83.33% Successor of the Universe Origin / Chapter 5: Hero and Villain are the same person

Chapter 5: Hero and Villain are the same person

As I was lost in thought, the procession arrived in front of the manor. The manor is facing the city with Samuel's Wizard tower in the back to its right and the Keep to its left. The Keep not only houses the criminals but it is also the headquarters of the city guards as well as food storage in case of wars or disasters. Most of the guards are Knights.

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Thankfully, according to noble custom I do not have to go out and greet them. The idea being that they maybe too travel wary. It is grandfather's job to greet them as head of the household, it's called 'Welcoming Ceremony'. But, I will have to meet the guests tonight at the feast, 'Welcoming feast or Welcoming Party'. Where upon my grandfather in law would suggest that I get tested one year early alongside his granddaughter. This is merely to see whether I have talent comparable to hers'.

I know from the Book of Destiny that I cannot back away from this. It is during this ceremony tomorrow my having blood of the Under Dark, comes to light. Resulting in grandfather calling them cheaters and a three way fight, and his death. I desperately need to remedy this situation.

I could simply leave. That is an option. I have the means now. Thanks to the tunnel. I could simply say that I do not like her and run away from home. This will most certainly annual the marriage. I could come back a week or 2 later. It will also give me an additional year to learn about this world. And by the end of it my mother would have dispatched people to bring me back to the Under Dark. That way, there won't be any bloodshed and my association with the Under Dark would remain a secret .

Now what do I bring with me on this picnic. Thankfully there is a bag ready and I have an inter spatial ring on my finger. Inter spatial objects have more space in them. And even a novice like me can use their sprit to take things and put things in there. My ring, having once been owned by my father is of the highest quality. It can accommodate all the non-living items in this room and then some. There can be gravity inside one or all the walls in the ring if I chose it. The objects stored inside have an inch thick spatial barrier around it, this combined with near subzero environment can keep the food fresh and bumping into each other and damaging. Using spatial barriers I can simply chose to arrange all objects like a jig saw puzzle or simply leave them floating around for easier access.

If I am going to be running away I would need a bath first as I have lot of dirt on my clothes now. Also, I would need a short nap. All this thinking can tire a mind. While there may not be any electric city in this era, there are water pipes and magic powered water heaters.

I was never a deep sleeper. I can choose to keep waking up every few hours. This can be achieved using water consumption and a trained mind. This was further helped by small quakes that was occurring occasionally. I just figured, two old monsters were going at each other somewhere nearby and went back to judging time based on the darkening of day. I figured I should run after sunset, less wandering eyes.

When the sunset I chose to creep out of my room, wearing the least eye catching travelling clothes that I own. I considered going out to steal another one. However, considering my memory loss, along with house packed with people and the fact there are no 12 year old around, forced me to give up that idea. I turned around after closing the doors quietly. But lo and behold, there she is my fiancee, Rebecca.

"You. Gong out" She says stammering. Now how do I get out of this situation? I have a defense mechanism for dealing with people when I don't want to. I try to keep eye contact and prate everything that person says or have said back to them. This doesn't only get rid of them, when they have nothing else to say, but also leave them with a good impression of me.

"Yes" I respond. "I like to watch sunset from time to time. The creatures of the night are just waking up and they make the sweetest music." That was something she says in the future word for word. I saw her pupils dilate as I say it. Therefore I hastily added, "I also like the moon. I like the idea that there is someone else out there looking at the same moon and thinking of me". "I can see that you are a realist through and through while I am a romantic at heart. Therefore, I do not think this union has a future. Maybe we should revisit this idea in a few years."

"Why do you say that" I can hear the confusion in her voice.

"Well! I would have never insisted to go meet my fiancée or soon. I would not have tried to force a 12 year old boy into talent testing which has been known to cause bodily damage if done too young."

"12 or 13, there is not much difference is there." She inquires.

"Maybe. But you're not the one taking the risk are you?" I fire back.

"There you are!" a voice resonates, before she could reply. It was Gadreel. He was a minor character in the book, he was in love with the heroine and hell bent on ruining any relationship that she may have. It was much later that it was revealed the Gadreel was killed and his body was controlled by another. The one next to Rebecca's grandfather, level 8 Wizard, Murat. He got his hands on the Wizard God Merlin's 'Soul Separation Book'. Then he planted a piece of his soul in the dead Gadreel's body to keep a Gabriel in the dark.

I wonder if he has already got that book. I smiled to his obvious confrontational expression. "Damian Scarlet" I introduce myself while holding my hand. When he took it to introduce himself I stabbed his hand with a pin in my next hand. He shows no sign of discomfort. He is definitely dead, his soul has already been replaced. It happened recently as he have not gotten the sensation in some body parts. But, it will come back in a few days. If a level 9 Wizard like Gabriel, who have knowledge of souls does not realize it and destroy the host body. I have always wondered why he was murdered.

"I am Gadreel" he says.

Before he could say any nasty thing I stopped him by saying "I did not see you at the welcoming ceremony."

"I was there" Gadreel said. "I see. I expect to see you at welcoming party also then". I knew that he won't be able to remain near Gabriel, for too long as he may sense that something is wrong with his adopted sons' soul.

Body is like a cup, soul is like water. So right now to a high ranked Summoner he would appear as if Murat's soul is overflowing out of him. Gabriel someone so near to a saint level will sense it too, if he concentrates. So he must want to skip the party and avoid Gabriel. The fact that Gadreel came here with Gabriel means that he was alive when he came here and was killed here in this mansion. But why? Why now?

"I am bit under the weather" he says.

"Non-sense. It is a joyous occasion everyone has to be there. I will send servants to fetch you if you weren't there." I insisted, knowing that I was putting him in a dilemma.

"You aren't going into the forbidden forest to search for that book again are you?" a voice asks from behind with a superior voice.

And just like that I see a path that I never thought of before. A chance to be both the Hero and the villain of this story.

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