73.91% rebirth in dxd ( drop ) (new version , new life in dxd) / Chapter 17: what's wrong with my body

Chapter 17: what's wrong with my body

today was the last day of elementary and I was getting ready to head to school when Alice said

" don't go to school I got the results of the scans I made one you " save said in a worried tone and I said

" fine let me just tell my parents " I said as I went downstairs

" mom I'll not go to school I have something to do in the training space chamber " i told my parents and left

* perants PV*

" mmmm honey do you think something is wrong with issei " she asked him

" don't worry dear he most want to train some more or something" he said to her

"if you say so " she answered and went back to cooking

*end of PV*

" so what's wrong with my body and how can some skills affected my future plans " I said as I sat down on the floor

" *sigh* with the skills you choose are the worst mistake you made for your self " she said in a angry voice

"ok so how can I fix it or help solve the problem" I asked

" hmhmhhmhm *sigh * you only have thing god left for you [ recycle bin ] ,it's only one time use so choose wisely on what you are keeping" she said , which I was shocked to hear god left me something like that but the name is funny so how cares, I started thinking on what skills don't I need no more ( light bulb turns on ) I got it

"I got it, I choose :super training, fire & lightning Jutsu's,superior comprehension,control, shuriken, kunai ;* this are the only and all the skills I choose to recycle" i said

do you want to continue {y/n}


* mystery box sound of Black ops zombies*

1. water & gravity magic

2. new weapon wheel slot for any weapon ×2

3. tatsuya shiba silver horn dul set (pistol)

4. dragon egg [ mythical]× 3

5. upgraded token ×1

" the fuck I got three dragon egg and two weapon and why did I get water and gravity magic,but the most I wanted was a to try using the silver horn ,so what can I do with the upgraded token and this it all the reword I'm getting but I sacrificed 6 things " I shouted with a happy but confused tone

" this are your reword form the recycle bin and be happy with what you got *hump* and the upgraded token can be used to upgrade your sowrd to you training space chamber but not your abilities " she said

" ok but why not my abilities nevermind now let's go back to what's wrong with my body " I asked her

" your body is still human and it can only hold so much power and magic, either you stop training and magic or find something to help you " she answered me

' so ill stop training and my magic or find something else to help me hmhmhhmhm '

" draig what you think I should do " I asked

<ahahahahahah well this must be important for you to wake me up from my nap , you can turn to a humanoid dragon with your current power you'll be a C-class dragon and if you keep training you'll be a ultimate dragon or more, you may even rivel me and Albion in are prime > draig said ,when I hear I can turn to a huminoid dragon I wanted to punch my self but I hear I was going to be a a C-CLASS that shooked me but I was happy tho

" ok so how will I turn to one " I asked them

< it's going to hurt but you can poll it off ,I'll transfer the remaining amount of dragon force I have ,but I'll not talk to you till you turn 15 , this is now as a slumber but I say it's a long nap >

" ok let's start" I said. as I got in a lotus position

<right talk to you soon partner>

as he said that my body felt hot and my Bones felt as if they were in a furnace , by body temperature got to the point where I felt I was in the sun or higher temperature I struggle to keep awake and to not pass out but I failed

*5 hours later*

" uh my body feels stif ASF " all my Bones started cracking and I felt as if I just need to burpe

* flames came out of my mouth* " excuse me " I said as I jumped up and down but then I felt something on my back I see my shadow and see two wings in each side so I have four wings i tried to fly but I was still not able to control my wings so I decided to see my other things I got.

*19 hours later*

" *tired sigh * I'm done now let's practice to make some gravity seals on me " I said

time went by I got the hang of gravity magic and start to make seal but like everyone I can't learn all in one go as they said " Rome wasn't built in one day " so I kept training till I hear my mom call my name so I stopped and got out , I went to the mirror see how I looked like , I see a your man with very defin muscles and abs but I remember I had 4 not 6 how cares , I went downstairs to have dinner and I accidentally broke all plates I ate in and my parents asked me

" issei can't you control your strength " my dad asked me as my mom and sister looked at me

" nope I'm not used to my new strength" I said to him

" what do you mean new strength did the seal break or something " he asked me in a worried tone

" no it's fine but my body could not keep up with my magic and strength I had to leave my human life , yes I'm no longer a human I'ma humanoid dragon thanks to draig " I said I as I eat , they accept my answer and I look at my sister's and said

" later pass by my room I got something for you , and mom,dad can I use the room next to mine for the training space chamber i think I found a way to put it as a room and you can use it to relieve some stess

' Alice use the token on the training space chamber ok'


" ok you can use it " they said and I left m

to my room later I heard a knock on my door and see my sisters standing there

" can we come in " Ellen asked

" yeah come I got a present for the both of you" I said as I go into my closet and get a empty box and put the two dragon eggs in there and I take it out

" I went on a little adventure and found these so I'll give them to you guys" I said as I let them see what's inside

" are these dragon eggs " Ellen and Ellie asked

" you bet " I answered

'ding upgraded complete'

you can now place the new seal and these *how have touched the necklaces can access the training space chamber in the room you place it in *

" ok I'll need to set up the room next door " I said as I was about two leave when I felt some one pull me and I landed on the bed Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

" Ok now close your eyes " Ellen said to me so I closed them and I left some lips next to mine so I reacted and we battle with our tungs and we lasted for 5 minutes till we heard.

" it's my turn" said Ellie in a shy voice

the same thing happened with her.

( there not blood related so it's fair I guess )

they left and I started to set up the room and then I activated the core and the room turn white with never ending and I started to test it to see if there were any problem , everything was fine and starts to training on the gravity seals for like the next 2 houra till I finally go the hang of it and made it to some seals on my arms and legs , I went and took a shower and fell asleep

* that's the end of the show till next time *

next chapter ⟨ first day of high school and trouble⟩

Comments (9)

  • Adypoker


    And DROPPED...

  • Adypoker


    Author just nerfed the MC for no reason, and like always that destroyed the story... Didn't have to nerf him at all if he was going to become a humanoid dragon...

  • SixPath


    Yes, destroying abilities was not appropriate decision as instead of this he could have nerfed it's impact on enemies. Still, author shall enjoy his creative ******* and do what he likes. We are watching.

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