17.39% rebirth in dxd ( drop ) (new version , new life in dxd) / Chapter 4: going home (baby life)

Chapter 4: going home (baby life)

issei< so this is going to be my home >

mom"honey can you hurry it's cold out here"

dad"ok sweetie "opens the door

both "welcome home issei"

issei"<this is going to be my new home>"

mom"honey can you take the stuff to the room and I put issei in the crib in the living room to make food for us I'm hungry"

dad" ok"

mom puts issei in the crib and goes makes food

issei "*sigh* Alice is there anything new "

Alice "not for you host *giggle×3* "

issei "Alice"

Alice "ok ok here"


mystery box

open [y/n]

issei "Alice I thought your a AI not a system "

Alice "host is correct I'm a AI. this is a gift for god"

issei "oh yes "

{mystery box open}


1. forms

[super Saiyan] 1 + 19 billion power in every stats

[super Saiyan] 2 + 99 billion power in every stats Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

[super Saiyan 3] + 150 billion power in every stats

[magestic form] + 400 trillion power in every stats

[super Saiyan god red] 50× stronger than sirzechs

2 . skills

[control] the ability to master your strength / to not hurt regular humans if fighting them


[training space chamber] dragon necklaces

the time one minute outside = to one hour inside the space /can let other people training

(with your pormiton)

3. kunai/∞ shuriken/∞ also flying thunder god kunai /∞

4. note from god

dear kace I gave you this gifts because you are going to be the strongest pawn ever in your realm but if you get angry your power is a little more than reasonable so don't get angry too much good luck from god

issei "* crying* thanks God "

hears foot steps from the kitchen

mom " issei are you hungry "

issei " <oh shit >"

mom grabs issei and puts him close to her chest (sucking sounds)

issei " this are some nice tits "

issei sucked on his mothers breasts for 20 minutes late

mom "you where hungry issei"

issei "*baby laughing*"

mom "cute ok let's make you burpe out the milk

mom "*tap tap "

issei " burpe "

mom " good boy"

mom puts issei back in the crib goes to get Dad to eat ... after they finished eating

they hear issei crying.

mom "what's wrong issei "

Dad " did you feed him "

mom "yes "

both "he did restroom💩"

issei " < this sucks >"

Alice "you smell funny" :)

issei " Alice that's not funny "

Alice " if you say so Host"

mom" let's clean you up "

mom and issei go to the baby room ten minutes later they go to living room and mom plays with issei and dad for the rest of the day

everyday was the same thing eat, restroom,play and sleep for six months when he said his first word

issei " m mommy"

mom "*crying of happiness* yes I'm mommy " she hugs him she so happy that issei said mommy then dad comes and says

dad "say daddy issei '

issei "mommy "

dad " no daddy "

issei " Mommy "

dad "no daddy "

issei " mommy "

dad "fuck mommy say daddy"

issei "fuck mommy "

mom "what did you say issei "

issei "fuck mommy"

mom " how told you that "

issei " daddy "

dad "he said daddy "

mom "honey care to explain to me " angry voice

dad " l l let m me explain sweetie " the next he felt was a Angy wife punch ( SSS move)

dad " that hurt ow "

mom " that's what you get honey "

issei " baby laughing"

mom " it's funny issei "

the day end the next thing that scared was when he started walking at the early of his nine months

mom" *crying * issei come here"

issei Walks to mom and hugs her leg

dad " come her issei "

issei Walks over and hugs his leg

dad "*crying* good boy"

everything went smoothly till he remembered that he need to train also he asked for a room for himself at age one

issei " let's get started "

Comments (5)

  • angel_gonzalez


    He has to train for the power

  • angel_gonzalez


    Good action get reword more than bad so that's on of the reasons he has 13 wishes

  • VladLord


    I won’t drop it for now. I don’t like that the MC has so much power from the start ? And why the fk does he have 13 wishes? Back to the point, I really hope you can make it work . I will wait for maybe 10 more chaps and then I will leave a review. Gl in your writing .

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