69.56% rebirth in dxd ( drop ) (new version , new life in dxd) / Chapter 16: my first manga contract

Chapter 16: my first manga contract

today I woke up but i felt a lot stronger that yesterday which is strange because I am supposed to be tired from the battle experience I got yesterday, but I'm not so I asked Alice.

" Alice is there something that is helping my body or something " I ask Alice in a confused tone

" no but I can't scan you completely I can only scan 60% of you body information " she said, when I heard that he was shooked bit I had one more question so I asked

" Alice yesterday I felt wired can you run some scans on me and check on my skills too I felt like the control skill is not good for me , tell me in a hour or so, I need to head down stairs" I said as I got out of bed and put on my shorts and open the door and went it the living room , he saw his sister Ellie and Ellen watching TV so he went and sat with them.

" issei wtf happened to you " Ellen and Ellie asked me at the same time

" long story but short version is I got in a fight with a high-level fallen angel that is close to some named kokabiel , I think " I said to them but they just look like I was a ghost or something

" issei what's with that tattoo on your arm " I hear the voice of mom and I turn very slowly to meet a pair of angry eyes at me

" m m m... it's the seal that's on me , I went to explore the next town and I felt a huge and powerful fallen angel presence so I dicided to see what was going on , and I might of held the duaghter of Jake himejima and his granddaughter akeno by kill someone named, I didn't get a name for him he just had 6 wings in total and a samurai armer , as a thanks shuri check if I had a seal on me and that's how I got this tattoo on me also the scars on my body " I said to her and my sister's

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" issei please don't be so reckless ,ok her your dad got you the art notebook and pencils and pen also maker, color pencils" she said as she gave me a bag with all the things she said

" woohoo thanks mom, tell Dad thanks for the art materials , I'll be in my room " I said as I dashed out of the living room.

" ok let's go to the training space and draw for the time being" I sad

" I think I'll start with dragon Ball " i said as I started to draw Goku and all the characters in it and I finished by lunch time so I dicided to show them to my mom and sister since my dad is not here

*lunch time*

" mom , sister's I got something to show you " i said as I showed them my drawing but they asked

" so are you making a story or something" my mom asked and my sister's node

" yeah its more of a manga thing it's called dragon Ball"

" ok it looks good" they said to me , we had lunch and I went back to my room and my sisters went shopping with Mom so there going to take there time I guess

time skip * ( like 10 months in real time )

" I finished the the dragon Ball manga , no let's head to a manga publisher or company" I said as I went to change my clothes and went downstairs to tell my mom

" issei breakfast is almost ready " she said as I sat down and said

" I'm done with the manga , can you take me to a company to see if they can publish it " i said to her but she said

" I'll take you but your dad is also coming " Shae said when dad appeared and sat down

" ok" I said

we had breakfast and mom left my sister's at school and we went to a company my dad found in the internet it's called Daizenshuu bit it was like five hours away for my school so we went there , with the first 194 in dragon Ball and the 325 in dragon Ball z so in total so in total where 42 volumes and 518 individual chapters , we parked and walk to the reseptinest and my parents asked for the publisher and they left me alone as they wanted me to figure things out , I see a woman how looks like Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown she walks towards me and says

" hi I'm inori hattori I'm the publisher in charge of the manga department let's go to my office " she said with a annoyed voice which pissed me off , we walk without saying anything and we arrived at here office she sat in her chair and told me to sit

" your father told me you have been working on a manga let me see it " she said as I gave here the packet of papers , she began to read like 3 hours later she looks at me with different eyes and she said

" we will publish it right now it's fascinating action and comidied " she said

we sighed some paperwork and like that my first manga was published and with my name on it so ( ha ah aha aha I'm going to be rich for life )

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  • SixPath


    Thanks for the chapter, friend. But it would have been better if there was some progress in story.

  • Dame_ningen1


    reseptinest-> receptionist..

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