Chapter 9: feelings

just like that my weekend was over and school started once again boredom sorted over.I just go because of Irina and learn kendo from her dad.

the bell rang we exited the class room to go home but for me I go to irina's to play together and kendo,and my parents pick me after were done then I hear Irina calling me as I turned around Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"hey issei what are we going to play today"she asked with a happy and excited face.

" tag or hide and seek or the princess and the prince " said issei will walking with here (she is starting to get more feminine/were more girl clothing) also the the princess and the prince is a game he made on the spot.

"what's the princess and the prince ? "ask Irina to me I answered " your the princess and I'm the prince" " Irina blushing said "me the princess " " yeah way not your pretty girl and I think you are a princess " these words made Irina steam and blushing very hard she punched issei " what are saying let's go be for my dad gets worried " I just laughed "ok let's go" we walked to her house and we did our homework together we'll I helped more than her " issei what's the formula for this again " Irina asked with pitiful face " ok ok it's 5 apple and you have five friends how many Apple's are left " "hmhmhhmhm zero because I give one to each " she said " yes it's zero " I responded. after we finished we headed to train. every day was the same till I asked if I can sleep over at her house; my parents were a little worried but they left me go on some conditions.

" sure you can go but be careful issei ,and listen to touji if you need help ok" mom said which I responded " ok but I'm sleeping with Irina so it's no problem"which my dad adds "oh I don't want a grandchild so early in my life or yours " that made me get flustered with a little steam coming out of me"DAD YOU IDIOT/ BAKA " I'm screaming at him which he laughed " ok ok we'll drop you off ok " he said Will holding his stomach . we arrived at her house and she was waiting in the front which made feel happy. My parents left we headed towards her room I put my sleeping bag on the floor next to hers we talked about stuff and I told her one of my dreams.

"hey Irina since we are talking about dreams one of mine is to have many wife's in the future " I said is I look at her face which looked surprised " issei way many wife's it's not right to do so " she told me so I answered " because I love you and I might fall in love with other girls " I said to her as I grabbed her hand and gave her a ring with a dragonic rune inscription on it ( he asked draig for the dragonic & protection rune ) " will you be my girlfriend in the future " I asked with a smile and she responded " yes I would love to be you girlfriend and wife in the future " she said and I hugged her as we fell asleep I felt soft lips kiss my four-handed which was Irina I just kept hug her all night because I know she will be living soon .

the next day we had breakfast and we went to play at the living when her dad call her; fourteenth minutes later she came back with a very sad face which I know what going to happen but it was to soon for me but I asked her what was wrong she said " my dad said where moving back to England tomorrow in the afternoon " she hugged me and cried but I told her that if she stopped crying I give her a surprise tomorrow she jumped up and down asking what it would be but I told her that why it's a surprise. we kept playing till my parents pick me up but when I was going to ask if they can buy a katana for me my mom said.

"issei is everything ok " she said in a worried tone I answered " no Irina is going back to England tomorrow in the afternoon " my parents were surprised of what I said and I asked " I want to give her a katana as a gift can you lend me money " they nod and drove to a katana store to buy one after a hour of searching t the perfect one we found it and at a cheap price we left the store and went home I told them I was going to rap the gift up I head to my room were I got into the training space I upgraded the sword with the dragonic rune inscription , I raped the gift up and fell asleep till the alarm sounded in the morning.

I took a shower and went downstairs to have breakfast with my parents then time came we left to irina's to say goodbye my parents talked in the kitchen , and me and Irina talk in the living room " Irina this the surprise I said yesterday " I hand over the raped katana to her and she opens the raper to find a white and blue katana she said " thanks issei it's beautiful ,ok my turn close your eyes and don't look " I did what she told me I felt some soft lips touching mine as I open my eyes in surprise I look into her violet eyes as she pulls back she smiles " this is my gift to you issei my first kiss " she had a flustered face but her smile is something that was carved into my mind .before they left Uncle gave me a kenjutsu book to study and train with we waved goodbye till we could not see the car no more .

later that night me and drag talked about how can I grow more strong than what I am he said.

< you can start sensing for stray devil's , fallen angels and stray exorcist ; to get some actual combat and get some killing intent> he said

" ok I'll start tomorrow " and I fell asleep

⟨the next chapter hunting⟩

Comments (6)

  • OTAKU04


    you wrote raped instead of wrapped

  • Keisar


    Why does he react like a girl to his fathers teasing? It feels disgusting.

  • ultimate_machosist


    Why would you rape the gift up it was innocent

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