56.52% rebirth in dxd ( drop ) (new version , new life in dxd) / Chapter 13: family trip = two new ******

Chapter 13: family trip = two new ******

today was Saturday and we were head to the mountain trail for a family trip, so we woke up earlier than usual and eat breakfast and got ready .

"issei you sure you want to go for a hike on the mountain and have a picnic " my mom asks me as I eat breakfast which made me look at her.

"yeah that's it ,why?" I ask her because she seemed to be a little disappointed on my idea

" just wanted to make sure " she said will going to the kitchen

*10 minutes later*

" issei , grace ;ready to hit the road " my dad said with a smile

"yeah I'm ready " I said as I walk but I hear my mom say

" issei can you take the picnic basket for me " she sad , I look at her with dumbfound face and ask.

" mom did you guys seal your strength to be regular humans " I look at her she just nods and giggles,so I take the basket and shit it was heavy but I can still carry it .

* 1 hour later *

we where in the parking lot of the entrance of the mountain path trial

" you guys ready " my mom asks me and dad

"yes " both of us said in sync

wa just laughed and started walking , we saw birds and deer , bears ( from afar to not get killed ) and we also saw a rabbit family , then we head to a picnic area to eat lunch.

" so hows your training going issei " dad said to me

" it's good but I have yet to awaken the second liberation of the gear and my strength is ok to fight low-level fallen angels " i said to Hime will eating a turkey sandwich Takis

" just be careful when you go hunting them, ok " mom said in a worried tone

"ok ,I'll be careful. oh yeah dad do you know where I can buy papers and tools for drawing " I ask to him

" I think I do know a place, but why do you want to draw "

"because it was fun at school so ill like to do mare at home " I answered with a true but lie answer

" I see ok I'll get them when I get my check ok"

he said

"ok i----------- " I turn to the west where I felt some fallen angels and a wired arua" dad did you feel that " I ask him

" that can't be it's almost the same aura as the -- he gets interrupted by drag .

<in did it's the same aura of god of the Bible but he is dead or it's something related to him>

" I think so but, we must leave issei ok " he said in a worried tone

" Ill take look at what's happening" I said and I used lightning vanishing steps and left them dombfond,and head toward the aura location .

*perants p.o.v.*

" shs he is just like his father never thinks before he acts " mom she said to dad

" hmm maybe but he has your determination looks " dad answer her

"sigh but why can he just stay still to listen to us " both said in sync

*back to issei

" [weapon wheel :drive blade] hmmm just a little more till we reach the location"I said Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"* host must control and hide his arua to go

unoticed or for them to not detect your presence*" Alice said to me

" ok " I did what she told me just in time because I was a mile away from them as I got closer I heard screaming

" jet away from us you you filthy animal" that sounded like a girl screaming as I got closer I see a girl with 12 withe wings and light silver hair and holding a sword and girl with a similar features but with darker color , being surrounded by fallen angels said.

"don't worry will take care of you real good " said the bad guy with a smirk and the rest laughed evilly , I counted two innocent girls and ten fallen angels so I took out ten Kuni and threw them at the fallen angels all you heard from them was screaming of agony so I jumped off the tree and said .

"you know it's not manly to gang up on girls " I said to them

" shut up you bastard I'll kill you " he jumped towards me and made a light spear and slashed towards me but I doged and slashed with full force and I cut his arm off ,he was screaming in pain and said.

"I'll chop you into pieces you basta-- " I cut his head off some blood sprayed on me

" call me bastard an I'll kill you the longest way you can think of" I said in a cold tone and I turn to see the girls , they see me looking at them, they had eyes of don't kill us ,so I said

" I'm not here to kill you I'm just hear to get rid of them ,I'll only take a sec ok" as I turn I slashed towards the rest an a sec of light came out (like getsuga tenshou from ichigo shaped like a crescent Moon ) six of them died and the rest look withe a paper but soon they felt something was off , well yeah there head where flying in the air , I let a sight and turn to the girls

"so you two are angels but with 12 wing-- " I get intorupted by drag

<no there the daughters of god of the Bible>

when they heard that they got in a battle stance and said

" how are you, how do you know our dad " they asked me in a bossy voice

"*sigh * I'm issei hyoudou the current possessor of the boosted gear and why I know your the daughters of the god of the Bible is because drag fought with you dad , right drag"I said to them

< yeah he and Lucifer and the head of the fallen angels fought with me and Albion ,those where good times , till he seald us in sacred gears >

" I see but you are human right,you have a similar aura to us but different" she asked me

"* sigh * I'm a nephilim, son of Alexander Lucifer Morningstar and grace Minerva zeusifige and the red dragon emperor"

they looked at me as if I was a monster or something but I forgot to ask them their own names

" can I know your names " I ask as a scratch my head

" I'm Ellen and I'm 7 years old " ( she is with the light silver hair "and this is my twin sister Ellie " sh is with the dark silver hair

" nice to meet you " I said with a smile but I can see a hit of blushing on the girls so I asked

" do you have a place to stay for the night "

"no we just wonder around ,why " they look confused

" you can stay with me and my parents , plus I always want to have wife's --- I mean sisters "

I looked at them to see if they heard me but all I can see was smoke coming out of them

"* laughing * ok sorry I was teasing you guys "

" BAKA "they shouted at me but I just laughed that I was rolling in the ground , I stopped and said

" let's go to meet my parents can I ask you two to move to my sides " I asked them but a got a annoyed look and a glare at me , they moved to my side and I hugged them but they asked me

" why are you hugging us " I looked a them

" well I can't fly so I learned a movement technique called [ lightning vanishing steps] so it's the fastest way I have of travel" I said to them so they just nod I move and we left the battlefield (JK ) but it was a bloody scene for regular humans.

* 15 minutes later *

I land and let go of them and walk to my parents

" so issei how are this young girls with you " mom asked me with a angry voice

" this are Ellie and Ellen and there the duaghters of the god of the Bible ,and I want you to adopt them as my sister's " I said to them and see there shooked expression

" issei you sure you want them as sisters " my dad asks me

" * sigh * fine I fell for them ok " I said with a blushing face but my mom and dad just laughed

" ok so how about it would you like to be our duaghters my mom asks them

" y...EEE..s yes we would love to " they said in sync and hugged my mom

" issei your new sisters are going to stay in your room an you will sleep in the couch" dad said to me

"*sigh * I also took some of the money of the fallen angels i have hunted " I take out a million dollars (110524501.09 yen ) my parents where shooked at how much money I had " I want you to rebuild the house to fit sure there " I said as I gave the money to dad

"ok but it's all you have to say " dad ask me

" and you can keep the rest" I started walking " let's go I have to rest im tired of the fighting"

later we went to a adoption center and we adopted Ellie and Ellen as my sister's, the next week we had to sleep at a hotel because of all the renovation of the house my mom. sleep with the girls and I stayed with my dad and I trained with him all that week ,today we are going back to our new house so I decided to star practice my drawing for my next step in making money.

to be continue in the next dragon Ball GT

family trip = wife's ----- sisters

<Saving akeno and her mom >

next chapter

angel_gonzalez1500 angel_gonzalez1500

this chapter is 2 in one , sorry for taking so long

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