60.86% rebirth in dxd ( drop ) (new version , new life in dxd) / Chapter 14: saving akeno and her mother

Chapter 14: saving akeno and her mother

(I skip one year in the timeline so he is 7 and in first grade )

today was the last day before spring break and my training with my sister's and perants increased day by day, today we where finishing up our training when Alice said something.

"today is the day akeno's moms death " she said, I heard her and I froze up but I kept waking till I reached my room I started thinking of ways to save them but the only one is for him to go directly to them.

"*sigh* so the only way to save them is to interfere directly " i asked Alice

" yeah it's the same idea I have " she said to me

" I guess ill leave the house at 1 to get at the shrine they live in, remind me to get ready for it " I said to her and went to eat breakfast

"k" she said , which sounds funny

as I went to train a little more my body felt something was wrong so I stopped and meditated for the rest of the time till I heard Alice

" it's time, did you tell you parents where you are going to?" she asked me

" nah let's go" I said before I jumped out my window and to the neighbors roof and flickered off ,mean will in the living room

" do you know where he is going in such a rush" mom asked dad

" no but it must be something with a girl or something" dad answered ,mom got worried but got angry how her husband is just relax

" he is our son so he is smart to take care of himself" dad said and went back to watching TV

*back to issei *

" I'll stop at a store to by a mask or something"

he continues to look for a store, he finds one after 20 minutes of searching and goes ,he walks and enters

" excuse me but do you have masks " I asks the cashier

" yes what kind do you want to buy" she asked me

" a withe and a black ( X ) in the front and a black overcoat " I asked her

" I think we have one in red let me check " she said will going to the back

"*Alice get me 600 dollers*" i said to Alice

"ok here " she answered, and 600 dollers appeared in my hand ,I hear her coming back so I put the money in my pocket.

" I have the mask but the black overcoat has three one is assassin's Creed overcoat and the other one is Hitman overcoat and final one is devil man dante overcoat"she said to me will showing me the mask and the overcoats

"I'll take the assassin's Creed overcoat and the mask,also do you have more of the same overcoat" I said

"yes I have five of them and five mask's " she said to me

"ok I'll buy them all, how much is it " I asked her

" it will be 600 dollers " she said with a serious tone , which I show her the money and she the stuff

" thank you for your purchase " she said with a smile , I just waved goodbye and turn, I started to put on the overcoat it was a little big but I can move good with it which I flickered off.

* 30 minutes later*

I arrive at the shrine were her mom is a priest, I started to yours my control and hiding skills to the max for the barrier won't detect me as I see a girl that resembles akeno I stopped and went back and activated my Sharingan i see her make flower necklace ,she was like that for a hour till her mother asked her to come an eat lunch , which I forgot to get some oh well I'll eat later , everything went smoothly till I see baraqiel leave I take my [Divine blade] out and move forward till I'm a foot away from the house so I jump up to a tree and wait till the attack starts , many hours pass by will I talked with Alice about what happened will I was training but she said that she did not have the answer when I sense a few hostile arua's coming in this direction,I move to where I'm inside the house and put on the mask and hoodie will sensing for akeno and her mom , I found them in the shrine and house storage room I kept waking till I hear some wing flapping and I hear a screaming so I flickered off just in time to arrive to hear something that pissed me off.

"ha ha baraqiel left u all alone so we can have some fun with you and your daughter " said a man in withe will the rest laughed evilly , there where about 20 men in total, I hear akeno's mom say .

" over my dead body will you touch my daughter " she said will holding a knife at them

"ha ha ha as you wish " as he said that he slashed towards her , I moved and slashed towards the guy , she turns around and hugs akeno but then she hears a loud bang but she only sees someone in front of her blocking the sword that would of killed her .

" how the fuck are you " the man ask in a angry voice

" I'm a wonderer and help people in need "I said to him and send a kick to him , he jumps back and says

" but she is a slut she had a relationship with a fallen angel and product her "he pointed at akeno how was shivering with fear

" ha ha ha that's all she did , she just fell in love with baraqiel a friend of Azazel the governor of the fallen angels , plus how are you to interfere with love " I said to him Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

" she is a disgrace to the himejima clan ,she needs to get eliminated " he said as he jumped towards me

" then I'll have to kill you " I said as I slashed and cut his head off, everyone was shooked , but heard something crack and fall , I was crearles know one third of my mask was missing you can see half of my mouth and a little bit of my eye.

" oh so he did have some skill " I said as I remove my mask and showed my face they where shooked at how young I look and asked my age

" how old are you mister " asked one of the withe men will he drew out his sword

"I'm 7 years old one year younger than her " I point to akeno , they where all shooked at my age and with my skill just or better than them

" kid what is your purpose of stopping us from kill them , how about you get a turn with them and will call it even ok " said a man with different colored rode it was gold and silver

" ha ha ha ha you think I'm a horny dog like you guys that's a good one , but we have to get back to business" as I said this I got in to a fighting stance and dashed towards them

" we all attack together " said the man ( the leader I guess)

"""""yes sir"""""

they moved together and surrounded me and attack together but I flickered and appeared behind them and said

" I'll put my sword away from the time being, unequip [Divine blade ] "as the sword lives I take out eight flying thunder god kunai and I throw them.

" shit use some magic attacks"

"""yes sir"""

""""" [ fire blast ] """ [ice spear]""[holy swords]""

all this attacks head for me but I was also in front of akeno and her mother how where hugging each other, so I got two more flying tunder god kunai and add some lighting to them , so I throw one and it destroys the magic and made a cloud of smoke and the holy swords came out, so i slashed the kunai and a chidori sound was made and it destroyed the attack but as I was going to attack I see a blade coming for my chest and slashed my left side , I stand there with a sadistic smile

" ouch that hurt , my turn now " I said as I move and appeared behind one of the and cut his thought and move I kill two more before I got attack by a blade that slashed the same spot as the other one making a (X) on my left chest , so I go back and throw the kunai and I make two chidori's one on each hand and I move I slashed one by one till one has left I slashed and cut off his arm and some blood splatters on my face and I speak.

" go and tell the head of the clan if I find out he makes a stunt like this to them, ill kill him the slowest death he can imagine , go and tell him " I kick him and he starts running, I turn over and say.

" you got a first aid kit " I said will scratching my head.

" yes , wait here I'll go get it " she say and runs off and I start walking towards akeno and ask.

" can I sit next to you " I ask her which she nods, I sit and start taking off my overcoat.

" ouch " as I removed the the coat I look at akeno go is looking at me with a fearful look.

" I'm issei how about you " I ask her will extend my hand to shake hers.

" I'm akeno himejima " she say as we shake hands , I hear her mother coming back

" ok I got it let me treat you wound " she kneel down and opens the first aid kit and cleans up my wound and bandages up my and she stand up and goes and get akeno to get me a chair.

" lets go to the table and talk about something"

we head to the table and sat down and she asks me if I want something to drink , I said yes

" so what do you want to talk about " she asked me

" there is to things the first one how was your father and the second we need your husband"

to be continued ( in the next dragon Ball GT )

⟨next chapter ( seal and meeting baraqiel ) ⟩

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