50% Successor of the Universe Origin / Chapter 3: New Beginnings

Chapter 3: New Beginnings

And that is how I ended up in this room. Staring at my own reflection on a mercury mirror hanging above my bed. I can pretty much guess it use. I can also feel the silk sheets beneath me. But majority of my focus was drawn towards my face. I had finger length yellowish-white hair with striking purple eyes. I am in a body of a 12 year old boy.

After the day that I've had this is not very surprising.

I am Damien Scarlet. In the future I will be known as 'Damian Scar' I am the villain of this story. I was reading about me few hours ago, so it is all, so fresh in my mind.

It is destiny to be hunted down and killed by my ex- fiancee and her new boyfriend. But that is another tale for the future, a future that may never even come to pass, if I have a say in it.

It is story that is to be written, a story that deserve my own narrative. Yes, I am the hero of my own story and if you knew my full story and know why I did what they say I did. Then you may even understand me or relate to me. Despite the genocide that I brought upon this world. My defense is they are same as pot calling kettle black.

Now, I am Damien Scarlet, so I know this, if there is no place for me on this earth then I will ensure that there is no place for anyone else on this world either. Especially to those who have harmed me. An eye-for-an eye a tooth-for a-tooth, I try and wipe you out as you try and wipe me out. At least that was his creed as I understood it from the limited POVs from the book.

I turn my head and I see my travelling bag. It is a very big bag that can cover from half my head to all of by back except my long legs. Now, it is filled mostly with books and clothes that will be far too large for me. And let's not forget that aside from my daily necessities it has my latest phone and laptop.

You see, while everyone was running around as their world was burning in nuclear fire I was preserving my precious music collection. I mean who would not want to jam while watching a 10, 000 year old elf go toe to toe with a dragon. Granted they are both possessing another's body, but how many people can say that they saw that and lived to tell about it. But if destiny is real I will not live to see it. Granted I did die bringing it and killing ex-fiancee's boyfriend.

Note to self, check that guys name from the 'Future book', hence forth known as 'Book of destiny' . It is important to remember your arch enemies name.

I also have my laptop that has all the information that I could scavenge at the last minute. It appears that my phone and laptop was fine. The EMP blast did effect all of my city, only the Power station.

There is even more immediate problem. I am starting to forget the words of Origin. So I forced myself up and walked to the desk in my room, and start writing Origins words as accurately as possible on the dedicated note book. 'He is tired and want to die'. I underline that part. I highlight the words 'new goal get a rise out of him'. If he is happy or becomes attached to me then can see my family again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Oh. My. God. They are all dead. It just hit me all over again. So, I curl myself to a ball and kept crying until no more tears come out. Maids have come to bang on the locked door twice to inform me about the breakfast and lunch. I don't know how I got rid of them. But, I am pretty sure that I can speak and write language of this world. And I am slowly starting to remember more and more of original Damien's memories. It comes in pieces as the need arises.

Forget it! Let's concentrate on the family. Was he right, was it really a blessing? Will I continue to torture them for the sake of my sanity as he did? Will a clean break would be better? What was that saying yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift.

A maid came and interrupted my thoughts at that point. She informed that my fiancee will be arriving shortly. It was at that point that I start recalling that tomorrow is not a mystery. Tomorrow my fiancee's grandfather along with his Charge (Subordinate) is going to kill my grandfather in front of me and throw me into a cell in my own keep.

Ahhhh….. So much to do. Good thing I brought coffee packets. Time to dig a tunnel out of my own keep. I am hoping that I won't have to use it but let's call it 'Plan Z'.

As I recall, there is plenty of low level scrolls laying around. Owing to the fact that grandfather being a Wizard. Then again, he won't be thrilled with the idea as I can't exactly explain to him why I needed it. And above all, the fact that I can't remember the face of my own grandfather who raised me and is destined to die tomorrow, trying protect me is admittedly a problem.

Damien's grandfather not mine, I try to remind myself, but it is already becoming confusing. The fact that he dies to protect me, has earned him my admiration, I justified. Tomorrow will be an eventful day for both of us. Hopefully tomorrow, changing my fate and his destiny will put an end to this destiny crap.

Time to get up clean myself up and dig a tunnel that I can crawl out off. On the plus side I am small so it does not have to large. On the downside I need it to hidden from a powerful wizard. The fact that he can level a small city with a wave of his hand and also the fact that he can sense everything around him does not bode well for me.

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