59.71% Journey Towards Greatness / Chapter 211: Steven's Challenge

Chapter 211: Steven's Challenge

The manager took Julian, Daisy, and Chloe around the facility and showed them how the most desired equipment by the public are made.

While doing so the manager received a call, it was actually from the president of the corporation himself, Mr. Stone.

Francesco "Mr. Julian, our president want's to meet you, do you mind?"

Julian "Sure, I would like to meet him"

Chloe "Julian, you go alone, I don't want to sit down while you both talk some boring business stuff, Daisy and I will look around"

Julian "Ok, I will call you once I am done"

Daisy "Ok, come let's go, Chloe"

Daisy and Chloe got busy looking around, Julian knew they would do some shopping as it's their hobby.

Francesco just stood there and waited for Julian to talk to him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Julian "Let's go"

Francesco "Then, please follow me"

The manager then brought Julian into an elevator and his the second highest button, the elevator soon started to go up.

After a few seconds, they arrived at their desired floor.

Francesco "The president is inside, please go in"

The manager said and told Julian to go in, it looks like the manager is not allowed to go in.

Julian nodded and walked in, as he did he saw an old man with white spiky hair wearing a purple striped suit standing there with a bouquet in his hand.

Mr. Stone "Welcome Mr. Julian, I am really happy to see you visit out corporation"

Julian "Don't bother about it Mr. Stone I just had some work here that's all"

Mr. Stone gave the bouquet to him and he took it.

Mr. Stone "Please have a seat"

He signaled Julian to take a seat and he did as well.

Julian "So Mr. Stone what did you call me?"

Mr. Stone "I see, Mr. Julian is a straight forward man, so I won't go around the bushes, actually I want to sponsor you for the coming league"

Julian "Oh? You know my own company can also do that right, it will be more profitable for me to do that as well"

Mr. Stone "I understand what you are saying, and as a businessman, I know if I want some I have to give some. If you are willing to sponsored by us during this league, we will make a partnership with JC corporation."

Julian thought about this, signing a partnership with Devon will be very profitable but he needs more details before making a decision.

Mr. Stone "I know that JC corporation has grown big and is not trying to enter the technology market, being partners with us will be very useful to both of us"

Julian "Hmm, the deal sounds reasonable, let me talk to the members of the board of my company then we can talk about the deal"

Mr. Stone "I will wait"

Julian "Ok give me a second"

Julian got up and walked to the side and made a call to Professor Oak and Jimi and put them both in a conference call.

Oak "Julian what is it?"

Jimi "Yes, what is it?"

Julian "It's about the Devon corporation"

Jimi "Devon? What does that old man want?"

Julian "He wants to sponsor me for the coming Hoenn league"

Jimi "And?"

Julian "And if I do that, they will sign a partnership with us to infiltrate the technology market"

Jimi "That old man is indeed sneaky, with your fame he will benefit a lot, but the technology market is growing at an exceptional rate, we should enter it before the competition becomes too tough, I think we should sign this deal"

Julian "What do you say, Professor Oak?"

Oak "I think we should do it, infiltrating the technology market will help us greatly"

Julian "Ok, I will look into it, I will tell Mr. Devon to contact you after this"

Julian cut the phone and walked back and sat on the chair.

Julian "Ok, I accept your offer, Jimi will contact you and talk further into it"

Mr. Stone "Great, here these are the documents, you just need to sign it"

He gave a sponsorship contract to him, Julian took and read through it, after reading it properly and not finding anything unusual, he signed it.

The contract stated that all his matches will be under their supervision and will be streamed in their TV channel, except the finals because the league won't allow it, his exhibition matches would also be broadcasted by Devon corporation.

From Julian's knowledge, Devon had many TV stations, so he didn't bother with it, he signed the contract and gave it back to him.

Mr. Stone "Thank you for your time, Mr. Julian, I hope your stay in Hoenn will be good"

Julian "I hope so as well"

Mr. Stone "Hahaha, Mr. Julian you are funny"

He laughed.


Suddenly a voice came, a young man walked in through the door and looked, he was surprised to see another man inside with his father.

Julian turned around and saw, it is Steven Stone.

Mr. Stone "Mr. Julian, this is my son Steven he also wants to become a champion one day but he still lacks something, he was defeated by Elite four Drake previous year"

Steven "Dad, stop it. I hope I didn't disturb Mr. Julian"

Steven said.

He didn't expect Julian to be here, he now had this chance and he didn't want to miss it.

Steven "Mr. Julian can I ask for a favor?"

Julian "What is it?"

Steven "Can I have a battle with you?"

Julian "A battle, sure"

Mr. Stone "Are you sure about this Steven?"

Steven "Yes"

Steven nodded, he really felt devastated when he had battled Drake from elite four, he had already defeated the rest of them, he only had to defeat Drake before challenging Wallace, but when he faced Drake everything seemed to be going fine when Drake suddenly went hard and destroyed his whole team, he only got one answer from him and that was 'He is not ready to be a champion'.

He didn't know why Drake did go serious against him at the last moment but he was still scared by that incident, now he wants to battle Julian to see how much he has grown.


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  • Dao_Master211


    Show the pretty boy who is the more prettiest julian! So he just signed a document that all his matches ecpet the leagues is gonna be broadcasted so does this mean his and steve matchis gonna get broadcasted?

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  • SapiKun


    Thanks for the chapter

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