66.66% Epic of Blargha Flargha / Chapter 1: Rule The World!

Chapter 1: Rule The World!

The story begins with a single being, Zeri the Namer. He looked down toward a single planet and saw a pitiful slime crawling upon its stomach. With pity in his eyes, Zeri reached his hand down, picked it up, and whispered, "Oh pitiful creature without a name, I shall grant you a personal blessing from me. A name so that you don't have to be a nameless rat. But what shall this name be?"

Zeri thought quietly to himself for a while before a single thought appeared within his mind, "Blargha...which is always followed by Flargha…" he played around with this word a bit longer before making his decision, "Yes, little slime your name shall be Blargha Flargha!"

A singular entity with unbelievable powers, was just unknowingly born into the world. And its name was, Blargha Flargha!

No one knows where this creature came from or what it was planning. All they knew was that the day Blargha Flargha was born, a single title was instantly granted to the slime by the heavens themselves.

{Suitable Creature Found: title granting commenced. Welcome to the world, Blargha Flargha (Lord of Trap).}

The first time Blargha Flargha woke up from its unconscious state, it was shocked by the world around it. As a slime, Blargha Flargha usually had no true thoughts due to it not even having a brain. Luckily though, being granted a name allowed a mysterious power to flow into and create strange golden bead inside of it.

This bead acted as a sort of synthetic brain, meaning that for the first time, Blargha Flargha was capable of conscious thought.

"Where am I?" Looking around curiously, the small slime noticed that it was in some sort of area filled with large brown objects that had green dots protruding from its arms. He searched through all of the info inside of his brain and came up with a single hidden memory.

The memory was of an entity, that walked upon two legs and had hair only on its head, looking up at the strange object and saying, "This is quite an impressive tree!" With this in mind, Blargha Flargha knew that what he was facing was called a "tree".

It traveled around the area it was in for a few more hours before finally stopping in front of a tree. Blargha Flargha decided to test something out. It began to stretch and spread its body around the base of the tree, slowly dissolving and absorbing all that it could.

After several days of this, Blargha Flargha quickly became bored and wished for something more exciting to happen.

A sudden voice appeared in its head as Blargha Flargha was wondering what it should do for the day. The voice said, "{Lord of Trap}-unique ability: [Spawn Summoning x1] cooldown complete."

Blargha Flargha was so surprised by the voice that it actually released impurities from its body in the form of a large turd. Oddly enough, turds were not something slimes should be able to produce as they directly dissolved all they consumed.

With curiosity in its core, Blargha Flargha slowly approached the turd. The voice suddenly appeared within its head again and said, "{Lord of Trap} congratulations on using unique skill [Spawn Summoning x1]. Cooldown period for skill has started, #%*€@ left before the cooldown is complete."

The voice left just as soon as it came, leaving the poor slime bewildered beyond belief. Suddenly, the turd upon the ground began to shake and tremble as a blue hue began to shine from it.

Its body bubbled as a small face formed on the turd. This continued on for a few seconds before the turd finally took on a proper form. It was a slime with a similar appearance to Blargha Flargha.

A sudden feeling of camaraderie appeared in the core that was inside of the little blue slime. It slowly approached the turd slime and asked, "Who are you?"

The slime did not respond, as slime did not have a natural born consciousness, and just stared at Blargha Flargha instead.

"...my name is Blargha Flargha, what is yours?"

"Blargha Flargha?" The turd slime responded in a questioning manner.

In reality though, these two creatures were not speaking to each other in the orthodox method. Instead what was happening was that Blargha Flargha was sending slime signal directly into the turd slime. The turd slime did the exact same thing back, allowing the two entities to communicate with one another.

"Yes, I am Blargha Flargha! And what about you? You came from my body so how about...Flughra!" Blargha Flargha looked excitedly at its new friend while attempting to give it a name.

The turd slime shook its head though, "You are Blargha Flargha, I am your second half. My name shall be… Blargha Flargha 2!"

At the exact same Blargha Flargha 2 sent this message to Blargha Flargha, the voice of heaven came down once more.

{Suitable Creature Found: title granting commenced. Welcome Blargha Flargha 2 (Lord of Ash).}

With that the seconding was born.

They spent their days casually moving around the area they lived in until one day they were attacked. A monster of gigantic proportions appeared before then, it gave them a disgusted look and walked over in an attempt to crush the Blarghas beneath its foot. The lord of ash quickly hopped out of the way before the creature could touch it, but the lord of traps was too slow.

With that, the creatures large paw slammed down upon the lord of traps, flattening it. The monster gave off what seemed like a snicker and tried to walk off after that, however the lord of ash would not allow that to happen.

After seeing its friend die so easily, a strange feeling welled up inside of the lord of ash. This was its first experience in rage. It's body began to bubble and expand as a strange coating of black soot began to come off of it.

The creature sensed something strange behind it and turned back to find a slime similar to the one that it just killed towering dozen of meters over it. The monster growled at the lord o ash threateningly, and it charged in order to give off the first attack to its large foe.

With a single leap, the monster tried to sink it's claws into the Blargha's large body. Sadly, it was a slime.

The lord of ash allowed the creature to approach, and when it made contact with its gelatinous body the creature found out something horrifying.

Blarghas had physical injury nullifying abilities, and their body had a powerful suction property as well. This meant that the beast was not only unable to harm the slime with its claws, but it was slowly being dragged into the slime's body as well.

The creature roared and howled as it began to melt inside of the Blargha's odd body substance. With a final yip, the monster melted and burned to ashes.

The lord of ash began to shrink as it looked around for its fellow companion...who was jiggling just a meter away from it.

"Blargha Flargha!"


The two slimes slid over to each other in excitement. Blargha Flargha looked at the ashes that he lord of ash was slowly absorbing inside of its body.

"How did you do that?!"

The lord of ash shrugged and explained that he didn't know. He was sure he could do it again but he wasn't able to figure out why he was capable of such a thing in the first place.

Blargha Flargha, "Second, while watching you fight a great idea popped into me."

Blargha Flargha 2, "What kind of great idea is that?"

"There was a time where I was a weak nameless slime-"

Blargha Flargha 2, "I can believe that, you're pretty pathetic."

"-... BUT thanks to many creatures underestimating and ignoring me, I was able to collect a lot of information from them. Did you know that in our world, there are hundreds of different creatures all over the place. Our race, the slimes, are considered the absolute weakest among them as well. Humans, monsters, and many other entities hunt us down and kill us like we're nothing."

A growling sound began to rumble out of the lord of ash's body as he listened to the lord of trap's words. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Blargha Flargha 2, "Unacceptable!"

Blargha Flargha, "That's right! The injustice we face is unacceptable. That's why I came up with an idea. We are different from other slimes. I survived being crushed by that huge creature and you actually KILLED it! We are powerful Second, more powerful than any other normal slime. And while I'm not sure how powerful we truly are, I can tell that we still have the potential to grow even further. I can sense it, the more of that ash you absorb the more powerful you grow."

It didn't notice before, but the lord of ash discovered that Blargha Flargha's words were right. It felt itself growing sturdier and more energetic as the ashes integrated with its body.

"So you think we should grow stronger?" Blargha Flargha 2 still couldn't figure out where Blargha Flargha was going with this and asked curiously.

"Better than grow stronger. Second, I think we have the potential to rule this world! Imagine a world ruled by slimes, the weakest creature known around. A world where our brethren don't have to fear death any longer! Second! Join me, and let us gather our forces to take over this planet!"

Blargha Flargha 2 did not have a face or anything like that to show expressions. But if it did, it would've had a wide smile going across its face.

XiaoTang XiaoTang

Join the Blargha Flarghas for world domination!

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  • Bibliophile_Anna


    Amazing start.

  • Nayamorac


    Thank you for the chapter.

  • CrescentLunar


    OMG THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER (I have not read a single word yet). I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK (I know nothing about this book). THIS IS A MUST (not) READ THAT EVERYONE WILL (not) ENOJY!!!!!

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