30.43% rebirth in dxd ( drop ) (new version , new life in dxd) / Chapter 7: first day of school

Chapter 7: first day of school

After one week of tough training it's was time to go to primary school,he knew that most subject would be easy but the thing he was excited was to meet Irina shidou one of the girls he would love to have in his heram and one of his wife's.

after eating breakfast his dad went to work and his mom was the one that dropped him of at school.

mom " issei remember what we talked about ok ,I'll pick you up after school "

issei " yes I remember , and ok I'll be waiting in the front of the school bye"

issei walks to the classroom and see a girl with a tomboyish outfit and was sitting alone with no one talking to her ,he walks to her and says.

issei "hey I'm issei,what's your name "

the tomboyish girl was surprised that someone was talking to her but she says in a shy voice

"I'm Irina shidou "in a shy and surprised voice

issei "how come you didn't talk with the other classmates"

Irina "I tried to but they shut me down "said with moist eyes

issei eyes soften and surprised at the same time and said.

issei " I'll be your friend Irina"

Irina almost jumping up and down said

Irina "I love to "

issei was about to respond to her but the teacher address the classroom to pay attention to what we are doing today.

all day was boring for issei so he just worked on his magic powers and ki in every class till it was lunch time where he would talk with Irina .

issei " what do you do for fun Irina"

Irina " I play at the park or I spend time with my dad,how about you"

issei " I play with my dad and mom ,or I practice my karate or teakwondo "

Irina " you do karate and taekwondo,I just learned karate "

issei " cool how was the sandwich"

Irina"good how about the chicken your eating"

issei " it good but a little too hard"

they head back to class also need two more class till they leave home

the bell rings and it's time to go home so they walk together to the front of the school and wait for their parents.

Irina "issei can you come an play at my house today"

issei remembers that irina's dad is a exorcist of the church and he has a dragon and magic arua

issei " sorry Irina I can't today maybe tomorrow ,let me ask my parents if they let me go to your house"

Irina " ok " with a sad voice

hunk hunk hunk

issei " it's my car ,see you tomorrow Irina "

Irina "see you tomorrow issei "

issei walks to the car and opens the door and gets in.

mom"how was that girl you were talking to "

issei " she is Irina shidou and my friend also asked if I can go to her house to play with her"

mom" if you say so"


they got home and dad was preparing the ingredients for dinner in the kitchen

issei"dad what are you making "

dad " I'm making tacos issei"

issei " ok I'm going to do homework"

issei goes to his room and asks drag a question

issei " drag can I hid my arua using [control] or do I have to learn something "

drag " control is good but I got a technique to hide your arua completely "

issei "ok "

issei started on his homework and finished in ten minutes .then his mom calls him to come and eat

dad " issei your mom told me that you have a new friend and it's a girl/girlfriend"

issei was hearing and almost choked on the taco he was eating and siad.

issei" y y yo ooou she just a friend plus I'm to young for a girlfriend don't you think"

mom" true but still we got to ask you

dad" also your mom told my you want to go play at her house but we never met her perants so you will let her know that you will go to her house on a Friday of this week ok"

issei "ok dad "

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mom " ok go take a shower and go to bed"

issei" ok goodnight love you mom,dad"

both"love you too issei"

issei went to train on the technique drag talk about and then he took a shower and fell asleep.

the next day was the same all boring class but he just goes to see irina.he also like to tell her that she would look beautiful if she wore a dress . every day was the same class eat talk and back to the boring class till it was Friday and he told Irina that today he can go to her house and play but his parents had to meet her dad.

issei "at what time do I go to your house Irina?"

Irina " mmmmmm maybe by 5 or 6 would that ok issei "

issei " it's perfect "

hunk hunk hunk

issei " my mom's here ; later Irina I'm going at 5 ok"

Irina "ok I'll be waiting; later issei"

issei tells his mom what Irina told him and she was ok with it but issei had to eat be for going,so he was a little inpatient but was happy he had such caring perants .

⟨next chapter (going to play at irina's )⟩

angel_gonzalez1500 angel_gonzalez1500

sorry I did one chapter instead of two so on Monday will have 3 chapter ok

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    Thank you for the chapter keep up the good work

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