100% Epic of Blargha Flargha / Chapter 2: Forehead

Chapter 2: Forehead

The idea that Blargha Flargha came up with made the Lord of Ash so excited, he wanted to begin it immediately. Unfortunately, Blargha Flargha had to hold him back. "Before we do anything rash , we need to think about this carefully. W can't just go around doing whatever we want."

"But why? You said it yourself, we are strong! There is no need for us to fear other creatures. Afterall look at the one I just defeated, it was nothing compared to me even though it was so big." Lord of Ash couldn't understand what the Lord of Trap was so worried about. If even a creature of the magnitude they just faced was nothing compared to them, then what did they have to fear?

"This is why I'm the 'brains' of this operation. So you think we are invincible just because we defeated that wolf like creature? What if that turned out to be one of the weakest beasts in the area we lived in? What if your physical attack nullification ability had a limit?"

The Lord of Trap's words made the Lord of Ash begin to think. What if what he faced really was just a pathetically weak creature? If so, then maybe a much stronger one that could kill them would appear if they acted foolishly. The Lord of Ash flattened himself in a sort of slime nod in understanding.

"Then what do we do?" The Lord of Ash looked to his new leader curiously and wondered what kind of idea this supreme entity would come up with. The Lord of Trap stayed silent for a short moment before answering, "We need to figure out the extent of our ability. If I remember correctly, nearby this area is a small nest of goblins. We should see if we could defeat those creatures at least before we attempt to do anything else."

A low rumble began to come off of Ash's body as excitement once more began to grow inside of him. He finished absorbing the ashes of the beast inside of his body and he felt his suction ability increase from it. An odd feeling to howl at a white ball in the sky also began to grow inside of him but this was a story for another day.

~~~~~~~~~~3 days later

Two dirty, disgusting, green, stinky goblins were standing watch at the front entrance of a cave. Their rotten teeth and could breath made the area around them smell like some sort of poisonous gas. In fact it was a known fact that long exposure to goblin stench could cause nausea and hallucinations that wouldn't harm the overall health but it would cause some trouble in battle.

Goblins were very low leveled and weak creatures within the forest, but what they lacked in strength they made up for in number. One by itself had a danger level of [F] but a large group would be bumped up to danger level [D]. Danger levels were letters that showed the ranking of how deadly a creature was within the world. From lowest to highest the levels were [G], [F], [E], [D], [C], [B], [A], [S], [SS], and [SSS].

Of course these rankings weren't always accurate as there were some monsters whose strength exceeded their rankings. And the danger levels didn't have equal strengths either.

For example, the Earth Dragons was a monstrous creature that was several times stronger than a Bicorn, yet they were both in the [S] rank category. This was because the distance between each rank became larger as the ranking became higher.

Most people usually only rated monsters from [F] and higher though. This was because of the many monster races, there were only three who were rated [G] rank. These were the slimes, the spiders, and the rats. Every other creature other than those three were [F] rank or higher.

Of course… this was about to change soon enough with Ash's and Trap's rating ascension.

Rating ascension, the process of a monster increasing its power until it becomes equal to or greater than a creature of the next rank. This makes its danger rating rise to the next stage if the creature in the rank before can defeat ten creature of the next rank.

Right now, Ash and Trap were both hidden in bushes in front of the entrance of the goblin cave.

Supposedly if they were to defeat the monsters in the cave, they should fill out the prior conditions for rating ascension.

So there was no question as to what their next course of actions would be.

Trap silently faded into the shadows while Ash moved forward out of the bushes. The goblins stationed in front of the cave noticed movement in front of them and looked at each other nervously.

Goblins weren't very strong even in groups, but they did have one small advantage over other monsters. They were a just a little bit more intelligent. Of course since they were smart to an extent, that meant that they were smart enough to know fear.

Goblins were cowards who preyed on the weak and feared the strong, but this didn't mean they were any less dangerous. In fact it was quite the opposite. Since they were cowards, they would have their guards up constantly. This meant that it would be difficult to catch them off guard.

Well, this would only be difficult if Trap and Ash were any other race.

Despite their wary personality, goblins still had some pride and arrogance inside of them. Especially if they were to face the weakest creature known around, the slime.

Knowing that this was he train of thought that goblins usually had, Ash left the bushes and approached the cave slowly. Crawling around as if he was completely clueless of the two ugly green creatures there, Ash made the goblin guards put all of their attention on him.

The two spotted the intruder coming out of the bushes and gave off sneers at it. No matter how weak goblins were, they would never fear a creature like a slime.

These goblins have witnessed with their on eyes how weak slimes were. The race of the creature in front of them was so weak that even baby goblins fresh out of the womb wouldn't have trouble fighting one of these things.

Such was the reputation of the weakest monster.

Even though they didn't care much about the slime in front of them, the goblins still kept their guard up. But they completely ignored the sticky puddle in front of them.

This was their first mistake.

The second the eyes of the goblins looked away from the slime, Ash struck out. He shot forward at surprising speeds and immediately covered the body of one of the goblins. This attack surprised the other goblin guard, but after its initial shock it ran over in an attempt to help its comrade.

Unfortunately, the goblins didn't know that Ash was not alone. Trap, who was using Ash as a perfect distraction, snuck up behind the second goblin and within second hero covered up the body of the monster.

And the process began. Small packets of air would bubble up from Ash's body as the goblins inside screamed out in pain and suffering. It's skin and flesh began to melt off of its bones and due to property of Ash's body, the goblin didn't die until every last scrap of flesh was scraped off its bones.

Trap on the other hand was not as brutal as Ash was. When he killed the goblin he did it in a more "humane" way. His slime would enter the nostrils of the goblin and it would drown the monster to death.

After a few minutes passed, and the deed was done, Ash and Trap looked at each other. They gave off a sort of nod, which consisted of them flattening themselves and returning to their spherical shape afterwards.

Slowly the two monsters entered into the cave. Traveling deep into it, the two creatures spotted their target or rather targets.

Looking at the number before them on top of a ledge, Trap calculated that there were probably thirty to forty goblins inside of the cave.

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And after a careful inspection, he was able to spit out a number.

"There are thirty-two goblins inside of this cave, but a can sense something strange behind that red fabric hanging on the wall back their." Trap stretched out a tentacle made of slime and pointed at the far end of the cave.

Looking at the fabric, Ash curiously asked, "Are there enemies back there or not?"

"No, they feel too weak to be of any threats so I'm guessing they're some creatures that the goblins are keeping for food."

The two slimes conversed with each other and planned out what their next course of actions should be. What they came out with was quite simple actually.

Just like at the cave entrance, one of them would be used as a distraction for the other to sneak up behind the others. This time though, Trap stated that he would be the distraction.

This was because he reasoned that Ash had a higher attack power than he did. So it would cause more damage if he were to be the one to do a sneak attack.

With their plan set, Trap rolled off the ledge and began to travel up to the group of thirty-two goblins. While he and Ash could communicate with one another, it was impossible for him to do the same with monsters of other races like goblins.

So in order to get their attention, Trap jumped into the air and splattered down with a loud, wet sound ringing out. It was like someone slapping a wet towel on a table with all of their light.

All of the goblins around immediately turned their head over to where the sound originated from. Once they spotted what made the noise, some of the goblins looked at each other in confusion while other sneered and laugh at the sight.

The goblins slowly but surely began to turn to one another and laugh out loud at the scene before them. Although Trap didn't know it, they were laughing at the fact that the goblins they stationed in front of the cave were so useless that they allowed a pathetic little slime to get past them.

A goblin with a sword strapped to his back and a patch covering his left eye, who Trap assumed to be the leader of the group, reached over to the side and picked up the goblin right next to him by the scruff of its neck.

Tossing it over, the lead goblin began to scream out incomprehensible words toward his subordinate.

While Trap didn't understand a single thing that was said; the leader's subordinate, who begrudgingly nodded, pulled out the dagger strapped to his side and began to approach the stray slime in order to kill it.

But the goblin didn't even take three steps before stopping in place. It's arms suddenly dropped to its side and the creature just stood there without moving.

The goblin leader watched his subordinate for a few seconds before it angrily shouted out at the monster to continue on, but the subordinate goblin wouldn't move an inch.

Because of where all the other goblins were sitting, they could only see the back of the monster that approached Trap. If they could see what was in front, they would have dropped down in shock.

Trap used some of the slime from his body to form a small tentacle-like tendril. Facing the goblin slowly approaching him, Trap shot it forward with frightening speeds and had the appendage pierce into the goblin's skull.

Once it entered, the slime shot around like shrapnels from a bomb and ripped the creature's brain to shreds. It was a quick and painless death that only lasted a second, but it was a terrifying thing nonetheless.

The other goblins, unaware of their comrade's fate, kept shouting at him to kill the slime. Unfortunately they didn't notice the tendril sticking out of the monster's head.

Even more unfortunate was the fact that not a single one of them noticed the gigantic wall of slime looking over every single one of them.

Two slimes left the cave and hour later without a single harm done to them. Silence permeated the cave that they just left and if they didn't know better, the slimes would've assumed that goblins never inhabited the cave in the first place.

Looking at Trap with a happy haze, Ash asked him, "So are we just going to leave those life forms behind the red fabric alone?"

Trap, "From what I could sense they felt too weak to be of any use for our growth. Who cares about them, we have more important things to do."

"One other thing Trap, why did you leave that thing there?"

Trap gave off what would be equivalent to a slime smile and said, "Think of it as a sign that reads [The Strong Were Here]."

"So you just wanted to show off?"


Ash nodded at Trap's words and the two slime slowly crawled over to a new area.


Three hours after Trap and Ash has left the area of the cave, a group of human beings appeared out of nowhere.

Adventurer 1, "Are you sure this is where your friends were kept?"

Adventurer 2, "Yes sir, I am positive!"

The second adventurer was a man who was in the same party as two other female adventurer friends of his. After accepting a subjugation quest for only eight goblins, the three of them went out in order to track down and complete their mission.

Unfortunately, the information they received was dead wrong and they had to face four times the amount they were prepared for. Because of that, his two female friends were captured alive while he was barely able to make it out of the cave with his life intact.

He ran as quickly as possible to the Guild in order to beg for somebody to help him find his friends before it was too late and they were used by the goblins as tools for breeding.

While he was able to get some help, it took them awhile to prepare for the attack. As such, the second adventurer feared that his friends may have already lost something important of theirs.

The first adventurer looked to his side and patted the second one on his shoulder, "Don't worry, we'll definitely find them."

The two of them turned to the group of nine stationed behind them and the first man waved his arm over, "Move in everyone!"

To their surprise, there were no guards stationed in front of the entrance of the cave. As the group went deeper, it was noted that they had not encountered a single goblin yet.

Reaching the deepest ends of the cave, they saw a wide area completely free of any monsters. The only thing odd about the cave was the fact that it had water puddles all over the place. Other than that not a single creature could be scene.

Adventurer 3, "Hey did you lie to us?"

Adventurer 2, "I did no such thing! I swear that there was a group of over thirty goblins right here!"

Adventurer 4, "Did you perhaps remember the wrong cave? After all you were in quite a panic."

Adventurer 2, "No, I swear it was right here!"

Suddenly a loud moan caught the attention of the group and they all slowly approached a weird red fabric hanging off the wall.

The first adventurer approached it slowly, and when he waved it aside he found two young girls lying there on the floor completely naked.

Tears covered their eyes as they both gripped the area below their waist with both hands. Turning to his comrades, the first adventurer commander the others to investigate the area.

Walking over to the young girls, he checked their pulse, "They're alive…"

The second adventurer walked over to his friends with tears in his eyes, it looks like he made it just in time. He didn't know what happened to the goblins, but he didn't care. As long as these pals of his were okay.

Deciding to give the second adventurer and his friends some time alone, the first adventurer walked out from the room hidden by the red fabric and looked around the cave.

Suddenly a loud shout caught his attention, "CAPTAIN, OVER HERE!"

Running over to see what was wrong, the first adventurer witnessed something shocking.

In another hidden room of the cave, a single goblin carcass was slammed deep into the wall forming cracks all around its body.

After further inspection, they discovered that the force of impact caused from slamming a tiny creature like the goblin into the wall was not its cause of death.

The cause of death was from its brain being completely destroyed from the inside out, and right in the center of its forehead was a small hole just deep enough for a single pinky to fit inside.

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