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Version 1:

AI was implemented to the bodies and given the means to reproduce in similar fashion to humans. They were put near a lake and given the requirements of life exactly like humans. They seem to not really know what to do. Probably due to no will parameters. Time has also been added to the landscape as well as an atmosphere. The planet is like earth, but with only one land mass. This will be changed in later versions. Will have to add that into Version 2. Death happened as the AI didn't know what to do.

Version 2:

Repeating what happened in the first Version. Free will parameters have been added. Just need to see if they will act accordingly for survival. Will let time pass for 3 years and check on them. I reckon that they won't be able to last long as we haven't inputted a creativity index in them. A learning algorithm most likely need to be made as well. Death was from Cannibalism and lack of food.

Version 3:

Made sure to put other species into the environment with certain ferocity levels, as well as certain edible levels. They have also been able to procreate much akin to their real-life counter parts. Creativity and learning index have been added, also no desire to eat one's own species. As well as self-preservation. Setting time to pass for 20 years. Death was due to natural disasters in the small area that the AI inhabited. Version 4 will have more tribes of people.

Version 4:

Previous versions have failed due to a limited pool of one tribe or group of people. Adding 3 more tribes with same parameters. Separating them by putting them on different sides of the continent. Adding a curiosity levels at a random factor for each new AI. Should hopefully be able to find each other. Mixed with the learning index and creativity index they should be able to work together. Setting time to pass by 100 years. They died from lack of cooperation. Needed to add friendliness and cooperation factors. That will be implemented in version 5.

Version 5:

Added the specified parameters. Now setting time to pass as 100 years again. Hopefully there will be a change. So far so good. Setting it for another 100 years. And checking again and there are way too many people. After checking the reason it's due to the lack of a life span. Everyone is just living forever. Life span should be set around 30 years, susceptible to change due to access to medicine, food, water and exercise. And shutting down this sever to kill them all. Version 6 please be the one.

Version 6:

Although the previous version could be considered a success, the population was too high and wasn't sustainable and not suitable for a game. Added a life span number now that can be affected when certain skill trees are unlocked. Setting time for 100 years along with a life and death counter. We want the population of 10 people per tribe to reach that of 50 at the least. After check after the 100-year Gap we can say we have succeeded. Number of people have been regulated well. Setting it for another 100 years. They have started killing themselves. That's not great. Looking at their last thoughts while dying is the lack of meaning in life which in turn made them scared of dying and with the survival and self-preservation factors in play, they ended finding it meaningless. Need to implement a religion or powerful figure. Will implement a god into the world.

Version 7:

It was decided to implement multiple gods as having one AI overseeing everything would have unknown effects. We decided to have 3 main gods in similar aspect to the Christian god with the father, the son and the holy spirit and Hindu gods of brahma the creator, Shiva the destroyer, Vishnu the balancer. We decided to have the creator, destroyer and the balancer as needing a balance is needed. Gods have been given access to manipulate the world. It can create other godly beings, but not to be stronger than themselves. Setting personality meters corresponding to their main description. Destroyer has also been given a laziness factor as we fear it may just erase the world on a whim and we would like to avoid that. We have also given a laziness factor into the human AI. Setting time passage for 1000 years. It seems that the gods have created multiple other gods. A bit too many, but they seem to be helping the humans. A belief in an afterlife seems to stave off killing themselves. That's good. Although there isn't enough space for all these gods. Need to create more land mass.

Version 7.01:

Added extra land masses. The area of the space that the game occupies is like earth, but large land masses. Need to add space. Final plan is to incorporate time progression so that it could become a sci-fi ground.

Version 7.02:

Space has been added. Space has been expanding at a rate of 10000 kilometers per month. Also added a randomly generated was of installing planets and stars. Next major version will require a way to decide if life can be produced on other planets, possibly without deity's intervention.

Version 7.03:

Land masses have been given a rate of movement of 0.001 centimeters per 10 years.

Version 8:

The number of Gods got way to out of hand, so we limited it to just the 3 gods. They are only able to have 1 creation and a time excluding the humans which are considered their creation. Also, the seven deadly sins have been added. Different numbers have been randomly set to each AI with the first of them being set with 0 which will rise depending on which god they decide to dedicate their lives to and how they are raised.

Version 8.01:

Skill tree has been updated.

Version 8.02:

Skill tree was expanded upon.

Version 8.03:

Bio life was given the ability to procreate like their real-life counter parts.

Version 9:

Mythical creatures were implemented. They were given similar parameters as to the other animals. Ferocity and seven deadly sin levels were also raised.

Version 9.01:

Magic was given to the human AI to be able to combat these creatures.

Version 9.02:

More life other than basic fish was put under the seas to add bio-diversity of the planet and make it as like earth as possible.

Version 10:

Magic was refined to require physical energy or life force from user or a sacrifice to use it as the mythical creatures were wipes out in the previous version. Mythical creatures were also researched to a larger extent so that they would match their legends.

Version 10.01:

Mythical creatures were debuffed.

Version 10.02:

Normal creatures were buffed.

Version 10.02:

Plants life were buffed.

Version 10.03:

Weeds were implemented.


Weeds were debuffed.

Version 11:

Skill trees were added to all creatures. Evolution's were given to certain mythical creatures such as slimes, goblins, zombies. Vampirism was introduced. It is only allowed to develop once a civilization has fully established. This requirement is for a place's population to be larger than 1000. Lycans was also introduced with the same restrictions as Vampires.

Version 11.01:

Vampires were debuffed.

Version 11.02:

Lycans were debuffed.

Algorithm of free-flowing time has finally been developed. Ready to be implemented in the next few updates.

Version 12:

We have decided to allow Alpha players enter to see AI reaction to real people. Free flowing time has been partially implemented. It will only go from 0 years to 10000 years. AI were first suspicious of players but came to accept them.

Version 13:

Free flowing time has fully been integrated. Player needed aspects have been required to be built into the AI want system once they advance through the skill tree enough.


After Version 13 the game was dropped. It was still allowed to run as they still wanted to see if it could be profitable eventually or controllable and see how far along the AI would come along.

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