91.57% Honey : The Empire's Treasure / Chapter 174: Gangs of Amara....(2)

Chapter 174: Gangs of Amara....(2)

It's been a full twelve since Lady Jaelah caned Lyra's kitchen staff fifty times.

Since then the score tallies one to one to two (1-1-2), between the three women.

Although to Lady Jaelah and Lady Delju, the battle only involves the two of them.

Following Lady Jaelah's release from house arrest, she has been harassed by the servants and the guards, with the clan members not even willing to speak to her.

Her life at the Amara clan household took a one-eighty (180).

The inventory staff makes sure her servants get the last pick of all the food and household products. Leaving her maids to make do with inferior and limited ingredients.

She has almost run out of clothes to wear as the other servants dirty her clothes after her maids just wash them.

Furthermore, someone keeps throwing poop at her gate at night, making her whole residence stink of manure the next morning. She has tried to find the person who has been doing it, by post guards at her gate, but they seem to have night blindness as they never see the person or people doing it.

Jaelah is starting to suspect it's the guards themselves.

Yet, though she is suffering from the backlash of those rumors, she still finds a way to make Lady Delju suffer with her.

The morning after she was released from house arrest, Lady Jaelah wrote a note to her family asking for assistance in dealing with Delju's small businesses.

With her family's power, Jaelah shut down all of Delju's businesses either by using their competitor or by false accusations against the stores. Resulting in Delju having to pay out money to stop the lawsuits, making her bankrupt.

At first, Delju didn't know what was going on. The small businesses were her and Sienna last source of income. Though measly, it could support them until her allowance come back.

Doing some digging around, she was able to find out that she is on the Relze clan blacklist.

That is when she knew that Jaelah was the reason her businesses all closed down.

On that same day, Delju charged over to Jaelah's residence and confronted her.

"Jaelah! You thieving conniving b***t! How dare you shut down my businesses!" Delju marched in with a group of her maids.

"You have some nerve stomping your smarmy sl*ta** in here, after what you did to me!" Jaelah's maids gathered behind their mistress, preparing to strike at any notice.

Insults were traded back and forth until no one knows who, but a pebble was thrown at Jaelah's maid's head. And that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Both parties rushed towards each other. Those with gifts released them and those without used whatever that is near them to beat at their opponent.

It took over forty household guards to split the two groups up. And by the time they were able to pull them apart, everybody was bloody and bruised, including the guards. Multiple residences and buildings were damaged, and extra healers had to be bought in to treat everyone.

The elders looked at the mess they made and pounded their chest in sorrow and frustration.

Pia went back to Lyra to report everything that happened while putting away her slingshot.

"My Lady, you should have seen it, both Lady Jaelah and Lady Delju will not be able to attend any functions for a while." Pia giggled at the expense of both Lady Jaelah and Lady Delju.

"En, I think so too." Lyra had heard the sounds of the battle from her bedroom. She didn't think the injuries would be light.

"Shall we wait to see what they are going to do next?" Pia was holding her hands together with a bright smile on her face as she thought back to the fight she just witnessed.

"En...let's sit back and continue to enjoy the show." Lyra picked up the tea Pia serve her and sipped it lightly before putting it back down on the table.

Jumping to four days since the fight and Lady Jaelah and Lady Delju were still at it. Though we couldn't leave their courtyards because they were still nursing their injuries. They made it a point to have their servants torment the other to no end.

It was getting to the point where the other wives' maids were dragged into the battle.

Pia walked into Lyra bedroom laughing.

"What has you so happy?"

"Oh, my Lady...you should have seen it. Lady Jaelah's maid, Chalia went to get food supplies from inventory when Lady Delju's maids came over, grabbed all the vegetables out of Chalia's hands and bit into each and every vegetable before giving it back to her...hahaha..." Pia was holding her stomach.

"So they got into another fight?" Lyra has become so used to the fights by now that she just ask to see Pia crying tears of laughter from retelling them.

"Yes...Chalia was so shocked by what they did, it took her a second to compute before fighting with them...unfortunately, Lady Thalia's maids were there to also there, and they were dragged into the fighting as well....I think Lady Thalia's sons must be teaching her maids some fighting techniques because they had Lady Jaelah's and Lady Delju's maids subdue in minutes."

"Did Lady Thalia go to complain..."

"Yes, I just saw her rush to the elders...When do you think Lady Jaelah and Lady Delju are going to stop...?"

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"Mano and Mikaela should be back in the next few days, they should cool down by then." Pia nodded her head, she forgot about Lord Mano's return with everything that has been going on.

"...However, before then, I think there will be another interesting show to watch..."

".....?" Pia didn't understand.

"Sienna should be ready to go back to school."

mountwolf89 mountwolf89

The pains of serving a stupid master.

Enjoy ^_^

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