100% Successor of the Universe Origin / Chapter 6: A plan to 'kill with a burrowed knife'

Chapter 6: A plan to 'kill with a burrowed knife'

"A magic book. Now that is interesting. Where at?" I knew exactly where that book is at. It is in a snake infested den beneath the snake queen's lair. Snake queen is at least a level 7 creature.

Hiding powerful objects is an art. Merlin's method dictates; first make alter to block magic fluctuations. Second hide books, artifacts, ownerless grimoire etc… in there and then make alter give out a specific elemental energy at intervals. And voila! You have created a den.

While, you may never be able to go back there in your life time, or at least until magic core runs out, or runes stop functioning or until it is cleared of mindless beasts, it an excellent way to pass on your legacy to someone worthy or to your own declining family. As all families eventually does.

Powerful creatures can sense elements. More specifically the element that evolved them. When they sense it coming from somewhere they want to inhabit that place. Comfort leads to breeding, it is science really, the continuation of cells.

I know these secrets because until yesterday, I used to be a guide leader playing, reading, learning and living in the largest immersive virtual reality game based upon this world. I was peak player and my gaming company or guild was well known. There are books, novels and games based on this world and I am proud to say that I've read them all. Well almost all, Nah… just the important ones. I've got no time to troll all threads related to this world, not when I've employees to do that.

I used to live a luxurious life. But, now it is all just a pile of glowing ash. I am all alone I have nothing, no one. Is this what hell fells like? If so, I argue that punishment does not fit my crimes. Wait… pile of ash. Am I like Merlin now?

Do not go to the 'Dark place'. Focus on the present and creed. 'Never bent, never break, be like stone and never cry'- family motto. Father followed that principle to a 'T', but all I saw was a lonely man at the dinner table. Granted I had lots of step moms, but, he always seemed so lonely. It took me ages to learn how to smile and laugh naturally, in front of a mirror, after my graduation. So I amended the creed to say 'never let them see you bent, break or cry'. And just like that I am focusing on something else.

I did not hear her rely so I said, "What"

"You know, the forbidden forest outside. I was surprised too.

I mean how can something that powerful be hidden next to a Wizard Tower?"

"It can be hidden, if it in a creatures den inside a magic blocking alter."

"How can you know that?" Gadreel fires back. Obviously shaken.

"My family dates back to 'Fist of men'. It means that our ancestor came down from the cold mountainous regions to settle down here and learn magic from Merlin during his 10 year quest." They tended to his wounds after one of his fights with the dragon.

"I know what it means" he says clearly uncomfortable.

"Old families do that, to pass on their inheritance or as a test."

"You said you have a piece of it as well, right" I recall her drowning on and on as I was recalling my tragic past.

"Yes, he and I teared it in half" she says.

"May I see it?" "Sure. It is here", she takes it out of a ring tied to a platinum chain around her neck.

I am dimly aware of how our hair resembles each other. Hers it just a tad blonder.

"Have you tried a repairing spell?" "Yes. Didn't work"

"So we are dealing with a Wizard above level 6. Only such a person could cast spell of absolute". I theorize. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Of cause, I know that this spell book is in fact a Grimoire belonging to Merlin.

All 3 major professionals when they attain level 6 starts to give out elemental fluctuations they are as unique as fingerprint or DNA. Thus, their objects become permeated with it. So even thought a book is made of several objects, such as animal hides, tree shavings and ink. It becomes a unique product due to this faint radiation. This means if you lose a piece of it you can repair the original with a repair spell and the piece can be made into an exact copy of the original book. It has to do with time as well as elements. Time and space is not an element. It is a rune that forms other smaller runes. Usually magicians and Summoners uses runes.

There was a tradition among Magicians of tearing a piece of something to make an exact copy of it. Spell of Absolute prevents that. As would a Grimoire owned by a Wizard, Summoner or a Knight. If a Wizard is dead or his grimoire is abandoned, then it is usually filled with spells and runes.

"Obviously" Gadreel sneers.

"I meant I know how to check who this belongs to and knowing the rank can make searching easier." I say. "How" Rebecca inquires. "By going to grandpa's Wizard Tower". "My family has the largest collection of magical fluctuations in the world. And a device made my Merlin himself that reads it."

"I don't know" Gadreel tries to bawl. "Come on aren't you curious. You came all the way here for it didn't you" I fire back.

I have a pretty good idea what has happened at this point. Gadreel somehow ended up sharing his half of the map with Murat. They went looking for it together excluding Rebecca. Sometime after the ceremony by following the similar magic fluctuations. The earth quakes at sun down were caused by Murat clearing the Den where upon he found the book in question. There he killed Gadreel to keep the secret or over a dispute. Then used a spell in the book to keep it quiet and to see whether the book is genuine. He still thinks the book belongs to a saint. And is most likely curious about it too. If not he would have fought harder by now.

There is a difference between grimoires' and books. For one, each page of the former can hold as much information as a football field full of books. For another, former can store runes not just pictures or drawings of it but the actual runes.

Runes are representation of the creation or laws of the world. They are the source code of this galaxy. They are older than the dragon. The dragon learned how to create runes and control their corresponding code here.

Runes floats and moves about. The only reason that he has not learned that it is a grimoire and not a book is because of long sealing and suppression the grimoire has not woken up. It will in a few hours. Then runes and the pictures will start giving off light and start moving.

After that he will try to kill both me and Rebecca. Me definitely and Rebecca maybe as he still loves her. But if we are inside Samuel's Wizard Tower by then, the artificial intelligence of the tower will protect me. And let's not forget both of our grandparents are there as well.

In order to change my fate I need that grimoire. But, even now it is protected and hidden by a powerful wizard. In order for me to get it, Murat must die. Since I can't kill him let's use the grandfathers.

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