll see him there later on and then I'll try and see if he'll speak to me about what happen with me welsewhere I don't want anyone else finding out it.

Arriving at the training grounds  the first think I see is Michael standing watching a large group that being taught by Taylor and some big guy as they demonstrate some moves. All of a sudden I feel Emma pull  me straight towards Michael.

"Here you are we decided to join in on today's training because lizzy said I should participate more and be more proactive and stuff like that!"

Emma blurs out in half a breath as she pushes me towards Michael    in the process of it.

Thankfully Michael was fast enough to catch me or this girl would have landed flat on her face, If I didn't know any better I might even think Emma did this on purpose.

I instantly glare back at Emma but she's already making her way towards some guy and a girl that are closer to Taylor.

"I guess well be training together!"

It seems that way! But if you'd like I can wait for some one else... * low growl echoes* to train with if your busy!... That is!

' We would never be to busy for you Angel Love! '

Mekhi...?  I... I don't mind waiting if your... *Did I do something wrong he seems upset all of a sudden!*

' Come on Angel we'll train towards the back there's more room and less spectators! '

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I nod my head at his word and before I have the chance to follow him he wraps his arm around my shoulders and leads me towards the back camp, it looked more secluded a bit darker. And still I feel comfortable with him feeling him so close to me even his light touch was amazingly delirious.

We get to some off corner and there seems to be plenty or equipment so I'm guessing this is a serious workout not just an excuse to be off alone. Stupid of me to think that way maybe I over thought things again.

After a quick and explanation of what we'll be doing we are ready to begin with an extended warm up. Because as Michael said "Its important that we lossen you up and warm you up wouldn't want you to pull a muscle or strain yourself!"

Feeling his hand on my waist as he explains some moves to do I'm getting the feelings that usually blow my mind away and make me go weak in the knees I feel sparks all throughout me starting from where his hands are placed. Damb it I need to concentrate I can't look like a total dits in from of him now hell my grandfather would be disappointed we are a military family after all. What would people say if I fuck up now and in front of a guy I realy like well werewolf guy I guess.

After he helped me warm up and stretch out we take a few laps around the not so small track. Thankfully his help was always there when needed not gonna lie I've enjoyed spending this much time with him today. Feeling him close to me the warmth he gives me it's amazing, but I cant let this go to far. Like I've said before my time here is numbered and he has a soulmate out there some where. I don't think falling deeply for him is such a good idea not for me atlest. God only knows I would love to spend every single moment of my life with him or near him. By what I've hear from Logan and Emma as soon as you find your mate nothing else seems to matter your world revolves around the two of you. There Is no one else for you but then you have eye for only that special someone. Your hearts neat as one andI would give anything for that. Especialyif he could be mine for ever I've never been one to crush on guys and fawn over them. But he's diferent all I think about is him his smile... He should smile more I love his seriousness but his smile males me weak in the knees.

If only I could have him with me always. Who am I kidding I don't even know if he likes me I'm more like his little sister's annoying friend most likely?... Although he did ask me out to lunch and invite me to...

... ... ...

"Earth to Liz Come back to me are you ok in there? You whent compleatly quiet on me after the second lap!"

Yeah! I'm fine just thinking to my self I guess.

"A girl who thinks to her self gotta be careful then! But like I said awhile back 4 laps should be enoughwe should start back and continue with the training part some other day!"

Oh ok sorry I spaced out on you!

" Its Ok you'll have to make it up to me over dinner tonight that's all! "

Dinner? Tonight?...

"You agreed to dinner tonight but if you don't think it's a good idea we can postpone it you choose!"

No of course not Dinner tonight sounds lovely I can't wait.

"Good then its a date! Again"

Damb it I love the way he looks so happy as he smiles at me lovingly I'm so lost I've Lost my grip on reality I think I'm compleatly head over heels for this guy already! But I don't dare ask or hope that he feels the same for me.

... ... ...

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